Clumber Spaniel Club 2021 Championship Show

Clumber Spaniel Club 2021 Championship Show

By Lesley Knowles, Honorary Secretary, Clumber Spaniel Club

October 3rd 2021

The Clumber Spaniel Club ran their third and final show of the year, the 2021 Championship Show, at Roade Village Hall on 3rd October. Although the club had tried to find an alternative date for this show to avoid a clash with the rearranged SKC show but unfortunately the logistics of postponement were too difficult to overcome.

The show was sponsored by CSJ dog foods who provided prizes of treat bones for every class winner and a bag of food for the Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show and Best Veteran in Show. The club is very appreciative of the generous sponsorship received from CSJ both for this show and our Open Show held in August.

Gordon Sutherland was our breed judge and he and his wife Eileen deserve special mention for undertaking the long journey from their home in Scotland to be with us for the day, all amidst the threat of fuel shortages! The show attracted an entry of 30 Clumbers who ranged from multi award winning dogs to those attending their first Championship show. Congratulations to Lee Cox and Vanitonia the Force Awakens on winning Best In Show.

Thank you to Eileen Sutherland for taking the photos of our show winners featured below.

Our Special Awards classes were run in the lunch break and had 8 entries. Sadly our scheduled judge, Ian Dawson, was unable to be with us to judge these classes but many thanks to Sue Graves who stepped in at short notice and enabled these classes to run as planned.

Clumber Spaniel Club 2021 Championship Show

October 3rd 2021


Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog(3) 1 absent

1st Wahnahnish Super man (AI) (Imp) – Pickering

2nd Badgersmoon Mr Branson – Fenwick, Thompson & Langridge

Class 2 Puppy Dog (1)

1st Wahnahnish Super man (AI) (Imp) – Pickering

Class 3 Junior Dog (0)

Class 4 Novice Dog (1)

1st Nivalis Augustus – Gascoigne

Class 5 Graduate Dog (1)

1st Nivalis Augustus – Gascoigne

Class 6 Post Graduate Dog (2) 1 absent

1st Suelynda Special Edition – Fenwick & Thompson

Class 7 Limit Dog (1)

1st Whissgig the Bristolian – Sheppard

Class 8 Open Dog (3)

1st Vanitonia The Force Awakens – Cox, Gardner & Crocker

2nd Maursett Malfoy – Taylor

3rd Micklemess Fundamental – Page

Class 9 Veteran Dog (2)

1st Sh CH Creeaark Artreyu – Hirst

2nd Whissgig Daddy Cool – Sheppard

Class 10 Special Working Dog (1)

1st Micklemess Fundamental – Page

Class 11 Minor Puppy Bitch (3) 1 absent

1st Badgersmoon Lady Sybil – Langridge

2nd Badgersmoon Lady Mary – Langridge, Fenwick & Thomson

Class 12 Puppy Bitch (2) 1 absent

1st Star Fidelis Isle of Sancerre among Whissgig – Sheppard

Class 13 Junior Bitch (0)

Class 14 Novice Bitch (2)

1st Whissgig Crackerjack – Sheppard

2nd Drumancroy Lightening – Turnbull

Class 15 Graduate Bitch (1)

1st Snow White Source of Happiness for Creeaark – Hirst

Class 16 Post Graduate Bitch (1)

1st Whissgig Comedy of Errors (AI) – Sheppard

Class 17 Limit Bitch (3) 1 absent

1st Badgersmoon She’s So Guinevere – Langridge

2nd Whissgig Wintersaga (AI) – Sheppard

Class 18 Open Bitch (3)

1st Wymeswold Butterscott at Kirkara – Kirkman

2nd Maursett Mercy – Taylor

3rd Micklemess Magic Flute – Walton

Class 19 Veteran Bitch (2)

1st Micklemess Sunny Dawn – Page

2nd Sh CH Creeaark Fantastica – Hirst

Class 20 Special Working Bitch (2)

1st Jackpotstud Running Late – Knowles

2nd Micklemess Sunny Dawn – Page

Class 21 Brace (0)

Class 22 Stud Dog (0)

Class 23 Brood Bitch (0)


Special Awards Classes Results

Class a Special Puppy Dog or Bitch (1)

1st Star Fidelis Isle of Sancerre among Whissgig – Sheppard

Class b Special Junior Dog or Bitch (0)

Class c Special Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (4)

1st Snow White Source of Happiness for Creeaark (Imp) – Hirst

2nd Whissgig Crackerjack – Sheppard

3rd Jackpotstud Running Late – Knowles

4th Nivalis Augustus – Gascoigne

Class d Special Open Dog or Bitch (3)

1st Micklemess Fundamental – Page

2nd Sh CH Creeaark Fantastica – Hirst

3rd Sh CH Creeaark Artreyu – Hirst

Special Awards Class a Special Awards Class c Special Awards Class d

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Congratulations to Debra Harker and superstar Hector

Congratulations to Debra Harker and superstar Hector

By Debra Harker

Hector has finished the year as a Show Champion with the icing on the cake being him gaining his 4th CC at the British Gordon Setter Club Ch. Show and Best Opposite Sex in show .

