Look at the difference in Lottie!

Posting by Rachel White

Lottie is becoming quite well known where we live and with my CSJ customers. They always ask about her and she comes to greet them. Win – Win! I say.

Lottie continues to be amazing. We have seen a huge difference in her in the last 2 weeks. When we go out with all our dogs she is actually trying to run to keep up with them, and she wants to go off exploring with them.

She is getting more confident with leaving my side as I’m hoping she is realising that I’m always going to be here and not leaving her, so she is starting to relax a lot more. I can leave our back door open now and she is confident to potter outside and the door won’t ever be shut on her.

She is still loving her Porky Pooch! (thank goodness) and she has her next weigh a week on 30th Sept.. We have everything crossed for her, but you only need to look at her to see the difference.

We can’t get over how young she is looking in the face.


Great news! Lottie has lost a whole kg!

From Rachel


We weighed Lottie at the vets today and she is now 25.6kg !!! At the last weigh in 4 weeks ago she was 27kg. We are so thrilled with her. Onwards and upwards and let’s hope it’s another great weight loss in 4 weeks.

We took her for a walk along the River Taff to celebrate and she loved it.

Tired but happy, we had one exhausted Lottie afterwards…

Now Lottie has come home from her ‘holidays’
She has had a lovely week with my mother in law Susan and father in law, Graham. They said she has been as good as gold.  They’re also looking after a tortoise called Tommy who Lottie finds fascinating. A good way to keep her walking around !

2″ off her backside!

I’ve just measured her, and she’s lost 2 inches at the back (27in). We have seen a huge difference in her again. She looks younger in the face and she is getting about easier and not so achy.  The weight loss and No Ake! herbs are doing the trick.

Lottie has been a busy girl since being home again.

She loves sitting in our kayak, I think she was making sure we didn’t leave her again….
The second photo is her with her favourite toy – rugby socks.  She carries them around with her.

We took her to the beach on Wednesday which she thoroughly enjoyed, chasing the balls into the sea and chilling in the sun.

She went with the other dogs she lives with Lola – black and white Spaniel/Collie cross, Murphy – black and tan Collie, and my dog walking clients Kaiser – black Staffy and Teddy- Yorkshire Terrier.  They all had a brilliant day and as you can tell when they finally got back to my van they were shattered.

Lottie is off for more adventures before the ‘small humans’ go back to school so we will continue to take photos and I will let you know about any weight loss – fingers crossed.



Team GB make last minute preparations for the FCI Agility World Championships in Spain

By Mark Laker

team-gb Team GB are busy making last minute preparations for the FCI Agility World Championships in Spain later this month. It’s the highlight of the year on the international agility calendar. Over 30 countries from afar away as Russia, Brazil, USA and Canada send teams to these championships.

Competitions are held in one indoor ring on carpet over three days


The venue is usually a sports arena with seating for approx. 6,000 spectators. The Championships will be live streamed and of course regular updates available on social media.


There are individual and team events for small, medium and large dogs with the winners being crowned FCI World Champions. Team GB are currently the World Champions in the large dog team category, a title we obviously want to retain and we have a three times World Champion (Natasha Wise & Dizzy) in the medium individual category; Natasha will be working to reclaim that title in Spain.


The Team will be tapering off training now to ensure their dogs and themselves remain fit, energetic and mentally prepared


We have a couple of light ‘surface and equipment familiarisation sessions’ planned when we arrive in Spain, a part from that all the preparations are complete.


Exciting times, I’m sure I’ll be writing about our performance next month.




Wye Village August Fun Dog Show

By Ann Sutherland

Back in May you very kindly sent me some prizes for our Fun Dog Show
which was held together with our Summer Fair 28th August. It was a great
day and the dogs all enjoyed themselves. Have to say they were all on
their best behaviour 🙂

Our event raised a total of £3,800 which will be divided equally between
The Kent Air Ambulance and our Wye Village Hall Upgrade Project. (Our
hall is where Dog Training classes take place.)

Thank you so much for your support and I am sure the winners were
delighted to sample some of your products!

Best wishes,

Ann Sutherland

Pet Dog Show at Grasmere Lakeland Sports

Posting by Elizabeth Lane from Grasmere Lakeland Sports

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.48.53

I really am most grateful to you for your contribution to our Pet Dog Show at Grasmere Sports on August 28th.
We had 90 entries, from right across the North and further afield, and thanks to your generosity I was able to give all rosette winners a sack with three appropriate products and had just enough left over to put together a sack with two tasty items for the other seven contestants for the Rescue Dog Award (the winner had one of the special sacks).
Meanwhile, very many thanks again.more photos are on their way…

Autumn Novice & Open working Test for AV Spaniels

Results from Anna Sole


Leaconfield2Sunday 4th September 2016 at Cocking Forest, West Sussex

By kind permission of Hon C.A Pearson

Judges: John Johnson A Panel 1978 & Linden Jones NP

IMG_0807“Thank you very much for the prizes”


1st and winner of the Raker Trophy

       Manselpark Finest AR01349606 09.08.14 Cocker F

Sire Tiptop Jack Dam Breckmarsh Bliss

Breeder J Smith Handler/owner Len Earl

2nd Breezybrook Hot Toddy AR01706303 09.04.14 Cocker M

Sire Chyknell Jackdaw of Breezybrook Dam Breezybrook Troupers Dream

Breeder J Ward Handler/ owner Simone Cunliffe – Lister

3rd Kenquartz Perwinkle AR01169801 28.01.14 ESS M

Sire Tylacoch Smut dam Lemonshill Ferny Hill

Breeder R Hall Handler/ owner Shane Walker

4th Shantae’s Little Tinker AM01095204 13.03.12 Cocker M

Sire Lomcovak Darjeeling Dam Royal Rebecca

Breeder C Colin Handler/ owner Trisha Healy


1st and winner of the Bitterroot Trophy

       Wiltonsprings Cleo AR01629303 12.05.14 ESS F

Sire Cowamecourt Gaffer of Edgegrove Dam Lucy the Lady

Breeder J Etherington Handler/ owner Julie Etherington

2nd Moonreed Magic AR02847901 03.08.14 ESS F

Sire FTCH Belveden Vatanen Dam Kidnais Spidder

Breeder M Light Handler/ owner Anna Sole

3rd Molly of Gunters Bridge AL03135804 ESS F

Sire Baxter of Tattletow Dam Mitford Toubkal

Breeder R Pinnock Handler/ owner Sue Gilbert

4th Shantae’s Modesty Blaise AQ00726605 01.02.13 Cocker F

Sire Sherbet Dabb Scherzando Dam Royal Rebecca of Shantae

Breeder C Taylor Handler Julie Etherington Owner C Bridgewater

COM Valnew Hallebo at Wiltonsprings AR03296506 08.09.14 Cocker M

Sire Wharfewright Marlow Dam Perfect Beaming Bracken

Breeder T Stone Handler/ owner Julie Etherington