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Press release – 17.7.19

As one of 4 finalists in the Leadership in the Private Sector category of the prestigious 2019 Leading Wales Awards® Ceri Rundle was invited to attend a judging panel on Friday July 12th at the Hilton Cardiff.

The Leading Wales Awards® were developed by a consortium of professional institutes, voluntary and public sector bodies as well as private companies. The Awards seek to identify, recognise and celebrate personal achievement in outstanding leadership in Wales.

This final stage – having been selected from shortlisted candidates from businesses as diverse as engineering and data – saw Ceri interviewed by a panel of 4 including 2 previous winners.

With a theme in this year of “Daring to Lead®” the judging criteria had sought individuals in Wales whose leadership is courageous, inspirational and transformational.
Ceri whose background took her from breeding, working and trialling her Border Collies to developing her own brand of natural food, treats and herbs for working and active dogs says, “My husband Phil and I are looking forward to attending the awards ceremony on September the 26th…in such strong competition who knows the final outcome, but it has been an honour to have progressed to the final 4!”

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Lowland Search & Rescue at Crufts introduce Search Dog Heroes project

By Jon Chapman


As well as our normal air scenting search dogs, we are at Crufts, promoting the new Search Dog Heroes project with Missing People. This Search Dog Heroes project will deliver awareness to thousands of families nationally whose loved-ones are living with dementia, learning disabilities or mental health problems; all of which are linked with high risk disappearances, by delivering educational tools to advise on how to prevent disappearances and how to prepare for them. This includes how to capture a person’s scent and safely store it in case the worse happens, through a designed scent toolkit.

Find out more: https://searchdogheroes.org.uk/

We are in Hall 3 at Crufts on stand number 110

There will be search dogs that you can come and visit on the stand all day and we also have demos in the main arena on Saturday 9th at 11:30 and on Sunday 10th at 12:15.

And lastly, a huge thanks from me and the LR team. Sponsorship like yours really helps to keep these dogs out working night and day when requested by the Police.

Kind regards

Jon Chapman

Sponsorship – Lowland Rescue Search Dog Department 

*Remember, you can pick up a free goody bag including a sample of our exciting new hypo-allergenic All-Rounder food from the Lowland Rescue team on stand 3-110




Thank You from Second Chances GSD Rescue‏

Posting by Karen Satterley

photo (1)

Thank you again for your kind donations to Second Chances.

Between both Tayside events we were thrilled to raise £476.74. The 
Dundee show was unusually quiet, possibly the rotten weather forecast 
put competitors off travelling from far away. We were lucky though and 
had no rain at all :-) With Dundee being quieter than usual we have
several lovely prizes left, but they will be used in our very first 
Christmas prize draw, so nothing will go to waste.

I shall forward you on our autumn/winter newsletter when it comes out.

Thank you again for your support, we couldn't fundraise without the 
generosity of companies like CSJ. You are wonderful.


Lakes weekend – Mountain Rescue Search Dogs

Lakes weekend

Posting by Georgina Armstrong

This weekend, Tulla travelled up to the Lake District to take part in a talk and demo for the  LDMRSDA seminar 2016.

Along with DVSD dog handlers Dave Marsh and Mike Dermody, we explained the ins and outs of’ Drown Victim search’ and then did a demo showing the very start of training, to a boat search.
It is important for other Search and Rescue teams to see and understand what these dogs can do, so they feel educated enough to call on us in a live search situation.
We were made very welcome and are hoping to organise a training weekend with the Lakes team later this summer.

Jenny, Tiga & Yogi do amazing work searching for lost dogs

Jenny Brown, a very successful canicrosser does amazing work searching for lost dogs with her dogs bella beagle 1 reunited 2Tiga and Yogi. 


In the photo, you can see a beagle being reunited with her owners after Tiga found her.

