Another kilo down for birthday Lottie!

By Rachel White

Well she made it through the year of living in our mad house and has made it to her 12th birthday. She has had all her fur clipped and we couldn’t believe how tiny she is looking.

An interview with Steven Richardson after winning Gold with Libby at the WAO

An interview with Steven Richardson


How many times have you and Libby competed at the WAO?

We have competed together at WAO since 2013 Achievements at this event? This year Libby was amazing getting gold!! in the biathlon event and bronze in the pentathlon.

What were you concerns leading up to the competition?

My main focus was making sure Libby was at full fitness for the event!

With Libby being 10 and a half, did you need to do or train on anything in particular? 

Just making sure her fitness was as high as it could be.

What did you think of the course?

I thought all of the courses where challenging but also well designed to show off all the dogs full speed!

Did you decide to go all out for it or go for a safe clear run – based on what the dogs had done before?

In the biathlon I went all out for it where as in the pentathlon didn’t push as hard as wanted 5 consistent rounds rather than 2 all out runs!

Best moment?

The moment that Libby and I achieved our goal and becoming world champion!!

Biggest worry?

My biggest worry is will this be Libby’s last WAO!

Describe your overall experience of this event – travel, difficulties, joys, team mates, coaching??

Being on the team for a few years now, this year for me was the best team attitude and atmosphere I’ve seen coaches and management where brilliant!

Thank you Steven Richardson and congratulations.

STOP PRESS! Future has just qualified for the UKA Grand Finals at the end of the year.

Wonderful news about Lottie

By Rachel White

Well this little lady has had another massive come back. Here she is at the beach the other evening loving life.

She has perked up no end and has amazed us with her resilience where we thought she was at deaths door. Her weight is going between 23 – 24kgs but she isn’t exercising as she used to. Such a happy little girl and Thursday is her 1 year anniversary with us !

The Big Three

By Mark Laker
We’re right into the busy agility competition season now, the ‘big three’ has just been completed. These are three of the biggest competitions of the season all back-to-back one weekend after another. All the major qualifiers are there and many top handlers try to attend at least one.
I’m working towards my championship judging status at the moment, so I have been splitting my time between competing and judging. I’ve judged at two of the three and really enjoyed it. I enjoy designing courses, the challenge of building it on the day, the inevitable ‘tweaking’ that needs to be done to fit the course around unexpected obstacles e.g. drains, holes in the ground, ruts etc..  the judging part and presenting the trophies at the end.
I judged over 300 dogs yesterday; which is about normal for an agility judge
The top 20 or so were fantastic. It’s thrilling to watch these partnerships working together around challenging courses at great speed; occasionally I have to pinch myself to remind me that I’m there to judge not spectate!
We’ve got a break from competing for a couple of weeks now
I’ve got some family time planned and areas of training especially with my young dog Moog to work on. He’s coming on well, very enthusiastic and wants to do everything at top speed which is good although he does need to clear jumps not take them all out!
Meanwhile Agility Team GB are training hard for their championships next month. Both the juniors and the adult teams have held extra training session with particular focus on the traits of the international judges they will be competing under; it’s quite scary how quickly time has crept up on us this year.

MFSRC Summer Test Report

summer test 2017By Lorna Gray
Our Summer test took place at Ralia Estate by the kind permission of Mr Alasdair Findlay and Head Keeper Mr Alistair Lyon. In between showers we had blue skies and really quite a pleasant day with a great atmosphere and a few new faces which is always good to see. The spaniel tests were sponsored by CSJ and Tain Pottery, and once again we thank them for their continued support. Several committee members are using CSJ foods and are very happy with how their dogs are looking and going on it.
The tests were judges by Mr Peter Holmes and Mr William Drummond accompanied by a team of dedicated dummy throwers, some of whom did get a bit of a soaking, thanks from the club and the competitors to all of them for giving up their time.
Results were as follows:
Spaniel Puppy
1st Ryan Hoggan – Caulliechat Rosina
2nd Fraser MacDougall – Shiel Wonder
3rd Barry Lamb – Salrowbra Ruby’s Sunshine
1st Martyn Ryan – Glenugie’s Quickfire
2nd James Groat – Deepfleet Muller
3rd Barry Lamb – Salrowbra Ruby’s Sunshine
1st Graham Clark – Broomfied Gnat
2nd Eddie Scott – Chyknell Golden Eagle
3rd Nicola Hannan – Sealpin Sugar Spun Sister of Druimmuir
Photo L-R: Jimmy Groat; Ryan Hoggan; Peter Holmes; Graham Clark; Nicola Hannan; Eddie Scott; William Drummond & (kneeling) Fraser MacDougall

CSJ Charity Test for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People


By Alison Sorley

I held a charity test on Saturday on behalf of CSJ Dogfood for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, a lovely day and raised £1200.00. This wouldn’t be possible without the help of all the members of the Scottish Gundog clubs coming along and supporting these charities and also all the persons donating prizes for raffles, auctions etc.

I have to add a huge thank you to Mike Henderson from the Hillend Tavern who donated a hidden malt whisky bottle, which had to be guessed by individuals at £1.00 a go. This raised £100, also 4 x 24 packs of Best beer for auction. Much appreciated Mike!

Thanks to Ceri and Phil for prizes – we missed your presence this year. The judges J. Douglas, D. Sorley, E. Munro Ferguson and G. Spacey, Laura, Jean and Elinor for their help with the admin etc. Especially for the dummy throwers who put themselves forward every week. Thank you and especially to our speaker Mr Fred MacAulay.

The £1200.00 was absolutely brilliant – thank you again to all who contributed to help raise this amount for this amazing charity.



1st – A. Adamson – Rumbleton Zak of Witchmyre

2nd – A. Fairweather – Craigmillour Venus

3rd – J.Nicol – Belneiden Delta


1st – A. Adamson – Rumbleton Zak of Witchmere

2nd – C. Johnston – Nellsecundus River Drive

3rd – J. Hood – Polmaise Fala Crow


1st – G. Buchan – Misty Longa

2nd- C. Johnston – Nellsecundus River Drive

3rd – C. Court

Thank you,

Alison Sorley


Arfon Working Gundog Club Club AV Retriever Test – 4 June 2017

DSC_1457The Arfon Working Gundog Club held a working test on the 4 June 2017 for AV Retrievers. This was held at Bodrida Farm, Brynsiencyn, Anglesey by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Peter Rogers.

Judges were Glenys Caldwell, Gareth Lewis and P Wesley Travis. Many thanks to the helpers and sponsors CSJ & Gary McCarthy of Gundog Gear.
The lady handlers came to the fore with a clean sweep in the Novice and first and third in Open


First – Mrs Jackie Owen with Muggleswick Cha Cha of Marianbach lab b
Second – Mrs Jackie Owen with Kentrecim Chooting Star of Marianbach labb
Third – Mrs Elaine Chapel with Crooksber Lark lab b
Fourth – Mrs Elaine Chappel with Wapsac Wagtail lab b

First – Mrs Kim Dutton with Shady Acres Teardrop lab b
Second – Gary McCarthy with Muggleswick Samba lab d
Third – Victoria Waterfield with Brenjon Harry lab d
Fourth – R Harvey Jones with Ty Newydd lab d
COM – Ryan McKnight with Loughgasher Nifty Nick of Gunnarah lab dog

First Picture – P Wesley Travis (Judge), Gareth Lewis (Judge), Victoria Waterfield, Kim Dutton, Gary McCarthy, Harvey Jones, Glenys Caldwell (Judge), Ryan McKnight, Jackie Owen.

Second Picture – Jackie Owen & Kim Dutton