Animal exhibit regulations in Wales. Make your opinion heard

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 15.12.35By Rhian Stanley

The Welsh Government is currently consulting on new Regulations regarding Animal Exhibits, including the proposal that anyone exhibiting an animal in Wales will need to be licensed and inspected. This will not only apply to those who live in Wales, but any exhibitor who shows dogs at any Welsh show. The Regulations will also require anyone who lives in Wales and exclusively exhibits their dogs outside of Wales to also obtain a licence and be inspected….”

If the bill goes through without any amendments a price of approx £350 has been suggested for a licence to show per owner 😞. Can you imagine having to pay £350 on top of the ridiculous entry fees we already pay?

It’s fast becoming a rich man’s game as it is. It will be the death of showing horses, cats, dogs, birds etc in Wales, and to anyone from Wales wanting to show in the rest of the UK. The consequences are almost incomprehensible – it would almost certainly signify the end of showing as we know it in the UK .

The apathy regarding signing the online petition is so frustrating

Think how many people currently show pet animals in Wales? Yet currently there is less than 3,000 signatures. If we are not careful it’ll be like the final of X.Factor with the favourite losing because people thought it was a sure thing and didn’t bother voting! Then they will be the ones screaming and shouting… but by then it’ll be too late.

Please sign and ask your friends and family to sign, it takes seconds to show your support for those of us who love travelling our beautiful countryside to show our lovely dogs at weekends.

See petition 


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