Jamie Lawless helps to explain that the dietary needs of hound trailing are very different to other sports and pet dogs

By Jamie Lawless 
“Hound trailing is a racing sport that consists of many hounds competing against each other in what could be described as a sprint race, only this covers around 10 miles of Cumbrian & Scottish border Fells. The ground is challenging and the hounds will do this distance in between 25-35 minutes.. All while following a scent..
Trails are held 2-4 times a week, every week for 8 months of the year


We often get comments on ribs and weight which we don’t take personally, When you take into account the time, ground and distance they cover week in week out its easy to understand why they are in such athletic condition, with a physique often compared to say a marathon runner or triathlete.. Lean, muscular and carrying little to know fat. Carrying unnecessary weight can be the difference in winning or loosing. As for the ribs, these hounds will visibly show the lateral muscle covering the ribs, hope this gives some clarity on the hounds.


We recently emailed CSJ for advice on feeding during pregnancy & thanks to your advice we just picked up some CP 30… This is our girl Jasmine, she finished the racing season on 9 wins in a row.. . a 7 year old Veteran Trailhound.

Fuelled by Fit N Fast 

I was put into you guys by a friend in Wales. He recommended your food and I have to say the dogs are thriving on it. Hound trialling is a dying sport sadly but I’m happy people out there still appreciate the athletes they are.


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