“If you have a box of tissues just look at the video clip of a Dooley a puggle we helped over the phone to reunite after 13 days – I was grounded with a broken hand and so advised Dooley all the way back! You can hear their 2 year old son guiding him back!” Go to the K9Tracker page on facebook

“Dooley the elusive Puggle, went missing for 12 days, so many sightings, so many times you ran scared, so many miles you covered until experience took control. Your owners listened, you were then allowed to chill and stayed in one area for a few days. The stake out began and it was 2 year old Jack that was the star. He walked round singing Happy Birthday, dragged Dooleys lead in one hand and a fist full of chicken in the other and it wasnt long before Dooley came and ate the chicken – game over!


Tiga and Yogi are still totally amazing me – a beagle was put in a horsebox at the beginning of a journey, by the end of the journey the beagle was not in the box but the jockey door was open. So the beagle had jumped out or fallen out somewhere along the journey. 4 days later Tiga went to track and found the beagle safe!
“Yogi tracked a lakeland terrier to a badger sett and shouted down it – a few hours later the dog came out!” Jenny Brown


Look out for Jenny Brown and Tiga at a new event in Hampshire in August and in Kent in September 2016. They are raising awareness in remembrance of Si & Cush’s charity war dogs.


Find out more about Jenny Brown on our website

Look! Berkshire Search & Rescue team came to visit us – Sept 2014

140912-5806-Edit 140912-5908 140912-5883 140912-5903 140912-5803 140912-5851 140912-5929 140912-5923We had a great day with Berkshire Search & Rescue team, when they came to visit us, as their sponsors, this month.
Here are some photographs taken by Chris Birchall of some of the members of the Berkshire Search & Rescue team who  recently completed the 4 Paws 3 Peaks walk to raise funds for the amazing work they do. Berkshire Search and Rescue Team  assist Lowland Search & Rescue Teams, the police and other emergency services in locating lost or missing vulnerable people. They provide highly trained volunteers and are available 24/7. Find out more: http://www.k9-sar.com/

Support Tilly, Skye and Phillip in Paws3Peaks

From Phillip EichmannDSC_0177



Hi Everyone,

Some of you will already know this but my two Springer Spaniels “Tilly and Skye” and I are members of Berkshire Search and Rescue dogs and in September this year we are taking part in #4Paws3Peaks.

We are travelling in a swanky horsebox that we have kindly been donated for the trip which we are able to brand with sponsors etc. and a real bonus for us to try and raise more funds.

If you would be kind enough to follow the link and donate to support me and Tilly and Sky, we would be most grateful. I am really excited about the challenge and hope we can raise vital funds for the team.

If you wouldn’t mind sharing this with your friends and family so we make even more people aware that would be greatly appreciated

Please click here to donate… https://mydonate.bt.com/events/4paws3peaks

And please stay upto date on what we do on our Facebook page and Twitter account
4paws3peaks BSARD 3 Peak Challenge

Many Thanks


More Search and Rescue news on our website

Jenny, Tiga and Yogi at the Trophee des Montagnes in the French Alps!

253Tiga at TDM 2014 VS9
From Jenny Brown , Runners Retreat
Hi Ceri
We survived!
I registered both Tiga and Yogi so they were able to share the races, Tiga did 7 races and Yogi 3. Yogi did the long 12 km race and finished 3rd in his first ever race getting a podium place at the resort.  We were lying in 4th place overall chasing hard for 3rd and trying to stay ahead of 5th and it was only in the last race that we clinched 3rd place overall in my age category.
No sooner were we back home and we were out tracking missing dogs – only possible with the help of a good quality food from CSJ and topped up with extra energy from the Fruit & Mutt bars. 
I have just placed an order for Tiga using his paw points and paid for an additional 2 bags for a friend who is now on CSJ.
I hope you like the photos!
Jenny, Tiga & Yogi
CSJ blog team – 10 races in 9 days up and down the mountains – we’re impressed. Love the photos and hearing about how you got on!