CSJ feeds Champions in all canine sports

Press Release

In the 24 years since Ceri Rundle and her father were struggling to find good food at an affordable price for their working Border Collies the word has spread about their CSJ products throughout all canine activities.

Ceri says, “As dyed in the wool owners, breeders and competitors we truly understand the varying needs of dogs within the now huge variety of dog sports from flyball to gundogs and even dancing with dogs.”

She goes on, “We feed the most Champions in the most sports as well as pets which themselves have particular needs such as defence from fleas and lice (Billy No Mates! herbs), or Calm Down! (our herb supplement aimed at dogs in stressful situations such as thunder or fireworks).”

It makes all the years of commitment worthwhile when we hear from happy owners about their successes, typical of which are …

Canisports competitor Chelsea-Anne Lee who won the 2021 / 2022 Championship at Newnham in two categories – Champion 4 Dog Rig (Tony with Ted, Wally, Kai and Nero) and Champion Male Bikejor (Tony racing Nala). Chelsea-Anne told us, ‘Our team as you know is made up of 6 rescue sheepdogs and a staffy x husky. As the interest in canisports grows there will always be a desire for purpose bred dogs for the sport (that’s what makes it such a spectacle to watch) however we are keen to show that rescue dogs can compete just as well and ultimately provide plenty of fun whilst doing so.’

Debra Harker with her beautiful Gordon Setter, Hector – Sh Ch Hernwood Achilles at Ettrick JW – who sent us this photo and comments, ‘Hector gained his 6th CC at Birmingham National on Saturday, as ever fed on CSJ CP21 and Salmon oil. Lots of lovely comments about how good he looks and I know what you put in counts so much.’ 

Ceri concludes, “People’s dogs mean so much to them and, as grass roots owners ourselves, we understand why, so will consistently strive to offer the very best in nutrition at the best possible price to help give their dogs full, healthy and happy lives.”

 For more on CSJ products visit www.csjk9.com or call 01745710470

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