Team GB make last minute preparations for the FCI Agility World Championships in Spain

By Mark Laker

team-gb Team GB are busy making last minute preparations for the FCI Agility World Championships in Spain later this month. It’s the highlight of the year on the international agility calendar. Over 30 countries from afar away as Russia, Brazil, USA and Canada send teams to these championships.

Competitions are held in one indoor ring on carpet over three days


The venue is usually a sports arena with seating for approx. 6,000 spectators. The Championships will be live streamed and of course regular updates available on social media.


There are individual and team events for small, medium and large dogs with the winners being crowned FCI World Champions. Team GB are currently the World Champions in the large dog team category, a title we obviously want to retain and we have a three times World Champion (Natasha Wise & Dizzy) in the medium individual category; Natasha will be working to reclaim that title in Spain.


The Team will be tapering off training now to ensure their dogs and themselves remain fit, energetic and mentally prepared


We have a couple of light ‘surface and equipment familiarisation sessions’ planned when we arrive in Spain, a part from that all the preparations are complete.


Exciting times, I’m sure I’ll be writing about our performance next month.




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