Bodfari Trials raises over £400 for Cancer Research Wales

Bodfari Trials raises over £400 for Cancer Research Wales


Ceri Rundle, founder and owner of CSJ, who, as usual, sponsored the annual Bodfari Sheepdog Trials on Good Friday and Saturday said, “From 2 days of top-level sheepdog trialling we were delighted to have raised over £400 for such a good cause that is close to the hearts of so many people.

As usual the competition was of the highest standard with the current International Supreme Champion, Dewi Jenkins, winning Saturday’s Open Class with Reserve Champion, Aled Owen, again in second place. There were 5 former International Supreme Champions competing and over 70 dogs running each day.”

The top 6 competitors in both Open classes were presented with mugs designed and supplied by Dr Kelvin Broad – a fellow handler. The initials WA appear at the bottom of each mug’s handle to commemorate CSJ’s sadly missed social media expert Wendy Allen.

On Good Friday, the trial judge was Osian Jones when the top 3 places in the Open Class were:

1. Dylan Davies with Treflys Ben

2. Kevin Evans with Kemi Jack

3. Emyr Jones with Sam

On Saturday the results of the first 3 places in each class under judge Cyril Roberts were:


1. Dewi Jenkins with Tynygraig Meg 3

2. Dewi Jenkins with Clwyd Bob 4 OLF

3. Aled Owen with Llangwm Bud 4


1. Aled Owen with Llangwm Tom 8

2. J.R. Griffith with Ben 20

3. Glynn Howells with Lad 21

Dewi Jenkins posted: “Great start to the season with Tynygraig Meg and Clwyd Bob. Thanks Ceri Rundle and team for a great trial and a great donation for a worthy cause.”

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CSJ feeds and breeds Crufts winners

CSJ’s owner and founder Ceri Rundle doesn’t just ‘feed the most Champions in the most canine activities’ … she breeds many of them too, under her Moel affix.

Crufts 2023 was no exception, with Stephen Richardson winning the hotly contested Intermediate Agility Championships with his Border Collie ‘Gamble’, or to give his full title, Agility Champion Moel Gamble Demonic Risk. Stephen is a professional dog agility trainer based in Cumbria with over 20 years’ experience in agility.

Ceri says, “We really enjoyed the TV coverage and spotting so many people who feed CSJ doing so well in a variety of activities. It was thrilling to see Toni Dawkins and her Miniature American Shepherd win the nail-biting Medium Agility Final, which gave Tiger his Champion title to become Agility Champion Bachero Cross My Heart.” Toni later posted, ‘Thanks to my bestest pals and to CSJ who have now sponsored me for the best part of 20 years.’

Ceri continued, “In the Gundog rings, amongst so many enjoying their day was Debra Harker with Hector, her beautiful Gordon Setter Ch. Hernwood Achilles at Ettrick JW, who was shortlisted in a fantastic Open class and James Reavil of Cwnsaethu Gundog Training with his lovely Vizsla dog Nadorpusztai Gore at Cwnsaethu getting
a VHC in Junior.”

Whilst Crufts was in full swing Ceri, herself a world-renowned sheepdog trainer and triallist, heard the news that another CSJ user, Kevin Evans, had won the EU Nursery Championship 2023 in Belgium on 12th March with Kemi Jack and also his Balearic Meg coming 6th .

Ceri added, “Congratulations to everyone, unfortunately just too numerous to mention!”

Toni Dawkins’ Tiger – ‘Bachero Cross My Heart’
Kevin Evans’ – ‘Kemi Jack’

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Congratulations Sam Roper on a fantastic 2022 season

Congratulations Sam Roper on a fantastic 2022 season

By Sam Roper

From left to right – Ruby, Amber, Vinnie, all offspring of Sam Roper’s Roo. 

Ruby won the “High Moss Trophy” at Keswick show 2022 for Champion Shepherd’s Dog

Amber and Ruby together won the “Grant Ashman Perpetual Challenge Trophy” at Eskdale show 2022 for best brace of shepherds dogs .

