International Retrievers Assessment Day 14th May 2022 for the Wales Team

By Alan Rees


Here we go again.  The weather was too kind today, sweltering heat for the first Retriever Assessment Day. Scent wasn’t brilliant but I was delighted to see Wales’ top handlers, from near and far, turning up. 

We had 14 qualified Retrievers,  running in pairs, having to complete 6 Retrievers in total, with crossing over single and double fences, plus crossing water and retrieving from water. 

Another 6 dogs are to be seen early on this coming  week, while tomorrow we are off again with the spaniel team assessment.

Pictures show:

1. The group gathering.

2. – 6. Some of the handlers in readiness for the final retrieve. 

A big thank you to all the helpers, John and Mark.

Alan Rees

Captain of the Wales Team

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