Results of the Bodfari Sheepdog Trial

BST3By Ceri Rundle

We had two fantastic days at Bodfari SDT on Good Friday and Saturday 20th April 2019. The weather was amazing. The sheep worked brilliantly. The standard of running was high, so there were some good scores.

We presented a cheque for the £750 raised last year to Anne Hodgson from the fundraising committee at The Walton Centre in Liverpool.

Kevin Evans’ dog, Hybeck Blake in the photo above is wearing the bright pink neckerchief from The Walton Centre…

Judge:  Paddy Fanning

Day 1 – Good Friday – Open Class

  1. Kevin Evans and Knockmaa Bec -4pts
  2. Hefin Jones and Spotan  -4.5pts
  3. Llyr Evans and Zac  -4.5pts
  4. Nigel Watkins and Tanhill Alec  -5pts
  5. Paul Tomkins and Foxridge Roy -6pts
  6. Kevin Evans and Hybeck Blake -6.5pts

Novice Class

  1. Pauline Thomas and Peg -11pts
  2. Mike Northwood and Glan y Gors Cian -11.5pts

Judge: Mike Northwood

Day 2 – Saturday – Open Class

  1. Kevin Evans and Knockmaa Bec 93pts
  1. Thomas Longton and Lucy 92pts
  1. Thomas Longton and Jim 89pts
  1. Kevin Evans and Kemi Ross 88pts
  1. Ceri Rundle and Breka 87pts
  1. Ross Watson and Sally 86/

6. Cyril Roberts and Roy 86pts

Novice Class

  1. Beate Behr and Leni 83pts
  1. Bryn Davies and Northtyne Lassi 81pts


Ceri and Phil Rundle present the cheque for £750 to The Walton Centre

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