Are Dogs Creatures of Habit?

Are Dogs Creatures of Habit?

By Karen Laker

I did a small amount of googling and found that generally they are:

Dogs are creatures of habit and need the security and reliability of a structured life.

Having a confident and contented dog will allow you to make changes in the routine if it is necessary, without causing your pet to suffer additional stress and anxiety as a result of any unexpected changes.

Humans and dogs are similar in that we are all creatures of habit. We like to do things in our own particular ways. When we deviate from one course of familiarity into the unknown, it can create anxiety. What makes humans slightly different is that we can often find spontaneity quite exciting.

Dogs are creatures of habit, and the way they feel about the world around them depends on how happy they are in their environment. Therefore it is important to establish an orderly routine to give yourdog structure and confidence.Dogs thrive on routines and a routine will let yourdog to know what to expect each day and when to expect it.

Ours have recently been through a lot of upheaval. We moved out of our house where Moog, Pikachu and Chic have always lived. We spent a week in temporary accommodation. Then we went on holiday to Australia and now we are in another temporary house before moving into our new home.

Throughout that we have ensured that they have kept to their routine as much as possible.

We have fed them the same food and taken them for walks at the same time as before. We have their same bedding, plus the same furniture rules too… or so I thought. I’ve been told that dogs don’t generalise well which is why it is important to take your training on the road and practice it in different environments. Furniture definitely seems to acquire a bit of extra understanding as I discovered when Moog was happily led on my sister’s lovely leather sofa. To add further to this it was apparent he has never had any rules explained about fish ponds a few minutes earlier. Luckily I have a very understanding sister!

Something I enjoy within my dogs training is teaching them to pose for a photo. They totally understand the drill and will be positioned where I ask and wait for me to take the photo/s. The habit I created with them surrounding this means they find it easier to stay in lots of different surroundings and with various distractions. Being in a completely different place I hope this habit has helped them feel relaxed and take stock of their new area. Meanwhile I have taken loads of lovely photos.

A look back at the England team of HPRs at The Game Fair 2021. Now getting ready for 2022.

A look back at the England team of HPRs at The Game Fair 2021. Now getting ready for 2022.

By Suzi Burton

Thank you for sponsoring the England Team of HPRs at the Game Fair 2021. You may remember our team won the Home International…. My dog was the Top Retriever and I was the runner up Top Handler. So we did ok!

Here’s a photo of us modelling the wonderful coats CSJ sponsored – they have been very much admired and I wear mine a lot.

Well as the winning Team Captain I have been tasked with putting together the England Team for the Home International at the Game Fair at Ragley Hall, 2022.

I’ve been feeding my own dogs CSJ since before I stocked it, and done rather well with all of them, including last year’s Top Retriever, my own Trubon Grafyte Treve (Graf). 

When I ran training for HPRs, for about 10-15 years, I always put folk onto CSJ and all my litters are raised on CP27. 

My current bitch who will be my partner in the England Team this year, is, like all my adult dogs, fed the WGF range – at the moment it is the Lamb and Rice but I ring the changes with Complete Tripe and Fit ‘n’ Fast. 

She is 4 years old and the niece of Graf, who was the winner last year. 

I imported her from Finland – her mother is Graf’s sister and her father is a Swedish and International Champion. Her name is Northern Arrow’s Merry Maus von Trubon. 

I have just announced the new team, ready to retain the WINNING TEAM Trophy at this year’s HPR Home International competition at The Game Fair 2022. See the photos below.

‘Selection Days’ for the Wales Team  in the  International Gundog Team event at The Game Fair 2022.

‘Selection Days’ for the Wales Team in the International Gundog Team event at The Game Fair 2022.

By Alan Rees

This was one of the ‘Selection Days’ are being held to determine the Team that will represent Wales in the prestigious International Gundog Team event that will take place at The Game Fair being staged this year at Ragley Hall in early July, 2022.

Here are some pictures of our first assessment/selection day:

14 qualified dogs attended, both Aled and Eleri Rees were very pleased with what they saw. They’re going again this coming weekend.

The Game Fair banner with CSJ our sponsors
 Part of the group, showing last year’s winning shield ( won twice in succession), hope for a third win.
 Competitors waiting their turn at the Lake’s edge
Nathan Quinn,  top spaniel for the past 2 years at it again. 

More info coming soon.

Alan Rees

Team Captain 

St Johns Hospice Open Test – 1st May 2022

By Richard Sanderson

Thank-you very much for supplying the CSJ Salmon Oil as sponsorship for the test we held on 01/05/22. 

The Full Results from the St John’s Hospice open walked up Retriever test at Ashlack Hall, Cumbria. 

1st No.3 Chris Pilkington Lab D Shadeoak Major

2nd No.2 Simon Capstick Lab B Drakeshead Casey

3rd No.22 Tony O’Hare Lab D Burrendale Rambler

4th No 34 Paul Dukes Lab D Brindlebay Rum of Ravencote

COM No.9 Paul Dukes Lab D FTCH Brocklebank Boorbon of Ravencote

COM No.13 Tony O’Hare Lab D Burrendale Bruno

COM No.21 Dave Latham Lab D FTW Bluecreek Curtis Cash

All competitors had a great day despite the rain and the standard of dogs was truly outstanding. 

