United St Bernard Breed Open Show, April 2022

United St Bernard Breed Open Show, April 2022

By Yvonne Milward

The United St Bernard Breed Open Show was held in April 2022 and CSJ kindly provided CSJ Salmon Oil and TurmerTinc! for the winners in each category.

United St Bernard Club Open Show 23/04/2022
Best In Show & Reserve Best In Show sponsored by CSJ

Best In Show Bell & Jeffries’s Tizine Wielkopolski Bernardyn for Bellfries

A dog of excellent type, a beautiful head and lovely expression, Correct in bite, good muzzle length, nice dark eyes and correct in skull. Neck length just right, Nice deep chest of good width with correct shoulder placement. Good spring to ribs ,level topline and strong loin, god curve to croup just right in rear angles, well musculed and had good bone throughout. He moved with purpose, drive and power. A very beautiful dog who drew my eye to award him Best male and Best in Show.

Reserve Best In show Deegan & Grainger’s Chandlimore Smoking Gun

Deegan & Grainger’s Chandlimore Smoking Gun 2yr old male who makes a good picture standing, good breed type with plenty of bone throughout. Liked his head with short muzzle, good bite and just the right amount of stop, nice neck length, body of substance, a correct structure in front with his depth and width of chest just right, a good topline and rib to loin ratio, moved very well and deserved his RBD & RBIS.

Best Puppy O’Reilly’s Fantasira Welkopolski Bernardyn Strelillys

At 11 months I found her a very nice puppy of excellent type. Overall, she made a good picture standing, quality headpiece, correct in muzzle with good bite, good dark eyes giving a lovely expression, stop and top skull good, nice length of neck, shoulder angulation correct Body of excellent width good in rear angles and well-muscled giving her good movement. BP BPIS.

Best Smooth Bell & Jeffries Ch Bellfries Smooth Jazz

I liked this female, she makes a lovely picture of balance and strength, A great head that was just right in muzzle depth and width, clean in mouth and eyes with tidy ears. A good shoulder in chest of depth and width, level topline, not as smooth over croup as I would like, strong in rear and good bone throughout, moved cleanly with reach and drive, strong contender for top honours today. BSIS.

UK gundog team wins Kennel Club International 2022

UK gundog team wins Kennel Club International 2022

By Nigel Probert, Kieron Coey and David Logan

When I was asked by the Kennel Club to Captain the UK gundog team for 2022, it felt an honour and a privilege to be asked. My first task was to select a team, so I asked the captains of England, Ireland and Scotland to pick me a dog from their selection process. This was done slightly different in Wales where I asked two independent panel judges to set a course and to judge the selection as I had to take part in running in the selection myself. Fortunately, I was the highest scoring on that day so I was picked to represent Wales. 

The Team was picked as follows: 

Nigel Probert – Wales
David Logan – Scotland
Kieron Coey – Ireland
Adam Snare – England

Day One of the competition consisted of a walk up with water retrieves included then followed on to a drive scenario picking 4 retrieves at 200 yards plus over a steep bank / valley. This was pushing the dogs due to the extreme temperatures that we had over the two days, but with careful management, wetting the dogs and staying in the shade between retrieves as much as possible, we could keep their performance up. 

Anything could happen

End of day one we were in second position, a few points behind Netherlands but all to play for – anything could happen. 

Day two consisted of five double retrieves in a variety of woodland and open grassland scenes – memories and blinds. 

Our performance stayed consistent but we dribbled points here and there (which was similar to the other teams) but thankfully no zeros!! By the end, the consistent performance of all our dogs then pushed the UK gundog team into first position – it was tight with Ireland only 5 points behind but we did it!

I would like to thank CSJ for the dedicated help and sponsorship that they always provide for gun dog international events. Without sponsors such as CSJ we wouldn’t be able to take our dogs to these events so it is very much appreciated. 

