A great testimonial for CP24 after Mandy Cubitt talked to Nicki, our Nutrition & Technical Manager

By Mandy Cubitt

As one of my Danes definitely wasn’t getting on with the Little Champ or the tripe, I took the plunge and started to change to one of your recommended foods pretty soon after you sent me your email… I chose CP24 as I’d looked at the ingredients and it looked like it had the highest % of meat- and as I used to have fab results on raw, that looked to be the best option.

OMG! What a difference – even on 1/4 CP24 at the beginning of transitioning them, you could see it was an improvement. I haven’t had a really good firm poop from any of the 4 since I moved from raw a while back. I can’t tell you how hard it’s been not to attach a photo to this email 🤪

They are now still only on 2/3 CP24, but in another week I’ll be fully swapped over. I planned on trying the herbs to see if they helped- but I didn’t need to, it’s been such a success.

Anyway- I just wanted to say I’m over the moon. I’ve recommended CP24 to all of the owners of my litter of puppies who my girl had 10 months ago… 

Fabulous. Many thanks for your help. I’ve now got 4 very happy Danes.

If you’ve got any questions you’d like to ask about your dog’s nutrition, please contact Nicki here for free advice: https://www.csjk9.com/contact-nutrition.asp

Nicki ​​


CSJ Nutrition & Technical Manager

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