Team GB Freestyle Championship 1st, 2nd Czech Rep. 3rd RussiaBy Kath Hardman

Photos by Allan Brown

HTM Team GB has returned triumphantly from the Open European Championships 2017, held in Belgium from 25th to 27th August, victorious in both Heelwork to Music and Freestyle.

Kath Hardman Team Manager and Team GB HTM & Freestyle

Kath Hardman, Team Manager said “This is an unprecedented achievement in the history of Open European Championships for Great Britain as Team GB not only won the Heelwork To Music Championship for a second time, but the Team also won the Freestyle Championship for the first time, to complete a first time double for Team GB.”

All four members of the Heelwork To Music Team were placed in the top twelve out of 51 competitors from 14 countries and the top three GB scores were totalled to give Team GB first place.

Lucy Creek 3rd HTM

Lucy Creek 3rd HTM

Lucy Creek from Warwickshire with Harriot Skiffle King (Skiffle – Border Collie) finished in 3rd place.









Caroline Garrett Team GB HTM

Caroline Garrett Team GB HTM

Caroline Garrett from West Sussex with Wildsea Phoenix Of Fire (Fawkes – Border Collie) in 7th,






Kath Hardman Team Manager and Team GB HTM & Freestyle

Kath Hardman Team Manager and Team GB HTM & Freestyle

Kath Hardman from Derbyshire with Stillmoor Extra Special (Denby – Border Collie) in 8th place.






Karen Sykes TEam GB HTM and Freestyle

Karen Sykes TEam GB HTM and Freestyle

Karen Sykes also from Derbyshire with Kingsfarm Spring Surprise (Midge – Working Sheepdog) in 12th place.






Lucy Heath Team GB HTM Reserve

Lucy Heath Team GB HTM Reserve

HTM Reserve, Lucy Heath from Lincolnshire with Stillmoor Winter Sun (Indie – Border Collie) was able to present her routine as a demonstration during a break at the event.





In the Freestyle Team Championship there were 54 competitors from 17 Countries and again, the top three GB scores were totalled to give Team GB first place. 

  • Lucy Creek with Harriot Skiffle King finished in 2nd place
  • Kim Lyddon from Cheshire with Canen You Said What (Tyler – Border Collie) in 10th place
  • Karen Sykes with Kingsfarm Spring Surprise (Working Sheepdog) in 16th place
  • The final member of the team was Kath Hardman with Stillmoor Extra Special (Border Collie)
  • Freestyle Reserve was Lucy Creek with her Beagle Dialynne Making Waves – Teasel

Lucy Creek with Skiffle 2nd Place Freestyle

Kath Hardman said “We knew the selected team would be strong and we are extremely proud of the results in the team events and also in the individual performances. Lucy Creek with her dog Harriot Skiffle King achieved a fabulous 2nd place in Freestyle and a 3rd place in Heelwork and should be congratulated for contributing such high scores to the team results.

The team worked well together fully supporting each team member. Our grateful thanks go to the HTM community back home along with the team’s travelling supporters for their enthusiasm, fundraising and support. Our success would not have been possible without the financial support of our Major Sponsors.”


TEAM GB Winners Freestyle Championship

There’s only one CSJ… There’s only one CSJ!

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 15.17.38It’s come to our attention that some people are mistakenly going to other Facebook pages that use our name CSJ in their title. If that’s you, then we’d like to say we’re sorry for the waste of your time and that we’re going to do our best to sort it out. It’s annoying for you and us if you can’t see our posts. We put a lot of time and effort into sourcing the latest news about working dogs across every dog sport and we want to be able to reach everyone interested in our page.

On Facebook, there are a few pages that use our CSJ name in their groups or business pages – without our permission. We want you to know that there’s only one real CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds page and that’s this one – CSJ:

We are in the process of asking other company pages that use our name to remove their pages. Of course it’s a compliment that people want to borrow our company name. But it actually breaks Facebook community guidelines to use another business’ names, so we will be asking these other users of our name CSJ to change the names of their group of company page.

If you would like to set up a business page for your dog food business or a group, to support your CSJ users, please get in contact with us and we can help show you the best way forward and give you all the support you need.

In the meantime, if you want the real CSJ Facebook page, follow the dog Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 15.17.46


Kywidden Flatcoated Retriever pups show their appreciation!

By Kywidden Flatcoated Retrievers
Very many thanks for the nine free puppy packs you kindly sent us.  They arrived just in time for us to take some photos of all nine puppies for you by way of a thank-you.  The first pup left next morning (sob,sob) with his own puppy pack and the rest will follow over the next two weeks (except for the one we are keeping).



Here are all nine members (five liver and four black) of the 2017 litter of Kywidden Flatcoated Retrievers (who for some reason always think some bowls taste better than others but end up eating the lot!), born in west Cornwall.



Pups3And here is just one of them – Pendragon (kennel name Kywidden Uther Pen-dragon) sporting his new bib (he’s also the one finding the bag quite interesting in the one above).
At eight weeks old, he now weighs in at 5.9 kg having started life at around 400 gms – a testament to his Mum Hattie (fed on CSJ CP Active) and to CSJ CP Puppy.

Their grandmother Flossie, mother of the puppies’ father Hobbs, is doing well at almost 11 years old on

CSJ CP Seven-plus. (We own Hattie and Flossie but they are not related). Flossie also has CSJ Get-Over! and CSJ Salmon Oil once a day and we think this definitely helps to maintain her agility.

