Sponsoring the agility competition in the Netherlands

By Adelaine Bastiaansen

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Last weekend we held the agility competition that we sponsored. It was a great success! People were very enthusiastic and we have already a couple of enquiries from new people that want to switch to CSJ :-).

On Saturday and Sunday there were almost 1400 dogs. We sponsored every first 3 places of grade 1, Small, Medium and Large.

  • Grade 2, Small, Medium and Large
  • Grade 3, Small, Medium and Large
  • Old dogs, combined class, first 3 places

The competition had 5 rings and we places banners on each ring. We used the new banners that you sent us on one ring and on the place of the price giving and we had also some old banners that we used on the other rings. We also give some information about CSJ at the prize giving.

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