CSJ’s pure Salmon Oil – world class!

CSJ’s pure Salmon Oil – world class!

Press release – 24.2.21

Salmon oil is a great supplement for all dogs and cats but not all oils are the same.

Most companies tend to buy in their oil which has been heat extracted and separated by a centrifuge – which can ‘damage’ the product, but not CSJ!

Their highly successful Salmon Oil is unique in that it is cold pressed – so preserving the important unsaturated fatty acids, which can be damaged by other methods of manufacture.

Continuously committed to providing only the best CSJ did exhaustive research in 2012 to source a supplier and eventually found the only company to manufacture salmon oil in this manner.

100% pure from freshly caught Norwegian Salmon then cold pressed within 24 hours CSJ Salmon Oil is highly beneficial by strengthening the immune system, increasing fertility, helping skin and coat and aiding mobility whilst reducing the risk of heart disease.

Now used for many years by successful dog handlers and owners in all fields of canine activity CSJ Salmon Oil has proven to be in a class of its own.

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Herbs for all seasons

Herbs for all seasons

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Press release – 16.12.20

CSJ’s Skinny Herbs are getting 5 star ratings from happy customers.

CSJ says, ‘Not all skin problems are caused by insects but may be caused by stress, sensitivity to the environment, products used around the home or even products used to clean dogs after muddy walks.

We asked our highly skilled and respected herbal expert to formulate a natural herb mix that can help dogs coat and skin …

The result, Skinny Herbs, is composed of a gentle blend of Echinacea, Nettle, Neem Leaves, Marigold Flowers, Thyme, Burdock Root and is simply sprinkled on food.’

Don’t just take CSJ’s word for it – here’s just one example of feedback, “My gundog was diagnosed as having alopecia which the vets said he’d just have to live with as there was no treatment. I tried a host of products and treatments with no success and decided I’d try Skinny Herbs as the reviews seemed positive. Six weeks later my boy has regained 80% plus of his hair and is improving by the day. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”

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