Final scores were :- 

1st – Great Britain 1048 points 

2nd – Ireland 1043 points 

3rd – Italy 1027 points 

4th – Netherlands 1006 points 

Nigel Probert
Llangynidr gundogs

Kieron Coey

I want to personally thank you for CSJs support over the last few days, I hope we did you proud. It is refreshing to see a company still prepared to support working dogs of all varieties in these difficult times. I struggled for at least 18 months before finding a food that agreed with Ralph (Int. Ftch Crosstone Trickster) trying everything from the cheapest to very expensive before discovering  CSJ at the Moira gamefair and we have not looked back, feeding Fit n Fast! for the last 5 years.

Once again thank you very much.”

Kieron Coey

David Logan

“Morning Ceri, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to CSJ, Phil and yourself for everything you have done over the weekend for the team. It is greatly appreciated! It was great to catch up on the Wednesday evening and Thursday. Will see you soon at Scone!”

David Logan

Race season is over once again for Ystwyth Racing…

Race season is over once again for Ystwyth Racing…

By Chelsea-Anne Lee, Ystwyth Racing

Our race season is over once again until September, we just wanted to update you on our journey up until now and thank you once again for your support.

Our team as you know is made up of 6 rescue sheepdogs and a staffy x husky. As the interest in canisports grows there will always be a desire for purpose bred dogs for the sport (that’s what makes it such a spectacle to watch). However we are keen to show that rescue dogs can compete just as well and ultimately provide plenty of fun whilst doing so. 

Here’s a little update of the dogs achievements this season…

The absolute highlight of the year was winning the 2021 / 2022 championship at Newnham in two categories!

  • Champion 4 Dog Rig (Tony with Ted, Wally, Kai and Nero)
  • Champion Male Bikejor (Tony racing Nala)

A few other placings besides the ones related to the championship included…

2nd Place – October 2021, Newnham – Nero in female bikejor

2nd Place – October 2021, Newnham – Ted in male bikejor

3rd Place – October 2021, NATB – Ted and Nala in DB2 

3rd Place – October 2021, NATB – Nero, Kai and Wally (a 3 dog team competing in a 4 dog class)

1st Place – October 2021, Checkendon – Nala and Kai in the teams bikejor

3rd Place – October 2021, Checkendon – Nero in bikejor

2nd Place – November 2021, Newnham – Nero in canicross

1st Place – April 2022, Newnham – Ted in bikejor

2nd Place – April 2022, Newnham – Gary (Chelsea’s Dad) competed in his first ever canicross race with Nero and bagged silver.

4th Place – April 2022, Newnham – Chelsea competed for the first time with 4 dogs on the rig and although not a podium placing a fourth place is a promising start for this combination. 

As well as a lot of nearly podiums, the dogs have really had a blinder of a season especially as the classes have been much larger! 😁 We will be resting over the summer (with the exception of a dog surfing competition in the summer – something different to try).

Once again I cannot thank CSJ enough for your support, without this we certainly wouldn’t be able to get out and compete as much as we do.

Ystwyth Racing dogs are fed on CP24, CP30, CP Xtra, Champ and Salmon Oil.

Photos by courtesy of Lucy at Lucy D Photography

Sponsored by CSJ

Wales International Team Announcement 2022 –  Scone Palace and the Game Fair

Wales International Team Announcement 2022 – Scone Palace and the Game Fair

By Alan Rees

After three busy weeks of gundog activity, with more than 30 dogs, and their handlers, attending the various venues, we are now able to announce the teams selected for the International events at Scone Palace, Perth and the Game Fair, at Ragley Hall. Firstly, a big thank you to all attendees at this year’s assessment / selection days.

16 Spaniels, put through their paces by Aled Jones, over three sessions before ending up with the selected handlers.

18 Retrievers, put through their paces  by Alan Rees, plus the watchful eye of Nigel Probert (This year’s U.K. Team Captain for the Kennel Club International), over two sessions.

I would like to thank Aled, Nigel and David Pither, with all their experience, for their input over the past three weeks. I would also like to thank all the guys that turned up to help with dummy throwing, and of course our resident man on the gun, Clive.

My biggest thank you is to the Team’s sponsors, Ceri and Phil of CSJ K9, without their support it would be impossible to keep running the National Team at this level.

