Autumn Novice & Open working Test for AV Spaniels

Results from Anna Sole


Leaconfield2Sunday 4th September 2016 at Cocking Forest, West Sussex

By kind permission of Hon C.A Pearson

Judges: John Johnson A Panel 1978 & Linden Jones NP

IMG_0807“Thank you very much for the prizes”


1st and winner of the Raker Trophy

       Manselpark Finest AR01349606 09.08.14 Cocker F

Sire Tiptop Jack Dam Breckmarsh Bliss

Breeder J Smith Handler/owner Len Earl

2nd Breezybrook Hot Toddy AR01706303 09.04.14 Cocker M

Sire Chyknell Jackdaw of Breezybrook Dam Breezybrook Troupers Dream

Breeder J Ward Handler/ owner Simone Cunliffe – Lister

3rd Kenquartz Perwinkle AR01169801 28.01.14 ESS M

Sire Tylacoch Smut dam Lemonshill Ferny Hill

Breeder R Hall Handler/ owner Shane Walker

4th Shantae’s Little Tinker AM01095204 13.03.12 Cocker M

Sire Lomcovak Darjeeling Dam Royal Rebecca

Breeder C Colin Handler/ owner Trisha Healy


1st and winner of the Bitterroot Trophy

       Wiltonsprings Cleo AR01629303 12.05.14 ESS F

Sire Cowamecourt Gaffer of Edgegrove Dam Lucy the Lady

Breeder J Etherington Handler/ owner Julie Etherington

2nd Moonreed Magic AR02847901 03.08.14 ESS F

Sire FTCH Belveden Vatanen Dam Kidnais Spidder

Breeder M Light Handler/ owner Anna Sole

3rd Molly of Gunters Bridge AL03135804 ESS F

Sire Baxter of Tattletow Dam Mitford Toubkal

Breeder R Pinnock Handler/ owner Sue Gilbert

4th Shantae’s Modesty Blaise AQ00726605 01.02.13 Cocker F

Sire Sherbet Dabb Scherzando Dam Royal Rebecca of Shantae

Breeder C Taylor Handler Julie Etherington Owner C Bridgewater

COM Valnew Hallebo at Wiltonsprings AR03296506 08.09.14 Cocker M

Sire Wharfewright Marlow Dam Perfect Beaming Bracken

Breeder T Stone Handler/ owner Julie Etherington




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