A Way with Dogs – Series 1

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A Way with Dogs is the gripping new sheepdog trial from CSJ that plans to move across the countryside landscapes of UK, looking for the most skillful handler and dog teams.

We start the first trial on a stunning hillside farm in North Wales, where Ceri’s father, the late H. Glyn Jones famously trained his ‘One Man and his Dog’ champions Gel and Bracken. In A Way with Dogs, each handler competes in a challenging course across three programmes. The handlers with the highest score win a place in the Double Gather final to be shown on Boxing Day. Find out more

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Episode 1 – Monday November 14

Sheepdog Trial – handlers group 1

Episode 2 – Monday November 28

Sheepdog Trial – handlers group 2

Episode 3 – Monday December 12

Sheepdog Trial – handlers group 3

Episode 4 – The Final – Monday December 26

Sheepdog Trial – The Final Double Gather


Much more realistic course than normal sheepdog trials.
Great stuff…brilliant handlers and cracking Dogs…Fran is a real beauty…cool as a cucumber
We need more of this. Not enough quality long-format sheepdog trials on the internet. At least not that I’ve found.