Arfon Working Gundog Club Open 12 Dog AV Retriever Stake 6.11.18

AWDThe Arfon Working Gundog Club held its 12 Dog Open Stake for A V Retrievers on the 6th November 2018 at the Checkley Wood Shoot, Nr Nantwich, Cheshire by kind permission of Mr Ivor Beavis.

Judges Mr D S Alan Rees, Mr Chris Brain, Mrs Glenys Caldwell & Dr Nicola Reynolds.

Guns – Mr John Dudley, Mrs Leanne Deering, Mr Kevin Deering, Mr Gerallt Wyn & Mr Arthur Telfair.

The Club would like to thank our hosts, the judges for giving their time, the Guns , the helpers and for the continued support of our sponsors CSJ SpecialistCanine Feeds and Gary McCarthy of Gundog Gear.




First – Laura Hill with Stauntonvale Tic Bean Lab B

COMs – Also Guns’ Choice Chris Winfield with Emmanygan Whistler of Avonford Lab D

            – Jason Mayhew with Kestrelway Drake Lab D


Photo shown L-R Chris Winfield, Laura Hill, Chris Brain (Judge), Jason Mayhew, Nicola Reynolds (Judge), Glenys Caldwell (Judge), John Dudley (Gun), Alan Rees ( Judge)

Results from the Arfon Working Gundog Club – 16 Dog Novice AV Spaniel Stake – 2019


The Arfon Working Gundog Club held its 16 Dog Novice AV Spaniel Stake at the Corwen Forest Shoot, Corwen, Clwyd North Wales by kind permission of Mr Mike McBurney.

The judges were Mr Jeff Ayres and Mr Aled Jones

We would like to thank ous sponsors CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds and Gary McCarthy of Gundog Gear for their continued support.


First – Mr Kenny Hiley with Rheasmooar Queen of Hearts ESSB

Second (also Guns Choice) – Paul Murray with Reddy Cover ESSD

Third – Damien Riley with Cornermarsh Haw Head Girl of Lindowmoor ESSB

Fourth – David Ross with Betley Court May ESSB

COMs – Alister Hoyle with Esgob Floass ESSB

              Damien Riley with Helmsway Herirage at Lindowmoor ESSD


Photo – L-R – Paul Murray, Jeff Ayres (Judge), Kenny Hiley, Damien Riley, Aled Jones (Judge) David Ross, Gwilym Williams

Mid Wales Retriever test results and photos

Novice and Puppy Awards

Novice & puppy awards

By Mike Prytherch

Here’s the results and pictures from yesterdays test at Loton Park,,,

“Another fantastic working test at Loton Park by kind permission of Sir Michael Leighton.  This time round it was the retrievers and we had a great showing with 17 in the Puppy (6-12 & 12- 18), 26 in the Novice and 25 in the Open.  Thank you to all the helpers on the day and for the competitors for all being good sports.  Thank you to Nigel Kirby Photography for coming and documenting the day, any pictures wanted, see his website. Finally, Thank you to our sponsors for the great prizes, CSJ and Sporting Saint.”

Open Awards

Open Awards

Judges: Glenys Caldwell, Robin Lloyd, Gary Collier, Scott Marland


Puppy 6 – 12 – No awards given

Puppy 12 – 18

1st Place – Diglake Napravnik, Lab Bitch, Dawn Scott

2nd Place – Etomanni Ludo of Corsemalzie, Lab Dog, Carol Probert


1st Place – Shadeoak Ripple, Lab Bitch, D Astley

2nd Place – Ashwynd Brush Gold, Lab Dog, James Murphy

3rd Place – Upperaughton Blackberry, Lab Dog, Arthur Telfair

4th Place – Constanigree Star Beam, Lab Dog, Nick Swan

COM – Laura Tara Tiara of Oncote, Lab Bitch, Bob Clay

COM – Kindermear Be Reet at Jassporta, Lab Bitch, Alan Towle

COM – Kynigos Midnight Magic, Lab Dog, Paul Edmunds


1st Place – Eiderbay Malin, Lab D, James Murphy

2nd Place – Waysgreen Comet, Lab Dog, Nicola Reynolds

3rd Place – Minstead Costello, Lab Dog, Judith White

4th Place – Minstead Axel, Lab Dog, Judith White

COM – Constanigree Shooting Star, Lab Dog, Nick Swan

COM – Brenjon Harry, Lab Dog, Vicky Waterfield

COM – Tan-y-rhallt man of war, Lab dog, Paul Edmunds

COM – Shady Acres Teardrop, Lab Bitch, Kim Dutton




Mid Wales Working Gundog Society results of Novice and Open trial



By Michael Prytherch

Open Award Winners – photos courtesy of Nigel Kirby Photography – official photographer for the day.

The test went very well with 27 dogs in the novice and 18 in the open!

