An update for 2019 from Lucy Matthews

Just a quick email to update you on the year as we don’t have anymore races left for 2018, just some training miles still to go!


This year has gone as planned and we have so far achieved (from September):

  • 8th in the ICF (International Canicross Federation) World Championships in Poland
  • 2nd in the senior female category and fastest female time at the first race weekend in Scotland for the BSSF British Championships
  • 1st place and fastest female at Canicross Anglesey Race at Newborough Forest

Two 2nd places at 2 race weekends for Canicross Midlands race series (in both events finishing second on the first day, and first on the second day)


Going into 2019, our first race will be in Suffolk at the 2nd race weekend for the BSSF British Championships on the 12/13th of January. As Nika will be taking a back seat for a few months, this will allow mine and Ezra’s partnership to grow even stronger and faster times will hopefully be achieved!



Thank you so much for all your support towards me and the team in 2018 and I hope we continue to do you proud in 2019!


I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!


Kind Regards,

Lucy Matthews

Lucy Matthews at the Dec. 2016 IFSS European Dryland Championships at Thetford

By Lucy Matthews 
First race weekend in the elite women’s category against some extremely tough competition. Nika ran her little legs off and performed at her upmost best! Finishing in the top ten has given us a baseline to improve on! It has been a major learning curve but onwards and upwards for next year.

BSSF National Champ Series in Newborough Forest

2 consistent races from Nika with some tough competition taking us to 3rd place this weekend.

Thanks for all of CSJ support.

Race report and pics from the Sled Dog Association of Scotland race at Darnaway Forest

By Colin Spalding and Suzanne Moore

This weekend we were racing at the Sled Dog Association of Scotland race at Darnaway Forest near Forres. We travelled up on the Friday and raced in 3 categories, bikejor (Dexter) 1 dog scooter (Cupar) and 2 dog scooter (Diamond and Granite). The course was a mix of grassy trails, hardpack trails, and mud with lots of steep hills and the infamous leafy heights which is a trail along a cliff top covered in leaves.

On day 1, Dexter ran well but unfortunately a crash on rocks covered by leaves dropped us into 2nd place and a fast clean run on the Sunday clawed back some time but not enough to get into gold medal position but we were really pleased with silver. In the 2 dog scooter Diamond and Granite had a great first run and were in 2nd place but on such a physical course couldnt repeat this on the 2nd run and dropped to 3rd which was still a great result in a very tough competition. Cupar in the 1 dog scooter had 2 great runs with the physical course really suiting him and he stormed to gold which is amazing for a dog nearly 9 years old.

It was another great race weekend in amazing surroundings.

A big thank you to our sponsors CSJ for their continued support.

Our next race is the BSSF British Championships race 2 at Newborough forest North Wales on 7th to 9th January.

Colin And Suzanne

Lucy Matthew’s progress this season


Posting by Lucy Matthews

15th/ 16th October 2016 – European Canicross Championship in the Czech Republic

Me and Nika ran her heart out over a tough and hilly course! Pulling us from 3rd in the first day to 2nd on the second. Myself and Nika finished in Silver Medal Position.


29th/ 30th October 2016 – BSSF Championship / IFSS World Cup at Bowlands Trails

Me and Nika had a great run with some tough competition and finished in 2nd place in the national championship series race weekend one in the elite female category.


13th/14th November 2016 – Betws-y-Coed 5km and Canicross Anglesey Race

Betws-y-Coed 5km race with milo, his first race back from 2 years of no racing and he ran well!and finished in 2nd place. Sunday was a great race as well running at Canicross anglesey’s race in Newborough forest.Nika ran her little legs off pulling us to another 2nd place.


This weekend myself and Nika are competing at the IFSS European at Thetford, I will update you with how we get on.



We won Gold in the Europeans! Bethan Fitzgerald

Posting by Bethan Fitzgerald


The European Cani-Cross Championships in Scotland finally arrived and the dogs were looking lean, shiny-coated and full of muscle.


Danny entered the bike-jor and Bethan the scooter but which dog would they choose?


The trail was hilly and thanks to a few days of rain, had some good muddy areas, this was a test of strength and fitness for both dog and athlete!


Looking around in the start shoot, I couldn’t help but look at how athletic the other dogs were and how long legged the human athletes were! But not to worry, our dogs were looking just as good, they have been eating CP30, go-on herbs and storm canis.  The trail was hard with steep hills but our superstar, Charlie pulled like a train, he is known as the mud monster so I had to just let go of the breaks and go for it!!!!


The whole weekend was “awesome” as we all put it! The British pulled together to put on a fabulous event and a huge big thanks to CSJ too for the sponsorship.


Charlie and I managed to storm way ahead of the competition and brought home Gold!!!! Danny chose our ‘big’ Harry as his bike dog and managed a fantastic 7th place, the bike men’s class is the most popular and competitive of all.”


Both of us are buzzing and ready for the next challenge of the World Championships in Canada, two days off and the dogs are already back in training, go on herbs aren’t called go on for no reason!

Catch up with James Urwin – if you can!

Jim Urwin

Report from James Urwin

Thanks again for your ongoing support: it is very much appreciated.

I haven’t done as many Cani-Cross races over the past year – old age is catching up with me a bit – but we haven’t done too badly.  Boris and I got silver at the European Canicross Championships in France at the beginning of October – a real surprise given that there were a few very good ‘youngsters’ who had moved up into my (over-60) age group, so that was pleasing.  And then at the end of October we were back in France with the GB team for the European Dryland Sleddog Championship.  We never stood a chance, having to run against guys over twenty years younger than me, but we certainly did not embarrass ourselves: Boris pulled me along through the mud at such a rate I thought I was going to pass out at one stage!

The BSSF Championships at Thetford – a great event, in no small part due to CSJ’s support – was another highlight.  Again, we were running against guys twenty years younger than me, but we managed second place (I’m still not sure how).  This means that we have qualified again for the GB team, this time at the World Dryland Sleddog Championships in Canada later this year.   

Anyway, thanks again for everything.

James Urwin

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“More amazing results by Daniel Fitzgerald! Our dogs have done us proud.”

By Bethan Fitzgerald
Photography by Paulina Soltysiak
5D__0450More amazing results by Daniel Fitzgerald! Our dogs have yet again done us proud. Fetching two golds and one silver all the way down in England at the BSSF (British Sled dog Sports Federation) National Championship race in Thetford forest. It was a great opportunity to compete with the southern mushers.
He competed in the 4 dog, and won,  Danny then secured second place in the two dog scoot5D__0508er, using a young bitch with an experienced dog who made up a good duo. And first in the bike with his favourite dog, Charlie. Sire to our 9 month olds who are getting big and strong ready for next year!!!!!
Another favourite dog, Travis aka “the almighty one” was raced by a friend Cherry Fairly on the bike who also won her class!!
The SDAS (Sled Dog Association of Scotland) put on a great two stage race at Culbin forest which involved racing in the morning and at night. This really tested the fitness and stamina of our dogs as they rarely run without at least 24 hours rest between. The dogs did amazingly well, three golds in the 4 dog, 3 dog and the bike. Their times pretty much the same. You would expect them to tire but not our dogs!!!!!!