Arfon Working Gundog Club report Novice AV Retriever Trial


The Arfon Working Gundog Club held its 14 Dog Novice A.V. Retriever Stake on the 13th November 2018 at the Carreglwyd Estate, Llanfaethlu, Anglesey by kind permission of Mr Rickie Roberts.

The judges were:

  • Mr Kevin Bradey
  • Dr Nicola Reynolds
  • Mrs Judith White
  • Mr Phil Brown

The guns were:

  • Mr John Dudley
  • Mrs Leanne Deering
  • Mr Rob Jones
  • Mr Ken Owen
  • Mr Gerallt Wynn
  • Mr Eurwyn Roberts

The weather was bright and dry and with the guns shooting well, with a number of dogs failing we were well into the second round after all the birds were retriever from the first drives. Following the second drive the dogs were tried again and again there were failures and by the time the judges closed their books there was only one dog left.

We would like to thank our host, the judges, the guns the helpers and our sponsors CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds and Gary McCarthy of Gundog Gear for helping make it a successful day.

The judges awarded a second place to Mr Daniel Astley with Shadyoak Rusty a Lab dog he also won the Guns Choice.

Clwyd retriever club working test results – Novice & Open Spring Test

By Bronwyn Roberts

Clwyd retriever Club working test secretary

winners and juges 2019


Held on 28th April 2019 at Gwysaney Hall, Mold. By kind invitation of Mr & Mrs R. Davies-Cooke

We would like to thank our judges Glenys Caldwell Neil Appleton, Gay Hargreaves-Jones and Thelma Draisey.

Also a big thanks to all the helpers on the day and for those who helped organise and set the tests beforehand, it is greatly appreciated.

The event was Kindly Sponsored by CSJ Canine Foods, Bodfari.

photo of tablwe


1st – Lynne Lewis with Gwrychbedw Star of Jatarcon

2nd – Frank McAdam with Porters Wood Tormund

3rd – Chris kettle with Ristbrow Bertie

4th – Paul Edmunds with Kynigos Midnight Magic


1st – Ken Littlemore with Labdom Scoter of Middlebrook

2nd – Christopher Pilkington with Shadeoak Major

3rd – Ryan McKnight with Loughgashel Nifty Nick of Gunnarah

4th – Wendy Manning with Dallagill Bluebell with Overmarsh

The winner of the Ernie Bradshaw Memorial Trophy for the highest scoring dog in both Classes goes toLynne Lewis with Gwrychbedw Star of Jatarcon.

2019 ernie bradshaw winner


Cheeky sheep and charity cheque!

BST3By Lynda Ward

Press release – 24.4.19

Top handlers from all over England and Wales vied with each other in the Bodfari Sheepdog Trials on Good Friday and Saturday with just under 100 dogs running each day.

CSJ were also delighted to present a cheque of £750 raised at last year’s trials to The Walton Centre Hospital Charity. Anne Hodgson of the charity’s Fundraising Committee is seen here accepting the cheque from CSJ’s Phil Rundle.


Among the handlers were the current International Supreme and Reserve Champion, Kevin Evans, Brecon, who won both Open Classes with his young bitch, Knockmaa Bec.  Hot on his heels on Saturday was former International Supreme Champion, Thomas Longton, Quernmore, Lancashire who took both second and third prizes.

Ceri Rundle commented, “The glorious weather made the high standard of running even more enjoyable to watch…the sheep were fantastic but cheeky and would find out and exploit each dog’s weakness.”

The two judges were Paddy Fanning (incidentally Paddy carried out the interviews of the 15 handlers for CSJ’s forthcoming A Way with Dogs Series 2) and Mike Northwood (who does the commentary in the series).

The results were:

Judge:  Paddy Fanning

Day 1 – Good Friday – Open Class

  1. Kevin Evans and Knockmaa Bec -4pts
  2. Hefin Jones and Spotan  -4.5pts
  3. Llyr Evans and Zac  -4.5pts
  4. Nigel Watkins and Tanhill Alec  -5pts
  5. Paul Tomkins and Foxridge Roy -6pts
  6. Kevin Evans and Hybeck Blake -6.5pts

Novice Class

  1. Pauline Thomas and Peg -11pts
  2. Mike Northwood and Glan y Gors Cian -11.5pts


Judge: Mike Northwood

Day 2 – Saturday – Open Class

  1. Kevin Evans and Knockmaa Bec 93pts
  2. Thomas Longton and Lucy 92pts
  3. Thomas Longton and Jim 89pts
  4. Kevin Evans and Kemi Ross 88pts
  5. Ceri Rundle and Breka 87pts
  6. Ross Watson and Sally 86/   6.  Cyril Roberts and Roy 86pts

Novice Class

  1. Beate Behr and Leni 83pts
  2. Bryn Davies and Northtyne Lassi 81pts


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Results of the Bodfari Sheepdog Trial

BST3By Ceri Rundle

We had two fantastic days at Bodfari SDT on Good Friday and Saturday 20th April 2019. The weather was amazing. The sheep worked brilliantly. The standard of running was high, so there were some good scores.

