Every yellow is TurmerTinc! yellow


It’s a fact that the Turmeric in our highly-effective TurmerTinc! can vary through several shades of yellow. This is something we’ve learned from our canine nutrition scientists working with natural ingredients to form CSJ products.
The colour can vary, but the quality and consistency of  TurmerTinc! remains the same
Lately, we’ve had a few queries from stockists about the colour of the most recent batch date of ‘Best before November 2020’. Now the current batch that we’ve just started to issue is definitely a few shades lighter in colour.
We’ve discovered that the colour of TurmerTinc! can change in two ways:

1) It goes naturally darker with time
2) It goes darker if you shake it

The manufacturer has assured us the formulation of TurmerTinc! is 100% the same as always. We’re pleased to say that we haven’t had any performance related queries from customers. So we recommend that if you have any questions, you advise that as a natural product, the shades of yellow in TurmerTinc! can vary.


We hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions, please contact: nutrition@csjk9.com

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