Arfon’s Retriever Test Report

By Gwilym Williams

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 15.40.37

The Arfon Working Gundog Club held their first test for AV Retrievers on Sunday 9th April 2017 at an excellent new venue Plas Llanddyfnan, Talwrn, Anglesey by kind permission of Mr Paul Hogarth and the Headkeeper Mr Steve Cadman.


Puppies up to 12 months
1st – Christopher Joseph Pilkington with Shadeoak Major lab dog 29.5.16 2nd- Jackie Mchugh with Teeshot Nesta lab bitch 20.4.16
3rd – Harvey Jones with Skiffle Legend lab dog 6.5.16
4th – Gill Awty with Higgscroft Cedrus Libani lab bitch 22.5.16

COM – Paul Murphy with Elsmore Paige lab bitch 2.6.16

Puppies up to 18 months
1st – Christopher Pilkington with Shadeoak Major lab dog 29.5.16
2nd – Jackie Mchugh with Teeshot Nesta lab bitch 20,4.16
3rd – Gill Awty with Higgscroft Cedrus Libani lab bitch 22.5.16
4th – Danny Wells handling Ian Griffiths’ Mossborough Flint lab dog 29.11.15

1st – Paul Murphy with Lady Emma of Shamrock lab bitch 2nd – Kim Dutton with – Shadyacres Teardrop lab bitch
3rd – Victoria Waterfield with Kenquartz Dame Sibyl lab bitch 4th – Elaine Chappell with Wapsac Wagtail lab bitch

1st – Paul Murphy with Lady Emma of Shamrock lab bitch
2nd – Victoria Waterfield with Brenjon Harry lab dog
3rd – Paul W Travis with Brackenbird Lucas lab dog
COms – Harvey Jones with Ty Newydd lab dog
Morwenna Hext Howe with FTCH Labdon Lewis of Minstead lab dog

Electif Trophee Region Sud Ouest

By Cliff Tett
Here is a photo of Team Jardirect for the Selectif for our region in the South West of France.
Liliane and GARONNE are on the right hand side of the photo.
In the centre is Jean Pierre (member of Team France at the EO 2016) and Sylvie. Both have been buying CSJ Kibble and Herbs since Sept 2013 and were virtually our very first clients).
Our team was not selected for the National Finals – next year we hope!!

Sponsoring the agility competition in the Netherlands

By Adelaine Bastiaansen

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Last weekend we held the agility competition that we sponsored. It was a great success! People were very enthusiastic and we have already a couple of enquiries from new people that want to switch to CSJ :-).

On Saturday and Sunday there were almost 1400 dogs. We sponsored every first 3 places of grade 1, Small, Medium and Large.

  • Grade 2, Small, Medium and Large
  • Grade 3, Small, Medium and Large
  • Old dogs, combined class, first 3 places

The competition had 5 rings and we places banners on each ring. We used the new banners that you sent us on one ring and on the place of the price giving and we had also some old banners that we used on the other rings. We also give some information about CSJ at the prize giving.

Amazing Frisbee Cup | Amazing Frisbee Dogs

By Jos van Sluis, Iceborders

Results of the event of 6 and 7 May 2017

Throw & Catch Open Class

Perry van Mulukom

Piper          Ned

Melanie Fydrich

Trouble      Ger

Claudia Wagstyll

Rufus        Ger

Throw & Catch Starters

Karsten König

iMac       Ned

Alex van der Meulen

Tuttie     Ned

Diana Slavenburg

Bandit    Ned

Freestyle Combined Open

Melanie Fydrich

Trouble     Ger

Angela Tederke

Pepper     Ger

Marjolaine van Arkel

Chubby    Ned

Freestyle Combined Starters

Ilonka Kruitbos

Kensi       Ned

Sharona Pijl

Blitz         Ned

Susanne Kuipers

Pim         Ned

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Wales Team at the Skinner’s World Cup Retriever Event

Blog posting by Alan Rees

Vikki Stanley, Haydn Willmott and Nigel Probert

Vikki Stanley, Haydn Willmott and Nigel Probert. Photo by Lorna Gray

Cawdor Estate, Nairn, Scotland- 13th & 14th May 2017.

