Team Spalding Silver & Bronze Successes at Thetford

Report by Suzanne Moore

Team Spalding travelled the 600 mile round trip to Thetford at the weekend for races 5 & 6 in the BSSF British Championship & world cup qualifiers. We raced over a 3.1 mile course which was flat, dry and very fast and had 6 great runs from the dogs gaining:

  • Silver medal with Dexter in the Elite Men’s Bikejor
  • Silver with Cupar in the 1 dog open scooter
  • Bronze in the 2 dog nordic scooter with Diamond and Granite

These results were added to the previous 4 races to determine the final positions in the British Championships and we gained:

  • Silver medal with Cupar in the 1 dog open scooter
  • Silver with Diamond and Granite in the 2 dog nordic scooter
  • Bronze with Dexter in the elite mens bikejor

We are so proud of what our dogs have achieved and would like to thank our sponsors CSJ specialist canine foods for their excellent products

Skye is now on the herbs and your food ‘No Grainer’

By Ruth Smith



We have tried all sorts… All I have given up on after Skye seem to be in distress with very bad tummy crap (its like something bites her) with end result always being like her tummy boils over and a stools the just bubbles out. 

She will them go back to just soft stools with another toxic stool the next day.

I seem to be a protein issue as all veg (and nuts she was happy to eat the chestnut that fell from our tree) is fine but if we give her the smallest piece on cheese, chicken, caned tuna or salmon she has a reaction.

Solution – after Ruth talked to our Nutrition Adviser, Nicki

Skye is now on the herbs and your food No Grainer! I have found a stockiest not far from me where I picked up a bag of food from the other Sunday.

We have now been on the No Grainer! for two weeks slowly introduce it with no ill affect.  

Skye stools are sold and the best they have ever been and they don’t smell, she has no pain or discomfit.  

She is just a happy little dog now and loves your food.

I never thought I would get her right and that it was something that I would just have to live with but not any more.

I can not say how happy I am with your product and your services. You have been so helpful and fantastic. 


Contact Nicki

If you have any dog nutrition queries, please ask Nicki, our Nutrition Adviser. You can contact her by filling out the short form here:



Going or gone…

By Mark Laker
How are the New Year resolutions going? still going …. or gone!
Last month I wrote about the importance of creating good habits that will help you achieve your goals. If you’ve created these, then I guess you’re well on your way now. If not, well its not to late to start.
If you take the habits we do every day like cleaning teeth, tying shoe laces, getting dressed etc. we don’t actually have to think about doing them; the sub-conscious part of our brain does this automatically for us. So if we can commit the habits that are going to help us achieve our goals to our sub-conscious, then Voila it just happens….
To do this we need to repeat the behaviour a number of times
There are various views on how many times, ranging from 21 days through to three months. Personally I think it depends on the individual.
In last months article we talked about picking one mini-habit that will get you closer to your goal. That’s a great tip. Just pick one thing, make sure it motivates you, (something exciting and rewarding) and then do it once a day/twice a week etc..  you will soon find you’re doing this new activity without having to think, your sub-conscious will have taken over.
I hope February is kind to you.