We presented a cheque for the £750 raised last year to Anne Hodgson from the fundraising committee at The Walton Centre in Liverpool.

Kevin Evans’ dog, Hybeck Blake in the photo above is wearing the bright pink neckerchief from The Walton Centre…

Judge:  Paddy Fanning

Day 1 – Good Friday – Open Class

  1. Kevin Evans and Knockmaa Bec -4pts
  2. Hefin Jones and Spotan  -4.5pts
  3. Llyr Evans and Zac  -4.5pts
  4. Nigel Watkins and Tanhill Alec  -5pts
  5. Paul Tomkins and Foxridge Roy -6pts
  6. Kevin Evans and Hybeck Blake -6.5pts

Novice Class

  1. Pauline Thomas and Peg -11pts
  2. Mike Northwood and Glan y Gors Cian -11.5pts

Judge: Mike Northwood

Day 2 – Saturday – Open Class

  1. Kevin Evans and Knockmaa Bec 93pts
  1. Thomas Longton and Lucy 92pts
  1. Thomas Longton and Jim 89pts
  1. Kevin Evans and Kemi Ross 88pts
  1. Ceri Rundle and Breka 87pts
  1. Ross Watson and Sally 86/

6. Cyril Roberts and Roy 86pts

Novice Class

  1. Beate Behr and Leni 83pts
  1. Bryn Davies and Northtyne Lassi 81pts


Ceri and Phil Rundle present the cheque for £750 to The Walton Centre

Arfon Working Gundog Club Open 12 Dog AV Retriever Stake 6.11.18

AWDThe Arfon Working Gundog Club held its 12 Dog Open Stake for A V Retrievers on the 6th November 2018 at the Checkley Wood Shoot, Nr Nantwich, Cheshire by kind permission of Mr Ivor Beavis.

Judges Mr D S Alan Rees, Mr Chris Brain, Mrs Glenys Caldwell & Dr Nicola Reynolds.

Guns – Mr John Dudley, Mrs Leanne Deering, Mr Kevin Deering, Mr Gerallt Wyn & Mr Arthur Telfair.

The Club would like to thank our hosts, the judges for giving their time, the Guns , the helpers and for the continued support of our sponsors CSJ SpecialistCanine Feeds and Gary McCarthy of Gundog Gear.




First – Laura Hill with Stauntonvale Tic Bean Lab B

COMs – Also Guns’ Choice Chris Winfield with Emmanygan Whistler of Avonford Lab D

            – Jason Mayhew with Kestrelway Drake Lab D


Photo shown L-R Chris Winfield, Laura Hill, Chris Brain (Judge), Jason Mayhew, Nicola Reynolds (Judge), Glenys Caldwell (Judge), John Dudley (Gun), Alan Rees ( Judge)

Planning seriously for shows can help achieve your goals

KL agility.pngBy Karen Laker

From left to right Torro, Moog, Rhyme Pikachu and Chic.

Well its April already and the agility show season is already begun with good weather making the outdoor shows already doable.

Our dogs are all set for a busy year with the competing dogs looking fit and strong.

We feed CSJ CP24 all year as even when not competing they are being kept fit and active.

This year we have decided to change Torro to CP18 as he is now 13 and naturally not quite so energetic.

Chic is coming up to 18 months and looking promising.

We have got out of the habit of taking our planning seriously for shows regarding getting the most benefit for achieving our goals.

Rhyme had an injury over 18 months ago that we didn’t manage to sort fully for a while and then had a long rest. Last year was a lot of lets see what happens.

Moog was a very immature dog and so again it was a case of let’s see what happens.

Pikachu was not keen on competing initially so again it was a case of …….. yes you’ve guessed it – lets see what happens.

This year Rhyme is now fit, Moog has grown up, Pikachu has got her agility mojo and Chic is old enough to compete. Now we need to drive our shows to make what we want to happen.

There are so many shows to choose from and each have their benefits depending on what is driving you.

It is easy to get on an agility show wheel and always go to the same shows and chase the same things. Sometimes it’s just any show within a certain distance or any show your friends are going to. This can be a lovely social way to enjoy agility.

However, if you are feeling that you are not achieving or enjoying your agility so much then take some time to list what you’d like to have achieved this time next year.

Write it down and take some time to consider if the shows you are attending will help you do that.