Encouraging this year was the appearance of new faces at the days, hopefully this will continue.

Now to the handlers selected (in no particular order) –

Scone Palace – 1st to 3rd July 2022

Spaniels.                                                        Retrievers.

Aled Jones.                                                    Simon Hagain

Dewi Williams.                                                Alan Rees

Nathan Quinn.                                                Nigel Probert

The Game Fair – 29th to 31st July 2022

Spaniels.                                                         Retrievers.

Aled Jones                                                       Mike Jones

Dewi Williams                                                  Nigel Probert

Roger Woolridge.                                            David Christmas Thomas

Steve Erasmus.                                               Alan Rees

Nathan Quinn                                                  Nigel Probert

                                                                        Wendy Glue (Reserve)

It is sad to report the loss of one of the cornerstones of the Team over the past years, Rhys Carpenter, (joint top dog at Scone in 2021), has withdrawn due to personal reasons.

Alan Rees

Captain of the Wales Team

A great testimonial for CP24 after Mandy Cubitt talked to Nicki, our Nutrition & Technical Manager

A great testimonial for CP24 after Mandy Cubitt talked to Nicki, our Nutrition & Technical Manager

By Mandy Cubitt

As one of my Danes definitely wasn’t getting on with the Little Champ or the tripe, I took the plunge and started to change to one of your recommended foods pretty soon after you sent me your email… I chose CP24 as I’d looked at the ingredients and it looked like it had the highest % of meat- and as I used to have fab results on raw, that looked to be the best option.

OMG! What a difference – even on 1/4 CP24 at the beginning of transitioning them, you could see it was an improvement. I haven’t had a really good firm poop from any of the 4 since I moved from raw a while back. I can’t tell you how hard it’s been not to attach a photo to this email 🤪

They are now still only on 2/3 CP24, but in another week I’ll be fully swapped over. I planned on trying the herbs to see if they helped- but I didn’t need to, it’s been such a success.

Anyway- I just wanted to say I’m over the moon. I’ve recommended CP24 to all of the owners of my litter of puppies who my girl had 10 months ago… 

Fabulous. Many thanks for your help. I’ve now got 4 very happy Danes.

If you’ve got any questions you’d like to ask about your dog’s nutrition, please contact Nicki here for free advice: https://www.csjk9.com/contact-nutrition.asp

Nicki ​​


CSJ Nutrition & Technical Manager

The Southern English Springer Spaniel Society Charity Virtual Dog Show

The Southern English Springer Spaniel Society Charity Virtual Dog Show

By Bev Nicholson and Eve Whitley

Thank you so much for being part of “Team SESSS” and generously sponsoring our recent Virtual Charity Dog Show in aid of The Alzeimers Society and Just Springers Rescue.  Once we had started to advertise the show online, a member of our society asking us to consider raising money for Ukraine.  After some thinking, we decided on having an extra two ‘Special Stakes’ classes with the money donated to these classes going to The Red Cross Ukraine Appeal.

Our show was a huge success with an amazing 629 entries raising an incredible £1,600

Without your amazingly generous and kind support we have no doubt that our show certainly would not have been the success it was.  So from the bottom of our hearts we thank you.

Already, English Springer owners are saying they cannot wait until our next show!  So fair warning….. we will be back to ask if you would be involved again next year!!!  

If you’d like to go onto our website, visit: sesss.org

You’ll see on the home page information about the show and if you click on the downloaded file, you’ll be able to view the winners of each class and the 7 judges comments on them.

Please find attached the winning photo of Supreme Best In Show, Marley and a photo his owner took of him with his rosettes!

Once again, thank you, we truly appreciate your help and support.

Best Wishes

Bev Nicholson and Eve Whitley

(Part of the Southern English Springer Spaniel Society committee)

 International Retrievers Assessment Day 14th May 2022 for the Wales Team

 International Retrievers Assessment Day 14th May 2022 for the Wales Team

By Alan Rees


Here we go again.  The weather was too kind today, sweltering heat for the first Retriever Assessment Day. Scent wasn’t brilliant but I was delighted to see Wales’ top handlers, from near and far, turning up. 