This year’s World Cup event for Retrievers witnessed 15 countries, each with a team of 4 Retrievers, congregating at Drynachan Lodge, on the well known Scottish Sporting estate, by kind invitation of Lord & Lady Cawdor.

We were all welcomed with the sound of a lone piper on a glorious Saturday morning and the excitement was palpable amongst all that attended. As one of the five judges invited, it was clear to me from the outset that Roddy Forbes and his son Fraser, with an army of helpers, had designed a series of challenging tests, five double retrieves on the first day followed by five further single tests on the second. This would raise the bar for this competition to another level in its fourteen year history, with retrieves on all types of terrain with dogs being required to retrieve from across the Findorn river.


Nigel Probert handling Slipside Danny Jones

Wales had to make two late changes to the selected team due to Mark and Jamie Bettinson’s withdrawal and in came Vikki Stanley, running two dogs, joining Haydn Willmott and Nigel Probert. At the end of the first day Denmark lead comfortably from second placed England by a clear 35 points. Behind England in third were Holland a further 13 points adrift. Wales, who had their problems, were lying in fifth place 90 points off the leaders, but with everything to play for on a second day in the grounds of the picturesque Cawdor Castle.


Haydn Willmott handling Stykes Boy Llangynidr.

At close of play on the second day Denmark were worthy winners with 1028 points out of a possible 1200,  England narrowly missing out by 8 points in second place with 1020, with Holland holding onto third place, just ahead of host nation Scotland.

Wales finished in fifth place on 935 points, with the four dogs and handlers returning scores of 243 for Vikki’s first dog, 238 for Nigel, 259 for Haydn and 195 for Vikki’s second dog. This was a creditable performance from the four Welsh dogs over a very challenging course.

Vikki Stanley. Photo by Lorna Gray

Vikki Stanley

I felt very humbled and honoured to have been invited to judge this event due to my close affinity to Roddy and his family and the Cawdor Estate. It was a magnificent two days and the atmosphere was electric with a good crowd of spectators in attendance.

Again, I would like to personally thank Ceri, Phil and All at CSJ for their continued support of the team and for their generous sponsorship.

Diolch o galon.

As we now turn our attention to the Home Internationals, the Four Nations international challenge at Scone Palace, Perth and the Game Fair Four Nations International at Hadfield House, watch this site for further information on team selections.

Alan Rees


Photo by Alan Rees

More info and photos from Lorna Gray
I was at the Skinners Retriever World Cup last weekend and took the photos of the Welsh team. It was a really good weekend hosted and superbly organised. Conditions were dry, warm and mainly sunny with a great atmosphere. 15 teams competed and the eventual winners were Denmark, followed by England then the defending champions Holland. See the photos above.

News from Adelaine Bastiaansen

Sven blue blitzFrom Adelaine Bastiaansen

Last weekend we had a competition in the Netherlands and Blitz is now in grade 3.
Kees and Ready had their first weekend in grade 2 and a second place on the agility course. Blue and I had a first place on the jumping grade 3. Sven (my son) and Blitz had a first place on the jumping on the junior course.


“It’s all about Focus!” Mark Laker

“Photo by Debbie Mangles-Steel (another CSJ feeder). Debbie caught this great action shot of me and Devo in the Tunbridge Wells Championship final; which unfortunately we didn’t win. ” Mark Laker
After a very exciting Performance Weekend this year’s international agility teams have been selected
This years judge AJorge Pires from Portugal set up challenging course that tested the handlers across a variety of areas needed for the international competitions. Of course our selections are not just based on one weekends performance. The five month assessment process helped us filter down to those handlers who performed well across all the areas we focused on.
You can see the full list of handlers on this years teams here

So now the hard work and the training begins. Over the coming months the Coaching Team and I will be supporting these handlers in their preparations building up to what for some will be the biggest agility championships of their agility careers.

 Meanwhile the domestic competitions are in full swing

My young dog Moog is still learning about the competing and developing his agility skills. My competition dog Devo is in good form, we’ve qualified for the Olympia semi-finals and two Championship finals; we’re having a good start to the season.
I find myself having to work extra hard at keeping to ‘the plan’ during the competition season. Its so easy to get carried away with the fun and thrill of running my dogs that I sometimes forget what my main focus areas are for this year. And when that starts I get carried away and not focused on the competitions that I really want to do well in.
Its all about focus!