Inspired by the World Cup, next week we travel to The Netherlands for the European Open for Juniors…

By Mark Laker


I’m writing this months blog from the garden at 9pm in the evening sat here in shorts and a T-shirt enjoying a warm evening. The weather has been amazing. Too hot for some and perfect for others. Next week we travel to The Netherlands for the European Open for Juniors and the weather seems set to continue there.
Many team members have been acclimatising their dogs to the weather as its set to continue in Austria when we’re there in three weeks time too.  While I accept some dogs struggle in the heat, I’ve seen how dogs can acclimatise and if treated sensible take it in their stride.
So its the junior competition first and our YKC team are looking confident. Their last training session went very well and they have had plenty of practice on the type of courses they can expect to be faced with.
One a different but related subject, q few handlers have commented to me recently how inspired they’ve been from watching the World Cup. From my own experience no matter whether you follow football or not, the sporting principle is the same. It’s about drawing on all your strengthens and skills to deliver a world class performance.  What professional sports people / athletes do is take this to a higher level and go in too much greater depth of analysis than most of us, this is where we can learn.
So I hope the teams going to the competitions in Europe this month feel extra inspired and show us what great athletes they are as we compete against some of the best in the world.
You can keep up with the European Open for Juniors here and the European Open (adult championships) here.
Enjoy the weather.
Mark Laker

International Team Manager


The CSJ Highland Agility Final

By Virginia Harry

Fiercely fought heats throughout the year culminated on 2nd July with the CSJ Highland Agility Challenge Final. 

Held at the Scottish Game Fair, Scone Palace, Perthshire, dogs in all 3 height categories – Small, Medium and Large – competed in a preliminary round in the morning before the Grand Final in the afternoon.

The judge, Mark Bruce, designed 2 super courses. He comments, “The morning course ran well with competitors having to move to get their dogs round the back of obstacle 4.  Round the back of 10 was a lot easier  and the rest of the course was quite a blast and involved a lot of running for both competitors and judge!”

Preliminary Round Course Plan

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.05.16

Large Dog Results

Prelimin winner euan use this one

Winner Euan Patterson with judge Mark Bruce. All photos courtesy of Sam Hepburn Photography.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.07.41

Lisas dog in action

Fabulous weave action from 2nd placed Lisa Duggan’s dog Dee.

Medium  Dog Results

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.10.58

Group shot prelim winners

Preliminary round winners Derek Elms, Euan Patterson and Erin Inverarity with judge Mark Bruce and CSJ representative

The CSJ Highland Agility Final

32 dogs competed in the final round.  Judge Mark Bruce comments, “This course was much easier to judge.  I wanted a fast, exciting crowd-pleaser.  The only obstacle causing a few problems was 11.  The crowds really enjoyed watching the very fast runs. The set-up was challenging.  We had 30 minutes at 7.30am to set up the course, mark it out and take it down again until we were on at 10.45.  Then we had 45 minutes to rebuild the course, walk it ,run all the dogs and remove it again and do it all over again for the afternoon’s final!  I loved judging this event.  It was great preparation for my first Champ judging appointment coming soon!”

Final Round Course Plan

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.20.07

Large dog results

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.21.03



Euans dogwalk

Euan Patterson and Crazee on their way to victory. All photos courtesy of Sam Hepburn Photography

Medium Dog ResultsScreen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.24.13

Derek final winner

Medium final winner Derek Elms with judge Mark Bruce. All photos courtesy of Sam Hepburn Photography

Tricia commented, “Well Jive is definitely on fire at the moment 🔥
Not only winning Champ this week making him Agility Champion he
also goes and wins the CSJ Highland Final….Huge thanks to CSJ for sponsoring this event. I just love it! It’s a great day out at the Scone Game Fair. So much to do! And we get to do some agility. A perfect day 😁 Thanks Lisa Duggan for all your hard work and continuing to organise this event.  Loved the dinner plate sized rosettes from Norton Rosettes.”

Small Winner

Small final winner Tricia Elms with judge Mark Bruce. All photos courtesy of Sam Hepburn Photography

Small Dog Results

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.30.01

More photos from The CSJ Highland Agility Final

See Sam Hepburn’s Preliminary round photos
Check out photos of the final on Facebook

Where does the time go?