We had 14 qualified Retrievers,  running in pairs, having to complete 6 Retrievers in total, with crossing over single and double fences, plus crossing water and retrieving from water. 

Another 6 dogs are to be seen early on this coming  week, while tomorrow we are off again with the spaniel team assessment.

Pictures show:

1. The group gathering.

2. – 6. Some of the handlers in readiness for the final retrieve. 

A big thank you to all the helpers, John and Mark.

Alan Rees

Captain of the Wales Team

Are Dogs Creatures of Habit?

Are Dogs Creatures of Habit?

By Karen Laker

I did a small amount of googling and found that generally they are:

Dogs are creatures of habit and need the security and reliability of a structured life.

Having a confident and contented dog will allow you to make changes in the routine if it is necessary, without causing your pet to suffer additional stress and anxiety as a result of any unexpected changes.

Humans and dogs are similar in that we are all creatures of habit. We like to do things in our own particular ways. When we deviate from one course of familiarity into the unknown, it can create anxiety. What makes humans slightly different is that we can often find spontaneity quite exciting.

Dogs are creatures of habit, and the way they feel about the world around them depends on how happy they are in their environment. Therefore it is important to establish an orderly routine to give yourdog structure and confidence.Dogs thrive on routines and a routine will let yourdog to know what to expect each day and when to expect it.

Ours have recently been through a lot of upheaval. We moved out of our house where Moog, Pikachu and Chic have always lived. We spent a week in temporary accommodation. Then we went on holiday to Australia and now we are in another temporary house before moving into our new home.

Throughout that we have ensured that they have kept to their routine as much as possible.

We have fed them the same food and taken them for walks at the same time as before. We have their same bedding, plus the same furniture rules too… or so I thought. I’ve been told that dogs don’t generalise well which is why it is important to take your training on the road and practice it in different environments. Furniture definitely seems to acquire a bit of extra understanding as I discovered when Moog was happily led on my sister’s lovely leather sofa. To add further to this it was apparent he has never had any rules explained about fish ponds a few minutes earlier. Luckily I have a very understanding sister!

Something I enjoy within my dogs training is teaching them to pose for a photo. They totally understand the drill and will be positioned where I ask and wait for me to take the photo/s. The habit I created with them surrounding this means they find it easier to stay in lots of different surroundings and with various distractions. Being in a completely different place I hope this habit has helped them feel relaxed and take stock of their new area. Meanwhile I have taken loads of lovely photos.

A look back at the England team of HPRs at The Game Fair 2021. Now getting ready for 2022.

A look back at the England team of HPRs at The Game Fair 2021. Now getting ready for 2022.

By Suzi Burton

Thank you for sponsoring the England Team of HPRs at the Game Fair 2021. You may remember our team won the Home International…. My dog was the Top Retriever and I was the runner up Top Handler. So we did ok!

Here’s a photo of us modelling the wonderful coats CSJ sponsored – they have been very much admired and I wear mine a lot.

Well as the winning Team Captain I have been tasked with putting together the England Team for the Home International at the Game Fair at Ragley Hall, 2022.

I’ve been feeding my own dogs CSJ since before I stocked it, and done rather well with all of them, including last year’s Top Retriever, my own Trubon Grafyte Treve (Graf). 

When I ran training for HPRs, for about 10-15 years, I always put folk onto CSJ and all my litters are raised on CP27. 

My current bitch who will be my partner in the England Team this year, is, like all my adult dogs, fed the WGF range – at the moment it is the Lamb and Rice but I ring the changes with Complete Tripe and Fit ‘n’ Fast. 

She is 4 years old and the niece of Graf, who was the winner last year. 

I imported her from Finland – her mother is Graf’s sister and her father is a Swedish and International Champion. Her name is Northern Arrow’s Merry Maus von Trubon. 

I have just announced the new team, ready to retain the WINNING TEAM Trophy at this year’s HPR Home International competition at The Game Fair 2022. See the photos below.