Cornwall Gundog Club Show, 18th September 2022

By Joy Baguley

Judge Mrs Jan Janes
VIS Clunie’s Golden Retriever Warrentor maple Moon
RBVIS Newman’s Hungarian Wire Haired Visla Lanokk Violeska

Judge Mrs Jan Janes
BPIS Leeming’s Golden Retriever Kadaka Kalypso at Iscadu.
RBPIS McCabe’s Spaniel (Cocker) Zheridons Zephranthos at Grandtully.
3rd BPIS Coleman, Irish Setter Camaling Rose Royal
4th BPIG Stone’s Kideoan Mark Time for Merrem

Judge Mrs Jan Janes
BIS Pike’s Irish Setter Redclyst Boris
RBIS Henderson’s Gordon Setter When I Was Your Man Black Lofty
3rd BIS Attwood’s Welsh Springer Spaniel IR SH CH Kylowen Drym ShCM ShCEx
4th BIS Osman’s Pointer Fleurfield Firethorn at Marissolo ShCEx




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