1st Results from the Bowlands Trails 2019

Report from Ewan Robertson



John Carter – 8 -dog – 1st

Mary Carter – 6-dog – 1st

George Carter – 2-dog Junior – 1st

Bethan FitzGerald – 1-dog scooter – 1st

Daniel Fitzgerald – 4-dog open – 1st

The races were on Saturday and Sunday were individual events, so all the above actually won twice in each class over the weekend.

6 classes entered, 5 medals!

I was running in the 6-dog class, my team was made up of 2 sets of 3 litter mates, one being mine (Chemukh, Amani & Piyip) and the other borrowed from John & Mary Carter (Denzel, Shrinkle & Sookie.

My daughter Kayleigh ran in 2 classes with dogs from John & Mary, she ran Bear in the bike class, and in the 4-dog she ran Tally, her 2 daughters Lulu and Bat, and Quick ( who is littermate to the 3 I borrowed from John and Mary.

All were fed on CSJ CP30 and will probably soon be changing over to CSJ Champ for the summer.

The race was the SDAS Championship final held at the amazing Bowland Trails ( John and Mary’s back garden 😜)


Keith HutchonMary Carter and Ewan Robertson. Photo by courtesy of MMPhotography

More info: http://www.sdas.org.uk/

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