For example if your desire is to compete at Crufts but you only go to one show that has that chance then you are limiting your chances of success.

If you would like your dog to have moved up a couple of grades then you may want to consider which shows offer you more chances to get those wins. If the usual shows you go to only offer combined classes above your current grade but a show further away has graded classes and your favourite judge, then that show is a better choice for you.

Taking time to make different choices or understand why you make the choices you’ve always made will give you control over what you and your dog are capable of this year.



New press release: Katy’s way!

Ex public schoolgirl Katy Cropper tells how at 19 having seen a sheepdog trial in Anglesey, she “Got rid of the husband and bought a sheepdog” on CSJ’s new A Way With Dogs site:

Coming to public fame in 1990 as the first female winner of One Man and His Dog she went on to international acclaim as a handler, breeder and trainer of sheepdogs.

In the fascinating and sometimes funny 20 minute video on home turf at Shap with her dogs and sheep Katy’s passion shines through as she shares memories and insights into how she chooses and starts training her Border Collies and tells Paddy Fanning, “It’s a lifetime study.” 


As well as working and trialling her dogs Katy holds courses and trains for other owners and tells would be trials enthusiasts, “You need to want this more than anything – it’s an emotional rollercoaster and it’s hard!”

She touchingly pays tribute to H. Glyn Jones (the father of CSJ’s founder Ceri Rundle) who helped and encouraged her and says his book ‘A Way of Life’ was invaluable.  also features interviews with other handlers in the soon to be aired A Way With Dogs 2 in which Katy runs her 8 year old Border Collie Zac – saying, “I’m still in shock, I was honoured to be invited to take part amongst such a skilled and renowned field of opponents.”

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South and South West Inter Regional Obedience Team at Crufts


By Hilary Holley

CSJ jointly sponsored the South and South West Inter Regional Obedience team competing at Crufts by supplying bags of All Rounder to the dogs.

The competition is made up of 7 teams from all over the UK. The individual teams are made up of 1 Beginner 2 Novice 2 ‘A’ 1’B’ 1’C’ and a reserve dog, you are only allowed 2 Border collies in the team so it showcases how other breeds can compete in obedience.

Our team was made up of 2 collies 1 labrador 1 schnauzer 1 cocker 1 retriever 1 jack russell x and a pom.

We have a try out day where you come along and work your dog in whichever class they are eligible for and you are selected on how you and the dog cope on the day and also your results throughout the obedience season. My black lab was lucky enough to be selected to work A, it’s his 3rd time competing at Crufts in the team.

Crufts day started at 3.30am when the alarm went off, we left at 4.30 as we needed to be in Crufts by 7am.

It is quite different from showing as we all have our benches decorated with toys good luck cards comfy beds etc. There is also a fabulous atmosphere around the benches and a real team spirit

It is the most amazing day and from my own experience  I was very proud to be selected. Another achievement was the C dog Lucy. I bred her so was very proud of her as well.

It starts with a parade where the whole team walk around the arena showing off our dogs, we all looked very smart with matching jackets for us coats dog toys and leads for the dogs.

The competition starts at 9am with the Beginners, it is quite a difficult atmosphere for dogs to work in it’s very noisy but most of the dogs coped well.

The only dogs placed in our team was my Labrador Darcy who came 2nd in A and Harvey the schnauzer who was joint 4th. At lot of our dogs came 5th but places at Crufts only go to 4th.

My boy was so tired we arrived home at 8.15pm such a long day for him (and me)

Thank you very much to Ceri for giving us the bags of dog food – a lovely gesture.


1st Results from the Bowlands Trails 2019

Report from Ewan Robertson



John Carter – 8 -dog – 1st

Mary Carter – 6-dog – 1st

George Carter – 2-dog Junior – 1st

Bethan FitzGerald – 1-dog scooter – 1st

Daniel Fitzgerald – 4-dog open – 1st

The races were on Saturday and Sunday were individual events, so all the above actually won twice in each class over the weekend.

6 classes entered, 5 medals!

I was running in the 6-dog class, my team was made up of 2 sets of 3 litter mates, one being mine (Chemukh, Amani & Piyip) and the other borrowed from John & Mary Carter (Denzel, Shrinkle & Sookie.

My daughter Kayleigh ran in 2 classes with dogs from John & Mary, she ran Bear in the bike class, and in the 4-dog she ran Tally, her 2 daughters Lulu and Bat, and Quick ( who is littermate to the 3 I borrowed from John and Mary.

All were fed on CSJ CP30 and will probably soon be changing over to CSJ Champ for the summer.

The race was the SDAS Championship final held at the amazing Bowland Trails ( John and Mary’s back garden 😜)


Keith HutchonMary Carter and Ewan Robertson. Photo by courtesy of MMPhotography

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