Vinnie won the “Godfrey Hewitt Soole Trophy at Wasdale Head show 2022 for best Shepherd’s Dog .

Fuelled by CSJ

<strong>Dream come true for dad and son at World Sheepdog Trials</strong>

Dream come true for dad and son at World Sheepdog Trials

Press release – 24.8.22

Arwyn Davies told sponsors CSJ that it was a dream come true that he will finally get to represent his country with dad Bryn … after 10 years of competing against each other!

Bryn (57) and Arwyn (28), of Bryneglwys, have both qualified to represent Wales at the 2023 World Sheepdog Trials at the Gill Hall Estate in Dromore, County Down, on September 23, 2023.

Bryn started competing in trials career in the mid-1990s and Arwyn grew up with it.

They were just two of many hopefuls who headed to Newtown recently hoping to qualify from the Welsh trials and Arwyn topped it off beautifully with himself and his dog Cynfal Gwen finishing second overall.

Both Bryn and Arwyn feed their dogs on CSJ’s specialist dog foods and naturally CSJ’s owner and founder Ceri Rundle understands well how tough it is to compete with so many top winning handlers and dogs … since amongst her own numerous successes she was the first lady to qualify for the Welsh National Team in 1996, and also competed in the World Trials in Ireland in 2005.

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4 Nations Nursery Final 2022

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Press release – 6.4.22

Ceri Rundle, founder and owner of CSJ, who sponsored the event, commented on the photo below, “I think this year’s 4 Nations Nursery Final Champion, Kennox Meg, likes her boss Kevin Evans!”

CSJ sponsored the exciting 4 Nations Nursery Final Championship 2022 on Saturday 19th March, where the top 40 Nursery dogs competed. 

Taking place at George Bonsall’s farm in Slindon, Stafford competitors and organisers commented on a stunning trial amid freezing winds.

CSJ applauded Kevin Evans with his dog Kennox Meg as the overall 4 Nations Champion and congratulated the Ireland team for winning Top Team. 

The dogs competed over a large testing course, with each national team being made up of ten dogs and their handlers. 

The final results were …

Four Nations Nursery Final

1. Kevin Evans and Kennox Meg (pictured) – 162 Wales
2. Shannon Conn and Yellow Hill Chip – 158 Ireland
3. Angie Driscoll and Kinloch Sweep – 155 Wales
4. Chris Toner and Niro Mace – 148 Scotland
5. Stuart Davidson and Jack – 148 Scotland
6. Martin O Malley and Heather Hill Bruce – 148 Ireland. 

Team Results

1. Ireland – 1084
2. Scotland – 994
3. Wales – 982
4. England – 894

The winning team members and the overall 4 Nations Champion were wearing CSJ kit embroidered with the CSJ logo in Ukrainian colours.

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Watch the 4 Nations Nursery Final

This exciting event will take place at George Bonsall’s farm in Slindon on Saturday 19th March 2022, where the top 40 nursery dogs will compete for the Championship, sponsored by CSJ.

Each national team is made up of 10 dogs and their handlers. These dogs will compete over a large testing course.

Carol Mellin will be there to film and livestream the runs

Carol Mellin has set up a private Facebook group for the 4 Nations Nursery Final livestream. There is a nominal charge of £5 to Join the Group. PM Carol Mellin before the day of the trial:

Look out for the winning team members and the overall 4Nations Champion wearing CSJ kit embroidered with the CSJ logo in Ukrainian colours. Good luck everyone!


Congratulations to Hefin Jones – this year’s North Wales Nursery Champion, amid tight competition

Congratulations to Hefin Jones – this year’s North Wales Nursery Champion, amid tight competition

By Ceri Rundle

The North Wales Sheepdog Nursery Final was held on Saturday, 19th November in Llanfair Caereinion by kind permission of the Bebb family with the standard of running high at the top.  

A clock-wise course was set with, IMHO, the cross drive gates set in the perfect position for the handlers to be able to ‘see’ perfectly.  Running was on 4 lambs that were ‘split’ before penning and were consistently good throughout the 36 runs although they were not easy.  They generally behaved well as long as the dog did not upset them although the odd ones did challenge the dogs at the turn and then would take off down towards the drive.  The dogs that had good turns and were ‘smooth’ excelled and this proved to be the case with the top three runs.

