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 Welcome to ‘A Way with Dogs’

Film series launch on Monday November 14th 2016 on http://www.csjk9.com

The four programmes will be released on:

  • Monday November 14
  • Monday November 28
  • Monday December 12
  • Monday December 26

gethin-and-crook‘A Way with Dogs’ is a gripping new Sheepdog Trial from CSJ that moves across the countryside landscapes of UK and Europe, looking for the most skillful handler and dog team. Our first trial is set on a farm in North Wales, where Ceri Rundle’s father, the late H. Glyn Jones famously trained his ‘One Man and his Dog’ champions Gel and Bracken..

We want ‘A Way with Dogs’ to give you a chance to see the handlers and dogs, show the international strength of the sport and demonstrate the skills of our individual handlers.

The tension mounts as sheepdog expert Mike Northwood, judge Aled Owen and presenter Bryony Billson capture the proficiency and excitement of the sport, which has been handed down for centuries and is now on the increase with new teams from all over the world.

First ‘A Way with Dogs’ trial

judge-aledIn our first trial, you can see twice World Trials champion, Aled Owen judging nine International handlers. Each handler competes in a challenging course set in the stunning Welsh hills across three programmes. The three handlers with the highest scores win a place in the Double Gather final to be shown on Boxing Day 2016.

In this fourth programme, the three finalists pit against each other in a fierce trial to become the first ‘A Way with Dogs’ Champion.

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-06-20-51Presented by Bryony Billson, TV presenter, countryside lover and farmer’s daughter, these programmes focus on the intense trust and working relationships between dogs and handlers and the skills and tenacity of the judge.

We follow the action on and off the field and gain expert insights from sheepdog trainer, handler and competitor, Mike Northwood, who gives a witty, frank and unbiased view of the action and a few insiders’ tips.

The atmosphere increases in intensity as the winners succeed by only a few points.

See the course

Terms used in the first three trials

Outrun The handler sends the dog out to collect the sheep.
Lift?Fetch The dog ‘makes contact’ with the sheep to ‘lift/move.
Turn The sheep are turned tightly round the handler’s post
Drive The dog has to ‘push’ the sheep away from the handler in the required direction of the ‘Drive’ gates and then driven across the field to and through the X-Drive gates.
Turn The sheep are turned tightly round the handler’s post
Pen The dog has to herd the sheep into the pen.

Terms used in the Double Gather Boxing Day Final

Term Description Points
Outrun 1 The handler sends the dog out ‘blind’ to collect the sheep. 20
Lift 1 The dog approaches the sheep from behind and takes control (LIFTS) in a calm, steady manner to start the FETCH 10
Fetch 1 The dog has to bring the 1st group of sheep down through the FETCH gates to a specified point 20
Outrun 2 The handler resends (‘Turns back’) the dog out to collect a 2nd group of sheep that are unseen to the dog at that point 20
Lift The dog approaches the sheep from behind and takes control (LIFTS) in a calm, steady manner to start the FETCH (2) 10
Fetch 2 The dog brings the second packet of sheep down through the FETCH(2) gates towards the handler and gathers ALL the sheep together before turning them around the handler/post to begin the DRIVE 20
Drive & X Drive The dog ‘drives’ the 6 sheep towards and through the left hand drive gates before turning and taking them across the field towards and through the X DRIVE gates.  Once through, the dog brings the sheep back and into the SHEDDING RING   30
Shed/Split Within the confines of the marked out RING, the handler must use their dog to ‘cut’ out and take control of 3 of the sheep to the satisfaction of the judge. 10
Pen The 6 sheep are gathered together before being penned. 10

How the trial works

ceri-bryony-and-handlersEach handler sets off with 90 points and it’s the judge’s job is to deduct points for faults throughout the run.

For example, the judge will penalise deviations from straight lines, wide turns and missed hurdles.

The points for the Qualifying Trial are divided up as follows:

Outrun – 20

Lift – 10

Fetch – 20

Drives – 30

Pen – 10



All the competing handlers have represented Wales at International level, including former National Champions and former International Supreme Champions eg. Gwyn Jones, Penmachno has won the Supreme three times.

Handler Dog
Gethin Jones Fran
Gwynfor Owen Ben
J R Griffith Sam
Arwyn Davies Meg
Gwyn Jones Roy
Hefin Jones Casi
Medwyn Evans Meg
Pennant Williams Sweep
Alan Ll Jones Beca

Follow the action across this series of four programmes in this fly-on-the-wall look at sheepdog trials in more detail than has even been shown on TV before.

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