Results were:


Judges: Nick Powell, Steve Shimwell

Novice Results

1st – Popsheath Bombay (cocker b) – Dan Leigh

2nd – Boundarymoor Edward (ESS D) – Richard Sanderson

3rd – Merebrow Lucky Loki (ESS D) – Jim Sutton

COM – Primrose Poplar (ESS b) – Ryan Simpson

COM – Eirian Alys Ruby (ESS b) – John Pearce

COM – Dakotagun Frodo (cocker d) – Stephen Littler

Open Results

1st – Edgegrove Stitch of Cudannsa (ESS b) – Louise Allen

2nd – Edgegrove Ronan (ESS D) – Tony Mason

3rd – Steelhouse Eleri Mountain Mist (ESS b) – Mark Gibson

4th – Dainty of Birlingham (ESS b) – Stephen littler

COM – Glencambus Razzberry (ESS b) – Joshua Stubbs

COM – Leahanie Ellsa (ESS b) – Neil Davies

COM – Shellspoon Cometh the Hour (ESS D) – Stuart Lewis

COM – Boundarymoor Eric (ESS D) – Paul Burrows


The CSJ Big Sporting Dog Quiz Of The Year Check your answers here…


Screenshot 2019-02-05 at 14.56.38Agility

By Steven Richardson

Q1). How many championship tickets do you need to become an agility champion?
A). 3 championship tickets

Q2). What faults are incurred for a pole being knocked down?
A). 5 faults are incurred

Q3). What is the highest grade you can get to in Kennel Club shows?
A). Grade 7


By Ben Robinson

Q4).What is the (stretched) length of the most commonly used canicross bungee line?
A): 2metres.

By Ben Robinson

Q5). What age can dogs compete in canicross competiton?
A): 1 year old.

By Lucy Matthews

Q6). What is the standard race distance for canicross?
A): 5km


By Sam Bawden

Q7). How long is a flyball lane from the line to the box?
A). 51 foot

Q8). What consists of a multi breed flyball team?
A). 3 or 4 recognised breeds and one cross breed permitted

Q9). What is the fastest team time recorded?
A). 14.74 Tails We Win


By Andy Cullen

Q10).What does HPR mean?
A) Hunt Point Retriever.
Q11). Name three types of working Spaniel?
A) English Springer Cocker Spaniel Clumber Spaniel
Q12). What is a blind retrieve?
A) A retrieve the dog is sent for but hasn’t seen


By Kath Hardman

Q13). Is a dog allowed to compete whilst on a lead in HTM or Freestyle?
A). NO. A dog must be off lead whilst competing.

Q14). In Heelwork To Music, how many official positions can the dog work in?
A). 8 on the left or right hand side of the handler, facing forward or backward, across the front or back of the handler

Q15). What are the allocated maximum marks to be obtained for each of the three categories which are judged in HRM and Freestyle?
A. Content and Flow, Accuracy and Team Performance and Musical Interpretation, eachallocated a maximum of 10 marks


By Jeannie Gee

Q16). What side does a dog usually do heelwork on in competitive obedience?
A: Left

By Mary Ray

Q17). Which is the first class that features sendaway as a test?
A: B

By Mary Ray

Q18). From which class do dogs have to retrieve the judge’s article?


By Ceri Rundle

Q19) Who was first lady to win International Supreme Champs – when and where?
A). Julie Hill won the International in 1996 held at Chatsworth
Q20). How many handlers make up each Home Nations Team to go and compete at the annual International Championships?
A). 20 handlers (15 singles plus 1 reserve; 2 brace; 1 driving and 1 Young Handler).
Q21). Which Musketeer was mentioned in the first AWwD series?
A). d’Artagnan


By Emma Gates

Q22). How many Challenge Certificates must a dog win to become UK Champion?
A). 3
Q23). What does BIS stand for?
A). Best in Show
Q24). Which of the 7 groups in the UK is the border collie part of?
A. Pastoral


By Mary Carter

Q25). If you want to tell your husky team to take a right turn, what command would you give?
A. Gee!
Q26. Which CSJsponsored handler won the IFSS European Championship in 2018 and the WSA World Championship in 2017?
A).John Carter
Q27). In Sleddog racing, what term is given to the metal anchor that is used to hold a Sleddog team from moving forward when racing in the snow?
A). Snow hook


Thank You!

Hector – Hernwood Achilles gains his first CC and BOB at only 20 months at Manchester Championship Show

Manchester 2019 DCC & BOBDebra Harker has just told us that Hector – Hernwood Achilles not only finished 2018 as Our Dogs – Top Pup and gained his JW at 14 months: Top Junior in the breed as well as gaining a RCC at only 12 months….

He has just started 2019 with a bang by gaining his first CC and then topped it by gaining BOB at only 20 months at Manchester Championship Show.

“Blown away with my youngster and as ever exclusively fed on CSJ!!” says Debra. Find out more about Debra and Ettrick Gordon Setters at: