November News from Mark Laker

‘Calling up the dogs and handlers for Agility Team GB Squad 2017!’


Posting by Mark Laker

It’s that time of year again when I call up dogs and handlers for next years Agility Team GB Squad. The 50 top performing agility dogs of 2016 will be part of this years squad who will train and prepare over the winter ready for team selection in May 2017.

Over the last four years I have been slowly evolving the squad selection and preparation process. Each year I learn what has worked well and what needs improving. The plan is that we give handlers all the tools and techniques required for international competition so they are ready to perform at their best for the Performance Weekend in April.

I’m introducing a few changes this year which are designed to provide more motivation for the handlers to really engage with the squad process and ‘run to win’ on squad days. The basic structure behind having a squad is sound and we have certainly identified some of the top dogs & handlers in the country. However, we learn a bit more about what works and what needs tweaking each year, this needs to be incorporated into future squad days

Not forgetting the Juniors who will also be starting their selection process in December. These young handlers will have two try-out days before we select the team who will represent Agility Team GB at the European Open for Juniors in Luxembourg next July.

So, it’s an exciting time of the year and the start of next years performance programmes.

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