Congratulations to all the winners at the 2018 YNYS MON Heelwork to Music Show

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Find out the results from the 2018 YNYS MON Heelwork to Music Show on 30th June 2018 & 31st June 2018. See the photos here:


Thanks for the photos and details to Maggie Blackhouse. Find out more

Introducing Jeannie Gee and her Amazing GeeGee Dogs


At nearly 30, Jeannie has a range of qualifications and experience under her belt

A Bachelor of Education specialising in Foundation Stage AND ICT in Teaching, managing her own team in ‘Commissions’ (Pensions & Insurance) and finally ‘Estimating’ (number crunching and formulas) in Underfloor Heating has all lead to a strong understanding of approaching challenges at as many different angles as possible.

Always crazy about animals, especially dogs

Jeannie grew up spending most weekends and holidays around her grandparents’ large groups of Working Labradors, Irish Water Spaniels and Springers. At a young age, she was discouraged from pursuing dog training as a career, because there was “little money in it, and no security”.   However, Jeannie did get her first dog whilst still at school, a strong but complex rescue terrier who taught Jeannie that positive reinforcement was magical. From then, she went on to trick training, obedience, flyball and agility, learning as much as she could from the dogs she encountered until 5 years ago she finally bit the bullet to become a self-employed dog trainer.

Well, that was the plan. Two and a half years ago, Jeannie was approached for a photoshoot with two of her dogs who wowed the photographer so much that she spoke to Charlotte, a friend of hers in the media.  The rest they say, is history. Jeannie’s first proper media job was a long, complex day, with her dog, Kheva, working alongside a cat she had never met. Charlotte was so impressed that now, over the past two years of working together, they have completed almost 100 projects together – working dogs, cats, chickens, parrots….. basically, any animal they can source.

Jinty on a Bus

It is a complex job, with not every dog or owner being suitable

Jeannie prides herself in being a positive only trainer and handler, even when the pressure is on, using creativity to get the job done. Her experience ranges from Christmas Dog Movies, to Food Packets, Music Videos and Hollywood movies (not released yet !). Check out just a few examples of their projects:

  • Arlas “Boot Camp Doggy”
  • PDSA “Regular Donation Ad”
  • Tom Chaplin’s “Midnight Mass” (get the tissues)
  • M&S Christmas 2017 ad
  • Tescos Christmas 2017 Ad “Snooze”
  • More Than “Bark in the Park
  • More Than “Doggyssentials”
  • Secret Life of Dogs Series 2
  • Christmas 24’s “Merry Woofmas”

Aside from TV work and training dogs, Jeanna competes and trains in agility, conformation, and obedience

In 2018 she and her dogs have won Best of Breed, Best Bitch (x3) and Best Puppy in Breed (x5). At Three Counties, they even achieved Pastoral Puppy Group Three! Also counted among their successes are winning the Special PreBeginners (obedience) Grand Final at Crufts, and winning out of PreBeginners at a subsequent show. In June 2018 they had their first agility win, taking them into Grade 2.

Jinty – JRT Cross – 7years. Kheva – Pyrenean Sheepdog – 5years. Rumour – Mini American Shepherd – 4years. Dora – English Springer Spaniel – 2years. Ditto – Pyrenean Sheepdog – 8months.

Instagram @GeeGee_Dogs

Facebook pages: 

Kheva the Pyrenean Sheepdog Of GeeGee Dogs

Put Your Paws Up Dog Training & Trained Dogs UK




Report from the Clwyd Retriever Club Annual Open Working Test

By Bronwyn Roberts

Results of our Annual Working Test for Open

We held our OPEN Annual Working Test today (8th July 2018) at Hendre Llwyn Y Maen Farm By kind invitation of Mr Robin Crossley.

We would like to thank our judges for the day Glenys Caldwell, Mrs Thelma Draisey, Mr David Robertson & Mr Neil Appleton.

Well done to all the competitors and many thanks to all the helpers who came it is very much appreciated and we would not be able to run our tests without you.