By Mark Laker

 IMG_0428It doesn’t seem that long ago that I had the first meeting with the 2018 Agility Team GB squad and now we’re four weeks away from the European Open for Juniors and six weeks from the EO for the adults.

Both teams had their first official team training sessions a few weeks ago. We tried something different this year by taking them into the Escape rooms at Nottingham. The idea was to help build teams and get them working together in a different environment.

Judging by the feedback I received it seems to work. They had a lot of fun learning about each others strengths and trying to work out how to escape the rooms through their team work, skill and drawing on each others strengths.

On a serious note learning how to support and interact with each other is crucial at the high pressure events they’ll experience soon. We’ve found in the past that strong relationships and knowing who can provide support when needed is very important.

TeamGBlogo2015The agility preparations are going well. The team are using many of the competitions as part of their preparations whilst still going out to perform at their top level. In the next couple of weeks they start tapering down to preserve energy and prevent injuries in the final lead up to the event.

I hope your competition / training season is going well and don’t forget to keep focused on your seasons goals. Its easy to get distracted away from these in the excitement of the competition.


International Agility Team Manager  Agility Team GB
mobile: +44 7803 814 638


April is one of the busiest months in the Agility Team GB calendar…

MLBy Mark Laker
International Agility Team Manager, Agility Team GB

With the Performance Weekend at the beginning of the month followed by many hours working though our selections for the 2018 teams and then picking dogs and handlers for this years development programme. Its exciting, rewarding and challenging, but thats the role. There are also many people who ask for feedback on their performance and where they can improve in the future.

This year we’ve selected to take 26 dogs to the European Open in Austria and 17 dogs to the World Championships in Sweden. You can read more about the selections and considerations in our decision making process in my blog For these handlers the hard work now begins. There is a lot of preparation required leading up to these big competitions not only the logistical planning, but also mapping out their training programmes for the months ahead.

These handlers will now be setting out which competitions they’ll attend to assist their preparations, setting out fitness and conditioning programmes for themselves and their dogs, working on their mental skills, as well focusing on the dog training and handling skills required for the courses they’re likely to be faced with. So lots to do.

Following the Performance Weekend we also picked 11 dogs to join this years development programme. This programme is designed to help prepare dogs and handlers for a chance in a future team. It’s been running for a couple of years now and we’ve had very positive feedback from previous people.

For the Coaching Team we’ll be getting to work with all the handlers over the next few weeks to identify where help they need and supporting them as they set out their 2018 plans. Although the hard work starts now, its a really enjoyable part of the job.

I’m hoping for some better agility weather so I can compete with my youngster who is coming on well. I’ve entered three competitions so far this year, two have been rained off.

CSJ Highland Agility Heat

Scottish Border Collie Club on Saturday 14th April 2018

Graded 6-7 judged by Lisa Duggan

Lisa Duggan SBCC

Large Grade 6 Results

Course Time 45 seconds

Place Handler Dog Faults Time
1 Sarah Smith A Little More Ace 0 41.398
2 Paul Nester Shaftesbury Flyer (AWS) 0 41.945
3 Morag Finlay Dixies Midnight Runner 5 42.186

Large Grade 7 Results

Place Handler Dog Faults Time
1 Shaun Potter Dodger the Lodger 0 34.253
2 Katrina Hands Red Rose Dreamer 0 34.564
3 Dougie Finlay Glencooley Mischief Maker 0 39.759

Medium Grade 6 Results

Course Time 48 seconds

Place Handler Dog Faults Time
1 Carole Boyd Hedleysrock Clurichaun 12.940 50.940
2 Jennifer Nicholson Nessa Rose of Burnawn (AWB) 15.664 48.664
3 Marilyn Melbourne Lynday Lightful 17.593 60.593

Medium Grade 7 Results

Place Handler Dog Faults Time
1 Erin Inverarity Erin’s Delight 0 37.394
2 Derek Elms Calderwood Charmer 0 38.060
3 Pamela Wightman Kenquince Magnolia 0 38.580

Small Grade 6 Results

Course Time 48 seconds

Place Handler Dog Faults Time
1 Terresa McTaggart Rambling Bramble Rose (AWB) 5.238 48.238
2 Jodi Swanson Clashnoir Rubi Carys 5.263 53.263
3 Sarah Kirk Darling Spirit Dee 16.232 54.232

Small Grade 7 Results 

Place Handler Dog Faults Time
1 Miree Quechon Carozza Luna de Pastel 0 38.345
2 Tricia Elms Hotspot’s Jive Bunny 0 38.553
3 Louise Raine Morgans Fallen Angel 0 38.604

For full results of these classes please visit

If you missed out on qualifying you have the following opportunities, all for Small, Medium and Large dogs:

  • Fair City DTC, 28/29 April 2018
  • Woodside DAC, 5/6 May 2018
  • Gleniffer DTC, 26/27 May 2018

This year’s final will take place at the Scottish Game Fair on Sunday July 1st 2018 at Scone Palace.  The winners in all heights will be invited back to defend their titles in 2019.




