Kywidden Flatcoated Retriever pups show their appreciation!

By Kywidden Flatcoated Retrievers
Very many thanks for the nine free puppy packs you kindly sent us.  They arrived just in time for us to take some photos of all nine puppies for you by way of a thank-you.  The first pup left next morning (sob,sob) with his own puppy pack and the rest will follow over the next two weeks (except for the one we are keeping).



Here are all nine members (five liver and four black) of the 2017 litter of Kywidden Flatcoated Retrievers (who for some reason always think some bowls taste better than others but end up eating the lot!), born in west Cornwall.



Pups3And here is just one of them – Pendragon (kennel name Kywidden Uther Pen-dragon) sporting his new bib (he’s also the one finding the bag quite interesting in the one above).
At eight weeks old, he now weighs in at 5.9 kg having started life at around 400 gms – a testament to his Mum Hattie (fed on CSJ CP Active) and to CSJ CP Puppy.

Their grandmother Flossie, mother of the puppies’ father Hobbs, is doing well at almost 11 years old on

CSJ CP Seven-plus. (We own Hattie and Flossie but they are not related). Flossie also has CSJ Get-Over! and CSJ Salmon Oil once a day and we think this definitely helps to maintain her agility.

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