CSJ works for Sarah Hawkins’ dogs in July working tests

By Sarah Hawkins

Sarah Hawkins2I entered two puppy working tests recently. On Saturday 13th July he wasn’t in the top placings, but he won the best puppy award for puppy 15 months and under ). On Sunday 14th July, we came second in puppy test. He is on CSJ Tripe and doing really well on it he is only 11.5 months old he will be 1 on the 22nd July.

I’ve been feeding CSJ since 2016  and have used different food for them. I found Hike On! works really well with the dogs – keeps the weight on when they are working in the shooting season. They also like Complete Tripe! as that had the joint supplement in it. As you can see they look fit happy and healthy on CSJ products. The CSJ nutritionist is very helpful and the service is great.

Sarah hawkins 3

Sarah Hawkins 4

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