Way more energy and Darwin loves his Herbie Rings

By Jessica Kilmurray


I wanted to give you some feedback, because I am over the moon with your product!

I’ve been feeding Darwin Herbie Rings for two months now. He has been on Royal Canin since he was a puppy and although he’s never had any problems with it, he has never really thrived and was starting to get dry skin as he got older. Since changing to CSJ his skin has completely cleared up and his fur is SO soft! He has way more energy and goes nuts at feeding time – he just loves his Herbie Rings. He’s basically a 5 year old dog who’s reverted back to being a puppy!


Another plus side is the fact your food is so economical

I’m feeding him half the amount I used to when he was on Royal Canin, which means CSJ lasts twice as long and it’s half the price for a 15kg bag – so not only is my dog doing better, my purse it too!

Thanks for everything you do!


Find out more about Herbie Rings on our website

Used by several well known ‘champions’ in the dog world
Herbie Rings
Product Details

A real favourite with CSJ customers and used by several well known ‘champions’ in the dog world. Natural Herbie Rings contain quality herbs – fenugreek, seaweed and mint to aid digestion, increase palatability and enhance condition. They also really smell wonderful but seemingly fleas, ticks and other ‘passengers’ don’t like it!


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