This weekend he has then gained his 5th CC and gone Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex at The Gordon Setter Club of Scotland’s Ch Sh and then topping it off by going Best in Show at their Open Show the following day.

A long and tiring weekend but amazing results for this special boy. Still on CP24 and CSJ Salmon oil 😊

Debra and Hector

Congratulations to Hector – new show champion at Driffield Championship Show

Congratulations to Hector – new show champion at Driffield Championship Show

By Debra Harker

I’m thrilled to say Hector got his important third CC and BOB to make him a Show Champion and subject to Kennel Club confirmation, he will be known as Show Champion Hernwood Achilles at Ettrick JW. Exclusively fed on CSJ since a puppy and current being fed on CP24.
Absolutely over the moon 😊

Find out more about Debra Harker

Winners take all the CSJ prizes at South Warwickshire Canine Club July Fun Show

Winners take all the CSJ prizes at South Warwickshire Canine Club July Fun Show

By Tarryn Henson

Tarryn kindly sent us these photos taken as a result of the show we sponsored.

The show season died with the Covid epidemic. Now with the pick up of shows after lockdown ends, our charity fun shows are due to start and CSJ have supported South Warwickshire Canine Club with some products as prizes.

These were won by our members who entered the show. Everyone had a great time and we raised money for Dementia Care. We have 4 shows booked, starting with the latest fun show on 11th July 2021.

The next shows will be held on 8th, 22nd August and 19th September 2021– our Novelty Champ Show. We try to give a goodie bag to our winners 1st to 6th. We’ve enjoyed having your products before.

Follow South Warwickshire Canine Club on Facebook: South Warwickshire Canine Club

Mark and Karen Laker pack CSJ at the top of their suitcase

Mark and Karen Laker pack CSJ at the top of their suitcase

By Mark Laker

We’re going to The Orkney Islands and Scotland for our holiday this year for hiking, sightseeing and to catch up with Karen’s family. We’ve also booked a day’s sea kayaking exploring caves and wrecks around Orkney’s coast on what is labelled a ‘novice trip’.

Just before Covid we had joined our local canoe club

I did a lot of slalom canoeing in my youth and am still comfortable in a kayak. Karen on the other hand had a lot of enthusiasm and needed to work on her technique – in fact that is the problem, she only seems to be strong in one arm – going in a straight line alluded her for a while. Then she decided to apply her sports psychology skills, which look like this:

• Think of the dream – paddling in sea caves
• Consider what is needed to achieve that dream
• Break it down into a long term goal – written in current tense with emotions and senses: ‘The rugged beauty of the cliffs covered in nesting birds is mingled with their cries, the smell of the sea and the taste of salt water as we confidently paddle along the coastline.’

Then turn that dream into Short Term Goals written using SCCAMP criteria:

• Specific – By the middle of July I will be able to do a day’s sea kayaking in Orkney.
• Challenging – The trip I’ve booked is for novice paddlers – am I at novice level yet?
• Controllable – I can book sessions and the trip…not to be confused with controlling a sea kayak!
• Achievable – We are now regularly paddling for a couple of an hours at a time
• Measurable – The more I practise the stronger I will be so I will measure how many hours practice we get in.
• Personal – I spent many a happy holiday in Orkney on my uncle’s farm and would love to experience some of the islands from the sea.

Now I consider the skills required to reach those goals

One of the skills I need is to know how to deal with a capsize situation, which we practised last week. I felt my body strength needed to pull myself back into the kayak in water was lacking and so I find myself on a similar fitness regime to agility. Weight loss, planking and running for aerobic strength as well as time on water.

The rest of the holiday we plan to be sightseeing and walking the dogs.

CSJ products are going to be well used:

• Kibble – easy to feed – dry or wet if they need more fluid
• Billy No Mates keeping the fleas and ticks at bay
• Skinny Spray for protection before they go running in moorlands
• Skinny Cream in case of any irritations
• Skinny Dip Shampoo – Chic will surely find something to roll in and I must remember to order,
• DemBones – ideal if they get ‘deli belly’

I hope you have fun planning for your own holiday whether you use it to push yourself to achieve something or are just relaxing.

Press release: No Ake! from CSJ

Press release: No Ake! from CSJ


No Ake! Is a highly potent herb that is aimed at the nutritional maintenance of the dog’s musculo-skeletal system and in particular the inflammatory response.

Composed of Devil’s Claw Root it is extremely effective and can provide that extra bit of help for dogs experiencing acute stiffness of the joints or are perhaps getting over an injury – without the need for steroids or pricey alternatives AND it won’t upset the dog’s tummy.