The CSJ UK Agility Grand Prix

CSJ Heat 1.4.18-2

Heat 1. 1st April 2018. UKA Easter Show

This competition is open to dogs at Novice, Senior and Champ levels.  It gives Novice dogs an opportunity to compete over a Senior grade course and, together with Senior dogs, a chance to pit their abilities against those of Champ dogs and handlers.

Due to weather conditions Lydiard Park, the show at which the next heat was to be held, has been cancelled so competitors’ next chance to qualify for the Grand Final will be at Agility Antics, Derbyshire, on 21 April.

Maxi Height Results


Place Faults Time Competitor
1 0 27.214 Oliver Tatton & Thea
2 0 27.336 Steven Richardson & Digit
3 0 27.711 Joanne Tristram & Tuesday
4 0 28.923 Lenni Paul & Zuko
5 0 30.956 Louise Hawkins & Laser
6 0 32.424 Bridget Fletcher & Kellie
7 0 33.960 Rachel Jordan & Trixie
8 0 34.240 Sarah Trigwell & Kita
9 0 41.676 Nikki Whittingham & Shadow
10 0 43.706 Diane Gorton & Amber

1st Ollie Tatton & Thea
2nd Steven Richardson & Digit

Judge Emma Wiles and Graham Wills from CSJ


Standard Height Results


Place Faults Time Competitor
1 0 27.690 Steve Seale & Flec
2 0 29.467 Susie Josty & Ozzie
3 0 29.615 Jenny Lovegrove & Guvnor
4 0 30.169 Alastair Mcgregor & Erin
5 0 32.289 Donandsally Bradbury & Moss
6 0 41.791 Michael Pugh & Nell
7 0 45.226 Sophie Hillier & Swift
8 5 35.519 Jodie Brutto & Chip
9 5 36.890 Donna Mcdonnell & Sky
10 5 39.086 Chloe Brutto & Flash


1st Steven Seale & Flec
2nd Susie Josty & Ozzie
Judge Em Ma Wiles and Graham Wills from CSJ


Midi Height Results


Place Faults Time Competitor
1 0 28.732 Steven Richardson & Libby
2 0 29.927 Rebecca Foster & Bindy
3 0 31.704 Des Cufley & Dino
4 0 36.696 Jennifer Howard & Lacey
5 0 37.434 Maxine Bryce & Lexi
6 0 39.186 Annika Norris & Poppy
7 0 39.863 Claire Tye & Amber
8 0 50.558 Trish Helme & Bolt
9 5 30.175 Jennifer Hillis & Roxy
10 5 33.192 Sandra Jones & Luna


1st Steven Richardson & Libby
2nd Rebecca Foster & Bindy

Judge Em Ma Wiles and Graham Wills from CSJ


Toy Height Results


Place Faults Time Competitor
1 0 29.878 Jennifer Hillis & Bizzie
2 0 32.089 Jo Burt & Gem
3 0 35.550 Jack Ryan & Jet
4 0 37.071 Darcey Shears & Ritzy
5 0 38.536 Roxanne Van Der Vliet & Caesar
6 0 43.327 Karen Hallam & Ziggy
7 0 43.714 Karen Hallam & Leo
8 0 45.575 Leah Marturet & Rosie
9 5 34.966 Tracy Ryan & Tink
10 5 39.352 Jo Burt & Max


1st Jenny Hillis & Bizzie
2nd Jo Burt & Gem
Judge Em Ma Wiles and Graham Wills from CSJ

Powered by CSJ
Not only did Steven Richardson win a first and a second place in this CSJ heat, his young dog Future – bred by CSJ owner Ceri Rundle – won Beginners Agility (by 20 seconds!) and Novice Agility too!  Definitely a star of the Future!

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