The competition really ‘started’ when Aled Owen went to the post with his recent acquisition, Jim 374162 (Sire: Madoc Mot (C Pritchard) 358982  Dam: Glenys (A L Owen) 304490):  Drawn at no.6, Jim made a good start – maybe slightly short on his ‘lift’ but quickly had the sheep under control and guided them to put up a classy run with just a loss of 12 points.  Based on this performance, this is going to be a very successful and ‘dangerous’ partnership for the future!

Just 3 runs later, one of the hot favourites, Medwyn Evans with one of his two bitches, Eryri Nan 375662 (Sire: Gary (Serge van der Zweep) 308277  Dam: Eryri Dot (A Roberts) 345456) took up the challenge set by Aled’s run and put up an even ‘better’ run dropping just 7pts. Again, Medwyn has had much successful with both his young bitches which have run consistently well in trials this season.

In hot pursuit, running immediate after Medwyn was another ‘hot favourite’, Hefin Jones with his dog, Llanfarian Mirk NL/370217 ( Sire: Mac (Serge van der Zweep) 333520  Dam: Mia (Serge van der Zweep) 330785.  This is another really ‘dangerous’ partnership that has gained much success throughout the season and gained a lot of attention so, as ‘expected’, they put up yet another great run on the 4 lambs that looked deceptively ‘good’ as a result of Hefin’s clever handling and Mirk’s ‘method’ of work.   So who had won?  Medwyn or Hefin?   The runs were so close that unsurprisingly, it came down to the difference of just one point.

Huge congratulations go to Hefin who becomes this year’s North Wales Nursery Champion and Captain of the North Wales team of 15 dogs that will go to compete in the All Wales Nursery Final being staged in South Wales next month. 

All in all, a really enjoyable day was held by all.

We’re delighted to say that all three winners feed CSJ CP30. Aled Owen also feeds Champ!

Good luck to everyone – keep training!

See the full list of the North Wales Nursery Team members: N.W.S.D.S. 2019/2022 – North Wales Sheep Dog Society

We’re proud to say that all team members of both teams will wear a CSJ gilet in the All Wales Nursery Final 2021.

One Man and his Blog…

One Man and his Blog…

By Mark Laker

I’d planned to continue writing about goal setting and ideas for conducting annual reviews this month. That was until I watched One Man and his Dog on Countryfile recently. I felt moved to write about the incredible people and their dogs at this year’s finals.

Watching dogs work sheep has always fascinated me

I appreciate the hundreds of hours of training and dedication that must go into working a dog at the top level of the sport.

Karen and I went on a trialing taster day many years ago, we enjoyed it. The dogs we had at the time were hilarious. Millie couldn’t see the sheep, she was totally fixated on us, and Deacon my Border Collie, was apparently a natural, not on sheep though, maybe cows, or Buffalo! he was far too strong for sheep – I think the trainer was being polite and meant unruly!

This year’s young handlers put on an amazing show of professionalism and dedication while competing at this high level. Even when things didn’t go to plan, they continued to focus on the objective and worked with their dogs – I was impressed.

And then there was the judge, our very own Ceri

Karen and I were shouting at the TV “Hey, we know Ceri, she’s famous, we know her!”.

For me, this competition demonstrated top human and dog performers working in unknown and testing conditions – including a motley bunch of sheep, and under the pressure of TV and fellow competitors.

After the immediate ‘wow’ I got from watching these dogs and handlers, my brain flicked into sports psychology mode. I started wondering how the competitors prepare for these events, how do they warm-up (all that whistling must play havoc with your lips), do they visualise the outrun, the drive, how they’re going to pen the sheep. And how do they maintain focus when the performers (sheep and dogs) are working so far away. These questions and many others went over in my mind.

Congratulations to this year’s finalists who were all fantastic and a credit to the sport.

Find out more about Mark Laker:

CSJ reigns Supreme at the Internationals – with a little help from Champ! CP30 and Go On!

