Three Golds in the crown of Team Spalding

By Suzanne Moore

This weekend was our local Sled Dog Association of Scotland rally at Ford Estates part of the season long championships. Due to heavy rain on Friday the 2.8 mile course was a very technical, very wet and muddy trail.

We were running in the 2 dog nordic scooter with Diamond and Granite who won Gold and they recorded the fastest times on both days for all 2 dog teams.

Dexter ran in the 1 dog open bikejor and had 2 great runs and running 30 secs quicker on day 2 to take the Gold medal.

Cupar at age 9 ran 2 great races and was amazingly consistent to record 2 run times within 2 tenths of a second of each other to win the Gold medal.

We are so proud of our teams with the consistency they are showing over a long season and would like to thank CSJ Specialist Canine Foods for providing the food to keep the dogs in top condition.

Our next race is the SDAS rally at Bowlands trail near Blairgowrie which is the final race in the championship and our final race of the season.

“The dogs are going really well, we’re so proud of them” Suzanne Moore

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