About ‘A Way with Dogs’

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Champions in every field

Like more and more champions, you can see how amazingly well our top quality products work for your dog – backed up by our expert customer service and practical knowledge of working dogs.

“18 years ago I was looking for a quality, affordable, extruded food that suited our working dogs. I couldn’t find one and so decided to formulate our own – CSJ. Today CSJ is a well known brand and I’m extremely proud to say we have helped generate many champions in various dog sports throughout the UK and overseas.” Ceri S Rundle,  Moel Border Collies, Founder of CSJ

Today, at CSJ, we produce fully extruded, nutritionally balanced dog food designed for complete dog happiness. Produced and manufactured in the UK.

We’ve launched our own film series of sheepdog trials on YouTube

A Way with Dogs pilot – Bodfari


These four programmes were released in 2016 on:

  • Monday November 14
  • Monday November 28
  • Monday December 12
  • Monday December 26

Filmed in a series of three programmes with a final on Boxing Day, nine  Welsh national champions battle it out on a farm in Denbighshire to win the first CSJ sheepdog trial – A Way with Dogs’. The first programme was launched on Tuesday 14 November 2016. To find out more about the trial, the handlers, the dogs, the judge and the presenters visit the pages of our blog.

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Visit our website: www.csjk9.com

One thought on “About ‘A Way with Dogs’

  1. Sounds excellent food, have just placed my order & can’t wait for my dogs to try it out.
    Regards Debbie. ps have a good christmas

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