And a big thank you also to our generous sponsor C.S.J

Open Results are as follows

1st Catherine Allsop with Glasybont Springing Teal

2nd Victoria Waterfield with Brenjon Harry

3rd Judith White with Minstead Costello

C of M Scott Marland with Greenbriar Tame

A photo of all the winners and the judges


 A photo of catherine Allsop the winner of the Mary Roberts trophey for the Top Dog


Results of our Annual Working Test for Puppy & Novice

Held on Sunday 24th June 2018 at Plas Isaf, Halkyn By kind invitation from Mrs Price & Mr Ian Jones .Our thanks go to the judges Mr P Smithies, Mr S North, Mr P Travis & Mrs G Hargreaves-Jones.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to all the helpers that came on the day and to all those involved in setting the tests before hand as without you we would not be able to run our tests.

And a big thanks you also to our generous sponsor C.S.J

Well done to all who competed and to all in the awards.

Puppy 6-12 months

1st Lee Murphy with Shadows Arch

2nd Frank McAdams Poters Wood Tormund

3rd Keith Porter with Porterswood Missandei

Puppy 12-15 Months

1st Gareth Lewis with Gwrychbedw Cherokee

2nd Linda Scott with Brocklebank Carson

3rd Ian White with Malty Ucha of Minstead


1st Neil Dutton with Glencambus Oshen Warrior

2nd Gareth Lewis with Brackenbird Dragon of Gwrchbedw

3rd Bob Clay with Siyah Sambucus of Oncote

C of M Karen Parkinson with Torrisdale River

The winner of the Whitter trophy for being the highest scoring dog on the day  was Lee Murphy with Shadows Arch scoring  77 out of 80

A photo of the winners & judges




Inspired by the World Cup, next week we travel to The Netherlands for the European Open for Juniors…

By Mark Laker


I’m writing this months blog from the garden at 9pm in the evening sat here in shorts and a T-shirt enjoying a warm evening. The weather has been amazing. Too hot for some and perfect for others. Next week we travel to The Netherlands for the European Open for Juniors and the weather seems set to continue there.
Many team members have been acclimatising their dogs to the weather as its set to continue in Austria when we’re there in three weeks time too.  While I accept some dogs struggle in the heat, I’ve seen how dogs can acclimatise and if treated sensible take it in their stride.
So its the junior competition first and our YKC team are looking confident. Their last training session went very well and they have had plenty of practice on the type of courses they can expect to be faced with.
One a different but related subject, q few handlers have commented to me recently how inspired they’ve been from watching the World Cup. From my own experience no matter whether you follow football or not, the sporting principle is the same. It’s about drawing on all your strengthens and skills to deliver a world class performance.  What professional sports people / athletes do is take this to a higher level and go in too much greater depth of analysis than most of us, this is where we can learn.
So I hope the teams going to the competitions in Europe this month feel extra inspired and show us what great athletes they are as we compete against some of the best in the world.
You can keep up with the European Open for Juniors here and the European Open (adult championships) here.
Enjoy the weather.
Mark Laker

International Team Manager


Sheepdog trialling IS a sport

By Ceri Rundle

I read a post earlier in which someone said that sheepdog trialling was not a sport. In my opinion it is and should not be perceived as being something negative either. ‘Sport’ in general can bring communities (even the whole country at times) together where people/handlers compete against each other and strive to be the best or to get better. This then inspires others to get involved, enjoy the sport and improve themselves to hopefully one day beat these same handlers/sportsmen.

Over the years this competition has improved the handling skills and level of training put into our dogs that are like athletes nowadays with improved welfare, knowledge of nutritional needs and general health and condition. Even simply worming of pups/dogs years ago was alien to many people. A trial can be a really fun place with lots of banter and handlers mixing in to help make the competition a fair test – well that is what we strive for (and achieve) at Bodfari.

Anyone who isn’t willing to muck in has a choice and it is their loss. People will always make the time-old argument that the dogs of today are not as good as those of yesteryear… In some respects maybe but that is probably attributable to the fact there are fewer shepherds ie the dogs getting less rough work. Those dogs probably wouldn’t even have set paw on a trials course until they were nearly 3 years of age.

Nowadays there is far too much expectation and pressure put on youngsters that are really still only pups in their heads. So many do not get the proper chance. However the standard of handling/training generally IMHO has greatly improved. How many years ago was it where many dogs failed to Turn Back at the International or did it very badly? Nowadays, the handlers train for it. Some might argue that the dogs today are trained purely for running trials courses – yes maybe but many are still working for their living too. The likes of Ricky Hutchinson etc have top quality stock and use their dogs to manage them on a daily basis but they can then go out and win. Who wants to go to a trial and see a plain farm dog, maybe tail in the air, working? It might be an absolute star of a dog working at home on the flock but….horses for courses… Anyway those are my muddled thoughts this morning…!


New series of ‘A Way with Dogs’ coming soon…

Watch ‘A Way with Dogs’ 2017- Sheepdog Trial film series and get ready for  the new series of ‘A Way with Dogs’ 2018 – to be filmed in September 2018. More

The CSJ Highland Agility Final

By Virginia Harry

Fiercely fought heats throughout the year culminated on 2nd July with the CSJ Highland Agility Challenge Final. 

Held at the Scottish Game Fair, Scone Palace, Perthshire, dogs in all 3 height categories – Small, Medium and Large – competed in a preliminary round in the morning before the Grand Final in the afternoon.

The judge, Mark Bruce, designed 2 super courses. He comments, “The morning course ran well with competitors having to move to get their dogs round the back of obstacle 4.  Round the back of 10 was a lot easier  and the rest of the course was quite a blast and involved a lot of running for both competitors and judge!”

Preliminary Round Course Plan

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.05.16

Large Dog Results

Prelimin winner euan use this one

Winner Euan Patterson with judge Mark Bruce. All photos courtesy of Sam Hepburn Photography.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.07.41

Lisas dog in action

Fabulous weave action from 2nd placed Lisa Duggan’s dog Dee.

Medium  Dog Results

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.10.58

Group shot prelim winners

Preliminary round winners Derek Elms, Euan Patterson and Erin Inverarity with judge Mark Bruce and CSJ representative

The CSJ Highland Agility Final

32 dogs competed in the final round.  Judge Mark Bruce comments, “This course was much easier to judge.  I wanted a fast, exciting crowd-pleaser.  The only obstacle causing a few problems was 11.  The crowds really enjoyed watching the very fast runs. The set-up was challenging.  We had 30 minutes at 7.30am to set up the course, mark it out and take it down again until we were on at 10.45.  Then we had 45 minutes to rebuild the course, walk it ,run all the dogs and remove it again and do it all over again for the afternoon’s final!  I loved judging this event.  It was great preparation for my first Champ judging appointment coming soon!”

Final Round Course Plan

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.20.07

Large dog results

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.21.03



Euans dogwalk

Euan Patterson and Crazee on their way to victory. All photos courtesy of Sam Hepburn Photography

Medium Dog ResultsScreen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.24.13

Derek final winner

Medium final winner Derek Elms with judge Mark Bruce. All photos courtesy of Sam Hepburn Photography

Tricia commented, “Well Jive is definitely on fire at the moment 🔥
Not only winning Champ this week making him Agility Champion he
also goes and wins the CSJ Highland Final….Huge thanks to CSJ for sponsoring this event. I just love it! It’s a great day out at the Scone Game Fair. So much to do! And we get to do some agility. A perfect day 😁 Thanks Lisa Duggan for all your hard work and continuing to organise this event.  Loved the dinner plate sized rosettes from Norton Rosettes.”

Small Winner

Small final winner Tricia Elms with judge Mark Bruce. All photos courtesy of Sam Hepburn Photography

Small Dog Results

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.30.01

More photos from The CSJ Highland Agility Final

See Sam Hepburn’s Preliminary round photos
Check out photos of the final on Facebook

Scone Palace Four Nations Challenge 2018


In the sweltering heat at Scone Palace the second Four Nations Challenge
took place on Saturday the 30th June 2018.The standard of dog work, both
Spaniels and Retrievers, was exceptional.

The course set for Spaniels was challenging with simulated pigeon flushes,
bolting rabbit, fences and a difficult water retrieve, which caused a
problem for a number of dogs and handlers.

The Welsh Spaniel Team, with Aled Jones returning 111 out of 120, Dave
Williams close on his tail and Paul Roberts, in his first international,
stuck to the task and returned a creditable score for the team.

Top Spaniel Team was Scotland, then England, followed by Ireland and Wales
The Retriever course was again very challenging. The England team were
untouchable with top Retriever Laura Hill on 106, followed by Scotland,
Wales and Ireland.

The overall Team placings were –

England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
Thank you to Ceri, Phil and CSJ for your generous sponsorship and support
over the weekend.
Now the focus turns to the Game Fair at Ragley Hall at the end of July.

Alan Rees

Welsh Team Captain