HTM Team GB – just before the HTM World Championships…

5 handlers and Logo

By Kath Hardman

Well the Team is now just a few weeks before leaving home for the HTM World Championships. The FCI DogDancing World Championships* are being held from 21-24 November in Stuttgart, Germany.


Training is going well although as a Team we haven’t all met up as yet – not until 7th November so hoping to capture a Group Shot of everyone and their dogs all in full uniform.  At least it isn’t actually a “Team Sport” so training is always completed on an individual basis!

Cathy Helen Uniform

Our Major Sponsors are CSJ Dog Food, The Kennel Club and Canine Freestyle GB (the HTM Club I ran until May 2019 – but am still Honorary President).  Associated Sponsors are Eurotunnel and The Company of Animals.

Five Handlers

I have been running the Team Fundraising Auction Online since April and still have some items to put on for sale.  I usually put at least one item per day with bidding open for at least 48 hours.Thanks again for your support – if I can help you in any way please just say!

More information about the event:

Kath Nicci Lucy Uniformed

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