Hot news! CSJ TurmerTinc! has arrived…

downloadAt last there’s a powerful, effective, non-messy turmeric tincture for dogs.

Just a tiny 1ml per 10kg of bodyweight is all you need to deliver the many benefits of CSJ’s new turmeric tincture – TurmerTinc!


TurmerTinc! has been specially developed by scientists & herbalists

turmer-tinc_1015_detailOur new Turmeric tincture with added Cracked Black Pepper, is highly palatable and easy to feed. No mixing. No mess. Simply pour a small amount onto your dog’s dinner.

TurmerTinc! matches exactly the same high standards & methods required for human herbal tinctures

At CSJ, we’re renowned for our exceptional quality herbal products, specifically targeted for dogs’ needs. Like all our products, every ingredient in new, TurmerTinc! is fully traceable and subject to our rigorous quality control procedure that ensures exceptional quality.


Known as ‘The wonder supplement’

turmeric-root-and-powder Turmeric is reputed to provide many health benefits, which can:

  •  Decrease inflammation
  •  Aid digestion
  •  Provide pain relief

Turmeric contains at least 235 other compounds that contribute to its highly effective actions. It’s also believed to contain anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Common uses for Turmeric include:

  • skin health
  • arthritis
  • digestion
  • supporting immune function
  • strengthening liver function

We only use top quality Turmeric, to provide a rich source of Curcumin

Curcumin is one of the main active constituents of TurmerTinc!, that works as a powerful anti-flammatory.

Black pepper is all it’s cracked up to be!

CBPOur herbalist wanted to ensure your dog’s digestive system can efficiently digest and maximise the many benefits of TurmerTinc!

So we added Cracked Black Pepper to slow the transit of the Curcumin through the dog’s digestive system.


No mess. No fuss. Already mixed, new TurmerTinc is ready to use

NEW TurmerTinc! is non-messy and ready to use from the pack. A vast improvement on other products that need complicated mixing with oil. The result of extensive research and development, our aim is always to make life better for dogs and owners.

Order your TurmerTinc! now

TurmerTinc! comes in an easy-dose 250ml bottle and is available now! Many of you have been asking for our new non-messy Turmeric product, so make sure you order your new TurmerTinc! now online or from your local stockist


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