Essex 2000 Working trials

By Penny Bann

Thanks very much for sponsoring our trial last week. The way the stakes work is:

TD is the ultimate state which you can make your dog up to a Working Trials champion, then it’s the WD, UD and entry level is the CD.


Here’s Championship TRACKING DOG Ticket winner Sue Ashby and The Zeta, Working Sheep Dog, with Judge Eric Carpenter


WORKING DOG winner Dave Clark with Blade of the Glade, Working Sheep Dog, with Judge Alan Sword


UTILITY DOG winner Sam McGrath with Tracelyn Token, German Shepherd Dog, with Judge Vana Moody


COMPANION DOG winner Michael Woods with Ed’ s N Tails with Estoby, Border Collie, judged by John Turtill.
Many thanks once again.
Penny Bann

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