Over the Worlds – Agility Team GB at the FCI Agility World Championships 2016

Posting by Mark Laker


Agility Team GB did well at the FCI Agility World Championships in Spain. Although we didn’t come home with any medals, we had some big achievements and moved the  team forward in respect to our longer term development.


Over 40 countries attended the championships this year. Our top handlers were pitched against the best in the world on challenging courses and in front of over 6,000 supporters.


We’re on a journey
mlaker1Over the last three years we’ve been catching up with how we develop the team, how we bring new people on board and how we get more depth into the small and medium height groups.


On reflection I really feel like we’re making progress in these areas.


Notable achievements from the team competition this year were:


    • Small team – 20th
    • Medium team – 7th
    • Large team – 10th
… and highlights from the individual competition:
    • Small – Lucy & Fling 40th
    • Medium – Christine & Zev 19th, Tash & Dizzy 13th
    • Large – Jess & Cara 5th (highest placed team member)
mlaker3On behalf of the team I’d like to say a massive thank you to Ceri and the Team at CSJ who do so much to support the team over the year.


Your hard work really is appreciated by everyone. It is also recognised that without sponsors like you, we simply couldn’t get a team so well prepared and out to these championships.


Next month I’ll reflect on the competition and take a look forward to 2017.

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