5 pups all took to the feed very well, grew very evenly and were lovely healthy pups

image1 copy
Photo of pups by Howard Kent

By Lesley Knowles

Twiggy had her first litter of pups earlier this year and following advice from CSJ I used CP27 for Twiggy in the last stage of pregnancy and for weaning the pups. The 5 pups all took to the feed very well, grew very evenly and were lovely healthy pups.

They were all early reaching their developmental milestones, were all very keen to learn and had mastered basic commands by 8 weeks of age and then each pup went off to its new home and settled in very well right from the first night. Their new owners have been thrilled with how well the pups coped with such a big change in their lives and as breeders we were very pleased with how well the puppies did.

They were 5 weeks old here and it took three of us about 2 hours to get a couple of photos of them all together as they all thought it was a great idea to run all over the place – huge fun!!

This is my second order of CP30 and I am now changing all of our dogs onto this feed. Since changing to CSJ some time ago I have had all 4 dogs (3 Clumbers & 1 collie cross) on Fit n Fast and have been very happy with this feed. However our youngest dog, despite many trainers saying how talented she is, was not quite achieving her full potential.

“>We recently started gundog training with a new trainer and he suggested that we move her onto CP30 as he has seen it make a difference in similar dogs. Since being on the new feed, Twiggy has gained her Working Gundog Certificate and been placed third & first in two gundog tests as well getting her first two clear rounds at agility shows. Her energy levels and ability to concentrate have both improved since being on CP30.

The Game Fair 2017 – Hatfield House , Hertfordshire.

Home International Team Competition by Alan Rees, Wales Team Captain

Photographs by Polarstar Photography


No doubt this is the biggest working test arena in the World, over Saturday and Sunday the 29th and 30th of July, thousands watched England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales go head to head, with 5 Retrievers and 5 Spaniels competing in each International team.

The International course was exceptional, although very challenging, which proved to be the position over the two days of competition. The Gundog Committee and Chief Stewards, along with the arena crews, must be complemented in the set up of this challenging event.

CSJ, our sponsors for many years now, also sponsored the Irish Team, led by Willie Edgar. He felt that he had the strongest team that Ireland had fielded for many years. Wales, on the other hand, had lost Haydn Willmott from the Retriever team just one week before the Game Fair, and, on the Saturday morning of the competition, Dean Melhuish unfortunately had to withdraw his spaniel when she pulled up lame. This meant a quick change in the running order and brought in the reserve spaniel handler, the ever reliable Alastair Ross.

The spaniel test, marked out of 120 points, resulted in the Wales handlers, David Pither scoring 71 (59%), Steven Erasmus, in his first Game Fair scored 87 (73%), Kevin Woods scored 74 (62%), Alastair Ross scored 87 (73%) and an excellent performance by David Williams, running Edwardiana Howdee, scored 98 (82%), ending up at 3rd place overall in the individual spaniel competition. Top Spaniel Team was Ireland, sixty points behind in second place was Wales, eleven points ahead of England and sixteen points ahead of Scotland. This was a good result for the Welsh lads who hung on in there.

The Retriever Team, running over a very difficult track, undulating with a series of fences and thick cover crop of stubble turnip, mustard and rape, caused a few problems. I was delighted with the Welsh Retriever team’s performance; Vikki Stanley’s Minstead Maigret returned a score of 106 out of 120 (88%), Alan Rees with young Ecclestone scored 104 (87%), Barney Williams, running in his first Game Fair with another young dog Duke scored 92 (77%), Nigel Probert and the evergreen Jenny scored 97 (81%) and Vikki Stanley running her Field Trial Champion Patanavac  Brough, anchoring the team, scored 102 (85%).

The Welsh Retriever Team’s total score of 501 was enough to secure the victory for the second year in succession as the Top Retriever Team, retaining the trophy. England were in second place, seven points behind Wales, followed by Scotland 46 points and Ireland 48 points adrift. This was an excellent result from a team that showed a lot of character.

Final placings for the International teams resulted in Ireland running out overall winners with 931 points, Wales an excellent second place, with 918, England in third with 900 points and Scotland in fourth with 847 points. It was a very successful weekend for Ceri, Phil and CSJ, with both their sponsored teams scooping top and second team overall, top Spaniel and top Retriever team.

Once again a huge thank you to all the handlers and helpers that were involved with the Welsh International team this year. The biggest thank you must go to CSJ our sponsor, as the International season draws to a close. As we look forward to next year’s competitions, good luck to all for this coming trialling season.

A big thank you (Diolch yn Fawr) to Ceri and Phil and all at CSJ; without your help and support we couldn’t compete at these prestigious events.

Alan Rees, Wales Team Captain.





2017 North West Kent Weekend on 22nd & 23rd July.

By Beth Carroll

Thank you so much for our prizes they were very much appreciated by our winners.

If you would like any more candid shots from the show there are some on the ‘Out and About’ page of Obedience UK:

  1. Our Championship Dog winner was Trish with Cloud, who is a very young dog winning his very first ticket at 2.5 years old.
  2. Our Championship Bitch winner was Di Martin with Eazi, this is their 3rd Ticket win and therefore will make Eazi an Obedience Champion.
  3. Our Show Secretary Won her B dog class on Saturday and Our Assistant Show Secretary won A dog on Saturday with various other club members also placed both days!