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Press release – 30.6.21


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CSJ’s range of treats and training rewards are tops for trainers, handlers and pet owners.

Ceri Rundle says, “All our treats are natural and contain specific ingredients aimed at benefitting health“.

Poppets are a low-calorie wheat gluten free treat which include our Get Over! herbs to aid mobility and Fishcuits (made from 85% fresh wild salmon and 15% salmon meal) are extremely palatable and nutritious and great for dogs that can’t tolerate grain. For example, our crunchy Dem Bones! contain effective levels of charcoal and herbs to help clean teeth, freshen bad breath and ‘eliminate’ bad instances of gas! 

Our Training Tips semi-moist 80% meat treats with cranberry and blackcurrant are air-dried for extra flavour and owners tell us their dogs go wild for them.  Whilst Pemmican Energy bars are a powerful, high energy feed block that has been specially formulated for working dogs such as gundog, agility dogs, flyballers, racing sled dogs, search and rescue dogs, as well as those in training or stressed show dogs.

Other examples are Gnaw Rolls which are delicious semi-moist 80% meat treats with seaweed and parsley so ideal for a reward while benefiting oral health, whilst Fish’n’Hips ingredients include devils claw, turmeric and oleogrape to help support the joints… they’re highly palatable and low in fat so perfect for older or overweight dogs.”

Ceri adds, “Coming from a working dog background I understand that all dogs are different and our ranges of food, herb supplements and treats are very comprehensive because they are designed to meet the real needs of dogs in differing circumstances and situations … as well as of course being very tasty!”

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