George Carter comes 6th in his first snow race

Screenshot_20190305-182808By Mary Carter

George did well at his first snow race… The youngest competitor there as he only turned 12yrs old a week prior to the world championship. It was his first international race, and his first time representing Scotland. He came 6th overall – photo attached courtesy of Vicky Pullin.


One more race to go at the end of the month (our SDAS race here), then the racing season is over till the autumn… Just keep them running till it gets too warm.. Hopefully into May… And starting off our pups that are a year old now.


John and Mary Carter

Bowland Trails


Introducing The Great Sniffathon! for Oliver

sniffathon (1)

Help raise £3,000 towards funding Oliver’s ongoing treatment and chemotherapy

By Positively Canine

We are holding an event to raise money for Olivers ongoing treatment and after care.

Read about Oliver’s Story on his Just Giving page

This is aiming to be a huge sniffathon! maybe even record breaking!

We need to get as many people and dog teams through on the day to sniff out hidden items and clues. It will involve a crime scene, a roadblock, a fugitive on the run, drugs ( not real!) and stolen money.

No previous scentwork experience necessary, providing your dog can sniff out food and is up for some serious sniffing and you are ready for a tired dog then please please come along and support us. There will be someone with you in each search area to help and guide you along so you have nothing to worry about (if you do scentwork please do bring your preferred scent to search for if you would like to).

There will also be goods and refreshments for humans and dogs on sale and tombolas and bottle stall. so even if you don’t want to sniff still come along and support Oliver.
Doors open at 11am, sniffing will start from 1130am and the last dog allowed through to sniff will be at 230pm – your sniffing time should take around 15 to 20 minutes.

We would appreciate a minimum donation of £10 per dog and handler on the day.** if you have a dog that does need space please can you leave them in the car and come in and tell us so we can try and accommodate your dogs needs. If you do not think your dog will cope in a group environment please leave them at home. If we think at any point your dog is getting too stressed we may ask you to pop your dog in your car **

Every yellow is TurmerTinc! yellow


It’s a fact that the Turmeric in our highly-effective TurmerTinc! can vary through several shades of yellow. This is something we’ve learned from our canine nutrition scientists working with natural ingredients to form CSJ products.
The colour can vary, but the quality and consistency of  TurmerTinc! remains the same
Lately, we’ve had a few queries from stockists about the colour of the most recent batch date of ‘Best before November 2020’. Now the current batch that we’ve just started to issue is definitely a few shades lighter in colour.
We’ve discovered that the colour of TurmerTinc! can change in two ways:

1) It goes naturally darker with time
2) It goes darker if you shake it

The manufacturer has assured us the formulation of TurmerTinc! is 100% the same as always. We’re pleased to say that we haven’t had any performance related queries from customers. So we recommend that if you have any questions, you advise that as a natural product, the shades of yellow in TurmerTinc! can vary.


We hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions, please contact:

Mid Wales Working Gundog Society results of Novice and Open trial



By Michael Prytherch

Open Award Winners – photos courtesy of Nigel Kirby Photography – official photographer for the day.

The test went very well with 27 dogs in the novice and 18 in the open!

Results were:


Judges: Nick Powell, Steve Shimwell

Novice Results

1st – Popsheath Bombay (cocker b) – Dan Leigh

2nd – Boundarymoor Edward (ESS D) – Richard Sanderson

3rd – Merebrow Lucky Loki (ESS D) – Jim Sutton

COM – Primrose Poplar (ESS b) – Ryan Simpson

COM – Eirian Alys Ruby (ESS b) – John Pearce

COM – Dakotagun Frodo (cocker d) – Stephen Littler

Open Results

1st – Edgegrove Stitch of Cudannsa (ESS b) – Louise Allen

2nd – Edgegrove Ronan (ESS D) – Tony Mason

3rd – Steelhouse Eleri Mountain Mist (ESS b) – Mark Gibson

4th – Dainty of Birlingham (ESS b) – Stephen littler

COM – Glencambus Razzberry (ESS b) – Joshua Stubbs

COM – Leahanie Ellsa (ESS b) – Neil Davies

COM – Shellspoon Cometh the Hour (ESS D) – Stuart Lewis

COM – Boundarymoor Eric (ESS D) – Paul Burrows


“Control of nutritional intake is critical for performance and the CP30 really enhanced this” Matt Hodgson 

By Matt Hodgson 

I spoke to you a couple of weeks ago prior to going out to the WSA Sleddog World Championships and you very kindly sent me out two bags of food to try.

In return I’d like to provide honest feedback…

The first was the grain free product, which while this had no adverse effect on my dogs in terms of stools being runny, they did not seem to find very palatable and I struggled to get the non racing dogs to eat it.

However on a positive note my racing dogs really enjoyed the CP30 and as normally fussy eaters ate it with gusto, furthermore while training in the snow prior to competing and competing the dogs performance continuously improved and culminated in our best ever performance on snow.

Making 5th place at the World Championships and the highest placed GB adult at the event.  I was extremely surprised at how much this helped improve performance as normally a more raw based diet is my preference but this is not practical for long periods away.  Control of nutritional intake is critical for performance and the CP30 really enhanced this.

Our Salmon Oil helps to raise funds for the Scottish Inter Regional Team event at Crufts 2019

Jackie Taylor helps to raise funds for Morgan’s Dog Rescue which is a rescue centre in Alston in Cumbria. Jackie  is also running an online photo competition to raise funds for the Scottish Inter Regional Team event for Crufts 2019. This team is made up of Beginner, 2 Novice dogs, 2 A dogs a B and C dog to compete against other regions throughout the UK. We gave Jackie some Salmon oil, which she sold to raise money towards raising enough funds to buy sweatshirts for all the handlers, team captains, plus dog collars and leads for those who qualify for the teams.
“Just a few pics to show the wonderful jackets the box of CSJ Salmon Oil helped. The Scottish team didn’t look out of place this year, they had the fancy gear too lol.
We really can’t thank you enough, the Scottish team even won beginners, yes B and we came second in test C. Not enough to get on the podium at the end but it’s a marked improvement on previous years.
I think when you feel good and look good in line with others then you do your best, they were all very grateful for your support. Thanks a million” By Jackie Taylor

Surprise, surprise this month I’m writing about Crufts…


By Mark Laker

Yes its that time of the year when dog enthusiasts all over converge on NEC for four days at one of, if not THE best known dog show on the planet.


Karen and I are planning on being there for three days this year. On Thursday I’ll be at the YKC ring watching the Agility Dog of the Year competition which is part of this year’s YKC Team GB qualification process. The standard of this years junior handlers is extremely high, so team selection is going to be tough…again…


Crufts is also a great opportunity to watch the senior squad members perform on the green carpet and to meet friends and clients in a perfect environment for dog fans.


Karen and I have recently refreshed Agility1st our online service for agility instructors. We launched at Crufts five years ago – it doesn’t seem that long ago. Since then the business has trained over 100 instructors and hopefully helped to raise the standard of agility instruction. So I’ll be looking forward to meeting some of our trainers at Crufts too.


And of course I’d love to catch-up with some CSJ customers, blog readers and followers. Ceri and the team have provided fantastic support to agility in the UK over the years and I feel honoured to represent them. So if you see me at Crufts come and have a chat. I’m particularly interested in any subjects you’d like me to blog about…or those you’d rather I didn’t!