Heelwork to Music competition held in Kinver, Stourbridge

thumbnail_IMG_20181121_193138Thank you for your sponsorship of winning packs for our Heelwork to Music competition held in Kinver, Stourbridge on October 27th.

An excellent day was had by all, at the Westglen Heelwork to music competition held in Kinver. 130 handlers and their dogs competed in both heelwork and freestyle with the winning teams winning a bag of goodies generously donated by CSJ dog food. Max in the photo particularly liked the treats he had won!

Karen Braden
Westglen Heelwork to Music Dog Club,

Team GB at the OEC in Switzerland 2018

By Kath Hardman

Photos by Lucy Heath

Well it’s a week now since we competed as Team GB at the OEC in Switzerland and without your sponsorship – it would have been near impossible to get the team there and back.


Three days travel to get there and we cut it to two days travel  at 800 plus miles each way and three days competing – it was a very busy time and has taken us all some time to recover!

Team GB were placed 3rd in the Heelwork To Music Championship and 7th in the Freestyle Championship. 

The event was Live Streamed although I’m not sure how successful this was due to poor internet connections but there will be a DVD of the entire event produced shortly.    The Team performed really well which sadly was not reflected by the judges markings and it’s not just the Team that felt this way but fellow competitors and those at home who managed to watch.

So once again – THANK YOU Ceri and CSJ for your support.  The entire team is truly grateful.


Kath Hardman

Congratulations to all the winners at the 2018 YNYS MON Heelwork to Music Show

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Find out the results from the 2018 YNYS MON Heelwork to Music Show on 30th June 2018 & 31st June 2018. See the photos here:


Thanks for the photos and details to Maggie Blackhouse. Find out more

Open KC Westglen HTM Show report

By Karen Braden, Westglen HTM Club

Westglen Heelwork to music club held a KC open show on October 28th 2017. A great day was had by all. 168 entries from handlers from all over the country came to compete from starters through to advanced in both heelwork and freestyle.


There was super routines with a variety of breeds of dog all competing with their handlers to gain a place showing off their amazing talent. The winners were thrilled with their winners bags of goodies sponsored by CSJ.



Team GB Freestyle Championship 1st, 2nd Czech Rep. 3rd RussiaBy Kath Hardman

Photos by Allan Brown

HTM Team GB has returned triumphantly from the Open European Championships 2017, held in Belgium from 25th to 27th August, victorious in both Heelwork to Music and Freestyle.

Kath Hardman Team Manager and Team GB HTM & Freestyle

Kath Hardman, Team Manager said “This is an unprecedented achievement in the history of Open European Championships for Great Britain as Team GB not only won the Heelwork To Music Championship for a second time, but the Team also won the Freestyle Championship for the first time, to complete a first time double for Team GB.”

All four members of the Heelwork To Music Team were placed in the top twelve out of 51 competitors from 14 countries and the top three GB scores were totalled to give Team GB first place.

Lucy Creek 3rd HTM

Lucy Creek 3rd HTM

Lucy Creek from Warwickshire with Harriot Skiffle King (Skiffle – Border Collie) finished in 3rd place.









Caroline Garrett Team GB HTM

Caroline Garrett Team GB HTM

Caroline Garrett from West Sussex with Wildsea Phoenix Of Fire (Fawkes – Border Collie) in 7th,






Kath Hardman Team Manager and Team GB HTM & Freestyle

Kath Hardman Team Manager and Team GB HTM & Freestyle

Kath Hardman from Derbyshire with Stillmoor Extra Special (Denby – Border Collie) in 8th place.






Karen Sykes TEam GB HTM and Freestyle

Karen Sykes TEam GB HTM and Freestyle

Karen Sykes also from Derbyshire with Kingsfarm Spring Surprise (Midge – Working Sheepdog) in 12th place.






Lucy Heath Team GB HTM Reserve

Lucy Heath Team GB HTM Reserve

HTM Reserve, Lucy Heath from Lincolnshire with Stillmoor Winter Sun (Indie – Border Collie) was able to present her routine as a demonstration during a break at the event.





In the Freestyle Team Championship there were 54 competitors from 17 Countries and again, the top three GB scores were totalled to give Team GB first place. 

  • Lucy Creek with Harriot Skiffle King finished in 2nd place
  • Kim Lyddon from Cheshire with Canen You Said What (Tyler – Border Collie) in 10th place
  • Karen Sykes with Kingsfarm Spring Surprise (Working Sheepdog) in 16th place
  • The final member of the team was Kath Hardman with Stillmoor Extra Special (Border Collie)
  • Freestyle Reserve was Lucy Creek with her Beagle Dialynne Making Waves – Teasel

Lucy Creek with Skiffle 2nd Place Freestyle

Kath Hardman said “We knew the selected team would be strong and we are extremely proud of the results in the team events and also in the individual performances. Lucy Creek with her dog Harriot Skiffle King achieved a fabulous 2nd place in Freestyle and a 3rd place in Heelwork and should be congratulated for contributing such high scores to the team results.

The team worked well together fully supporting each team member. Our grateful thanks go to the HTM community back home along with the team’s travelling supporters for their enthusiasm, fundraising and support. Our success would not have been possible without the financial support of our Major Sponsors.”


TEAM GB Winners Freestyle Championship

Great weekend competing at Ynys Mon HTM Competition on Anglesey.

By Kath Hardman

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 09.58.51

Kath Hardman with Denby

Denby and I swept the board – 1st in Advanced Freestyle – 1st in Advanced Heelwork To Music – our last competition before the Open European Championships.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 10.03.37

Karen Sykes with Midge

Team Member Karen was 2nd in Freestyle and Lucy Creek (HTM Reserve) was 3rd in HTM!!

And the competition sponsored by CSJ – thank you for my two goody bags1! I use them for all HTM Competitions for keeping bits of my costumes in!!

Find out more about HTM Team GB for both HTM and Freestyle competing at the Open European Championship Belgium 2017: https://teamgb2017.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/htm-team-gb-uniform.html

Kath Hardman and the HTM Team GB get busy – competing and fundraising

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 07.25.26Kath Hardman and the Heel To Music team GB have been busy, competing & working hard to make the Team GB Championships as successful as possible.

They’re running seminars, demonstrations and workshops with profits going towards the costs.

Kath has been organising lots of fundraising, with raffles, competitions and a very successful Auction Page on facebook with a new article nearly every day. Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/HTMTEAMGB/

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 07.19.44