News from Jackie Taylor – canine massage therapist

By Jackie Taylor


I raise funds for Morgan’s Dog Rescue which is a rescue centre in Alston in Cumbria that takes in failed working collies primarily and rehomes then into working sports homes such as obedience and agility. I always help her around this time of year in the hope we get enough funds to take us through the winter! It’s pretty bleak up in Alston in the Winter !!

I am a qualified human and canine massage therapist and as part of my
work I also run canine fitness workshops following a muscular assessment and
massage. I plan to travel throughout the country and Northern

I bought in a border collie pup in January this year and as part of his pack
I received CSJ treats to train him, he loved them and I’ve continued to buy
them.  As part of my demonstrations I show handlers from all disciplines how to
keep their dogs in peak performance for their chosen dog sport.

I also help out Team Scotland in the Inter Regional events at Crufts each year, to raise funds to buy them sweatshirts and new collars and leads for the dogs who qualify. This year I am also running an online photo competition to raise funds for the Scottish Inter Regional Team event for Crufts 2019. Find out more in our Facebook Group: Crufts 2019 Scottish Inter RegionalTeam Photo Comp

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