Here’s what one dog owner posted: “Amazing supplement!!”

“I used No Ake for my elderly golden retriever, Ellie, to ease her aching joints for several years. She only needed vet meds as well from about the age of 15, and lasted past 16 years and 4 months. Thank you CSJ!”

The tiny daily dose can be added to the dog’s dinner on a continuous or ad-hoc basis and is provided in a 100g foil pouch of the dry herbs or in the 250ml liquid form of ‘No Ake! Tincture’.

Find out more about No Ake!

For more on CSJ products visit or call 01745710470

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pet trade SOLUTIONS    

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CSJ’s new bags pay tribute to dog sports

CSJ’s new bags pay tribute to dog sports

The innovative new bag design for CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds illustrates the masses of dog sports whose competitors use their products.

Ranging from sled dogs to working gundogs CSJ feeds the most Champions in the most fields and designed their new bags to pay tribute to the countless dogs and owners who have benefitted from CSJ products over the last 20+ years.

Kath Hardman, Team Manager of Heelwork to Music Team GB, emailed to say, “Just to say I love the Heelwork To Music logo on the bags of food! The other disciplines are good but WOW!  The HTM is perfect!”

Formulated by dog people for dog people and chosen by Champions in every field – CSJ never forgets its roots …

When founder Ceri Rundle and her father H. Glyn Jones couldn’t find great food at a sensible price for their own working and competing Border Collies they enlisted the help of leading nutritionists and herbal experts to devise their own winning recipes.

Made in the UK with an ongoing commitment to develop natural feeds, supplements and treats together with sustainability plus support for canine activities, CSJ is rightly renowned for being ‘the whole package’.

For more on CSJ products visit or call 01745710470

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The Border Terrier Club Open Show on Saturday 22 February 2020

The Border Terrier Club Open Show on Saturday 22 February 2020

2020Jed main winners with judge

2020 main winners with Judge

Photographs kindly provided by Joyce Martin Photography

Judge: Anne Speake

Entries: 143 dogs for 182 entries + 5 nfc 

Just to say a big thank you once again for your very kind sponsorship of our show on 22 February 2020.

We had a fantastic day – an excellent entry and the atmosphere was very friendly. The show went well – it’s always well supported. This year we’re also celebrating 100 years of the breed so there were lots of extra things going on at each of our three shows this year, including cake, fizz, special rosettes/cards etc.

Here’s a link to our website with the full results and photos:

We made up some hampers up with a selection of the products to give to the main 4 prize winners – they went down really well.

We really do appreciate you support for our show and very much hope that we can get in touch again for next year’s show.

2020JedBIS, RBIS & BPIS with judge_2

2020JedBIS, RBIS & BPIS with judge_2

BIS & Best Dog Cedarhill Melt In The Mouth (Mrs C Dean)

Reserve BIS, BOS & Best Bitch Irton Sovay (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer)

Reserve Best Dog Tojamatt Rhythm N’blues at Raedwulf (Mr M & Mrs V L Atkinson)

Reserve Best Bitch Smurfski Seismic Bliss ( Mr J Yore)

BPIS & Best Puppy Dog Beaconpike Poseidon (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

BOSPIS & Best Puppy Bitch Pipruda Metling Moment (Mrs J Alpe)

Best Veteran Cedarhill Wish Upon a Star (Mrs C Dean)

Minor Puppy Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 1 

Junior Handling

Judge: Mr Pete Appleby

“I would like to thank the Border Terrier Club for inviting me to judge the Junior Handling in this centenary year of Border Terriers.
It was a pleasure and an honour to judge the three handlers today, this is the future of our hobby, not the most experienced handlers but they all did a great job, they made up for the lack of experience with enthusiasm. They where all very courteous when accepting their prizes.”

Class A 6 – 11 years 3 entries

1st and best Junior Handler: Mya Burnley

2nd: Bradley Burnley

3rd: Beue Bradley

Class B 12 -12 years – no entries

See the full results:

Best wishes and kind regards,

Judith Fawcett

Sponsorship Steward for The Border Terrier Club

Newark & District Championship Show

Newark & District Championship Show



BIS – Ms J Webb-Chifido Figgy Pudding (Shar Pei)

RBIS – Mr R Wheeler-Ranveli Killa vanilla (Whippet).

BPIS – Mr E Vorrias-Windgunn’s Matheos (German Shepherd).

RBPIS – Mrs C & Mr E Thompson-Morgans-Belleville Love Song (Portuguese Water Dog).

Best Veteran – Mr N & Mrs C Kimber-Kimstaff’s Harry Potter JW ShCM (Staffordshire Bull Terrier).

Reserve Best Veteran – Mr E Vorrias-CH Surfstone Coolio For Windgunn (German Shepherd).

Our thanks to Ian Sexton
Secretary: Newark and District Canine Society