CSJ reigns Supreme at the Internationals – with a little help from Champ! CP30 and Go On!


Skill, talent and superb training has created the champions of the ISDS International Sheepdog Trials in September 2021 at Aberystwyth. Each top handler chooses to feed their winning dog with a highly nutritious, natural diet from CSJ:

  • Tom O’Sullivan from Ireland with NorthHill Tess, who won the International Supreme Championship. Tom feeds Champ! and Go On! Herbs
  • Ricky Hutchinson from England with Jonah and Denwyn Moya, who won the International Brace Championship. Ricky feeds Champ! and CP30
  • Peter Morgan from Northern Ireland with Mossee, who won the International Driving Championship and became Reserve Supreme Champion.  Peter feeds CP30 and Champ!
  • Peter Og Morgan from Northern Ireland won the Young Handlers Championship with his dog Tip. Peter feeds CP30 to his trials dogs

Champ! Adult is our highly popular, cost effective recipe, formulated for adult working dogs or active dogs.  Extensively used by champions for champions throughout all dog sports. More

CP30 is a super premium hypo-allergenic, high energy dog food for very active dogs, bitches in-whelp and puppies using salmon as the main ingredient. This ration has gained a great reputation and loyal following by champions in the various dog sports. (15 kg sack). More

Go On! has fast become a firm favourite among top agility, flyball and racing sled dogs. ‘Go On!’ is a natural ‘Competition Mix’ for active dogs. (300g foil pouch) More

Find out more about our feeds, herbs and supplements that make champions.

Mark and Karen Laker pack CSJ at the top of their suitcase

Mark and Karen Laker pack CSJ at the top of their suitcase

By Mark Laker

We’re going to The Orkney Islands and Scotland for our holiday this year for hiking, sightseeing and to catch up with Karen’s family. We’ve also booked a day’s sea kayaking exploring caves and wrecks around Orkney’s coast on what is labelled a ‘novice trip’.

Just before Covid we had joined our local canoe club

I did a lot of slalom canoeing in my youth and am still comfortable in a kayak. Karen on the other hand had a lot of enthusiasm and needed to work on her technique – in fact that is the problem, she only seems to be strong in one arm – going in a straight line alluded her for a while. Then she decided to apply her sports psychology skills, which look like this:

• Think of the dream – paddling in sea caves
• Consider what is needed to achieve that dream
• Break it down into a long term goal – written in current tense with emotions and senses: ‘The rugged beauty of the cliffs covered in nesting birds is mingled with their cries, the smell of the sea and the taste of salt water as we confidently paddle along the coastline.’

Then turn that dream into Short Term Goals written using SCCAMP criteria:

• Specific – By the middle of July I will be able to do a day’s sea kayaking in Orkney.
• Challenging – The trip I’ve booked is for novice paddlers – am I at novice level yet?
• Controllable – I can book sessions and the trip…not to be confused with controlling a sea kayak!
• Achievable – We are now regularly paddling for a couple of an hours at a time
• Measurable – The more I practise the stronger I will be so I will measure how many hours practice we get in.
• Personal – I spent many a happy holiday in Orkney on my uncle’s farm and would love to experience some of the islands from the sea.

Now I consider the skills required to reach those goals

One of the skills I need is to know how to deal with a capsize situation, which we practised last week. I felt my body strength needed to pull myself back into the kayak in water was lacking and so I find myself on a similar fitness regime to agility. Weight loss, planking and running for aerobic strength as well as time on water.

The rest of the holiday we plan to be sightseeing and walking the dogs.

CSJ products are going to be well used:

• Kibble – easy to feed – dry or wet if they need more fluid
• Billy No Mates keeping the fleas and ticks at bay
• Skinny Spray for protection before they go running in moorlands
• Skinny Cream in case of any irritations
• Skinny Dip Shampoo – Chic will surely find something to roll in and I must remember to order,
• DemBones – ideal if they get ‘deli belly’

I hope you have fun planning for your own holiday whether you use it to push yourself to achieve something or are just relaxing.