Here are a couple of photos of the 30 strong entrants and the winner plus the runners up. We’re delighted to say the event raised nearly £600.

Team Coldfeet are at Dalby Forest – Forestry England.

Team Coldfeet are at Dalby Forest – Forestry England.

By Kaz Jones

Here’s a little video from the weekend. We were away with Team Coldfeet enjoying training runs, keeping our dogs fit and active with maintenance training which helps keep their muscles toned during the summer months.

We train in the early mornings when the temperature are cool. The dogs really enjoy being away and having a change of scenery 😊🐾🐾 Once we’ve run, we head back to the camping field where the dogs have their breakfast and chill out. Lots of happy smiley huskies with wagging tails as they enjoy their CSJ CP30 which they are fuelled on!

Great food for all of our dogs young and old it keeps them in tip top condition 😊🐾🐾

WSCC Working Assessment Tests for Any Variety Spaniel

By Sharon Barkley

A fabulous day was had by all at The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club (WSSC) Spring Assessment Test for AV Spaniels held at Rickneys Training Ground in Hertfordshire on 17th April 2022.

28 dogs were entered: WSS, Clumbers. Lagotto Romagnolo and a Field in the 4 classes – Special Beginners, Puppy, Novice & Open and we were certainly blessed with the weather.

It was great to see some ‘old & bold’ again after Covid restricted events together with some ‘new’ people. The supportive atmosphere amongst everyone on the day was second to none so I hope that even those not in the places will have gained something to encourage them to continue.

Thanks must go to the judges – Julie & Paul Shawyer and Ann Moon together with volunteers to throw dummies and sell raffle tickets as events cannot run smoothly without help.

It was lovely to receive 2 visitors from America who have WSS at home and spotted on our FB page that the event was running so came to see us before flying back the next day.

Thank you CSJ, once again, for your kind & generous sponsorship.

4 Nations Nursery Final 2022

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Press release – 6.4.22

Ceri Rundle, founder and owner of CSJ, who sponsored the event, commented on the photo below, “I think this year’s 4 Nations Nursery Final Champion, Kennox Meg, likes her boss Kevin Evans!”

CSJ sponsored the exciting 4 Nations Nursery Final Championship 2022 on Saturday 19th March, where the top 40 Nursery dogs competed. 

Taking place at George Bonsall’s farm in Slindon, Stafford competitors and organisers commented on a stunning trial amid freezing winds.

CSJ applauded Kevin Evans with his dog Kennox Meg as the overall 4 Nations Champion and congratulated the Ireland team for winning Top Team. 

The dogs competed over a large testing course, with each national team being made up of ten dogs and their handlers. 

The final results were …

Four Nations Nursery Final

1. Kevin Evans and Kennox Meg (pictured) – 162 Wales
2. Shannon Conn and Yellow Hill Chip – 158 Ireland
3. Angie Driscoll and Kinloch Sweep – 155 Wales
4. Chris Toner and Niro Mace – 148 Scotland
5. Stuart Davidson and Jack – 148 Scotland
6. Martin O Malley and Heather Hill Bruce – 148 Ireland. 

Team Results

1. Ireland – 1084
2. Scotland – 994
3. Wales – 982
4. England – 894

The winning team members and the overall 4 Nations Champion were wearing CSJ kit embroidered with the CSJ logo in Ukrainian colours.

For more on CSJ products visit or call 01745710470
… and follow CSJ winners on: 

Twitter:  @CSJDogFood
Instagram: @CSJDog_Food
YouTube:  CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

Gold and silver for Team Coldfeet at the BSSF British championship 

By Kaz Jones

After a few years since we have been racing at Ford estate, it was an exciting run for two 6 dog teams working around the fast winding, technical and exciting trail. The dogs were amazing, reacting to every command at such speed. To come across the finish line with the biggest smile knowing the teams give everything. The results come second to a perfect run but a gold and silver makes us so proud of our dogs.

A massive thank you to CSJ for all their support. Our dogs are fuelled by CSJ CP30 & CSJ salmon oil.

Pete and Kaz Jones from Coldfeet Sibes




We are looking to select a Team of Spaniels, Retrievers, and their handlers, capable of running at International Level.

If you have an interest in representing Wales at The Game Fair at Ragley Hall on the 30th and 31st July 2022, and/or Scone Palace, Perth on the 2nd July 2022, please note the following:

If you have a Spaniel or Retriever that meets the following criteria –
You and your dog has won a Novice Working Test, won or gained an award at an Open Working Tests, or gained an award or won a Field Trial.

If you want to enter your dog for Selection, please complete a Kennel Club approved entry form in full.
Please return your completed entry form, electronically or by post no later than 15th April 2022.

Contact Details – Alan Rees
e-mail :
Mobile : 07966 772402
Address : Delfryd, Palmer Terrace Road, Capel Seion, Drefach, Llanelli SA14 7BS

Contact Details – Aled Jones
Mobile: 07815820532

Alan Rees (Team Captain)