Borzoi success – not a coincidence

Julie Marvin doing the double

CSJ brand ambassador and Borzoi enthusiast Margaret Masterman has been delighted in the extent and variety of results her friends and fellow exhibitors have experienced since switching their food and says, “It can’t be coincidence can it?”

CSJ’s Fit’n’Fast did the trick for Moira Ellett’s 4 year old dog Gibbs who was never a good eater and after torsion and major surgery for a leak in his chylothorax it was really ‘touch and go’.  But he would eat Fit’n’Fast and after gaining 16kg is now a healthy 40kg with a full and shiny coat and looking the best he ever has.

Julie Marvin has been looking after Hana Kanoo’s homebred Borzoi for around 15 years and is currently first in the leader board in the Our Dogs Top Breeder competition… quite an achievement having only bred 2 litters in the past 11 years!

Julie and the Nibrass Borzoi have had a fabulous 2019 including doing the double twice – with 4 year old male male Harley (Nibrass Roger Fitzempress) winning the Dog CC and 5 year old Dotty (Nibrass Eleanore Reginae) winning the Bitch CC at Scottish Kennel Club in May and Darlington Championship shows… with both gaining their crowns at Darlington.

Julie started feeding CSJ products 2 years ago and feeds different rations to different dogs from 2 seniors on Lamb and Rice senior/light to Complete Tripe or CP21 (Salmon) to the others.

Tracy Page found the perfect food for her 2 very fussy Borzoi in CSJ’s Complete Tripe.  She says, “Ava (Lynx Christmas Belle) particularly is the fussiest eater I have ever met, she has refused pretty much every make of food and CSJ is the only food I have found which both of them will eat consistently.  On checking the ingredients I was delighted to see the high percentage of fresh meat with only herbs added – no nasties!”

Both Tracy’s Borzoi were bred by Elisabet Jonsson in Sweden and Ava has been shown little this year but won Limit Bitch at the Welsh Kennel Club Championship show whilst her other girl India (Lynx Autumn Mist) has had a run of firsts and won the Reserve CC at WKC.

Tracy said, “I can’t explain what a relief it is no longer having dogs on hunger strike!”

There will be more photos and information about Tracy, Julie and Moira and their handsome dogs shortly on the CSJ website in the popular handler profiles pages.

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