Shannonside Gundog Club trial report

IMG_20191109_1545449th Nov saw Shannonside Gundog Club hold its third trial of the year in Glenoo.

A 16 dog open stake for retrievers. Glenoo is a fantastic venue where judges have plenty of scope to put the dogs through their paces, to find a winner.

A huge debt of gratitude must go to Tom Woods and his team who are so accommodating where it comes to hosting trials. This day was no different. The birds flew really well, and the team of guns were very skilled in bringing down game.

I would like to thank the judges, who all are running Open dogs and would have welcomed the chance to run their dogs. They instead gave up their day to Judge. They were Gary Wilson, Danny Behan, Sean Kearney and Trevor Doherty.

To the competitors who came to support this trial, Shannonside GD Club would like to acknowledge your part in making these days viable. As we all know, trialling is an ever increasing financial burden so thank you to you all.

Finally I would like to thank CSJ Dog food for their continued sponsorship

Quality dog food fuels all our dogs, so it is great for the club to have the support of this company CSJ. For your dog food requirements please contact Keith Freeburn (+447729423620) for your nearist CSJ stockist.

Three dogs finished, and all were graded excellent

1st – Anthony Reilly with FTCh Kilgola Lola.
2nd – John Behan with Quarry pool Glenda.
3rd – David Fitzpatrick with Mayberry Little Button.

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