The Border Terrier Club Open Show on Saturday 22 February 2020

The Border Terrier Club Open Show on Saturday 22 February 2020

2020Jed main winners with judge

2020 main winners with Judge

Photographs kindly provided by Joyce Martin Photography

Judge: Anne Speake

Entries: 143 dogs for 182 entries + 5 nfc 

Just to say a big thank you once again for your very kind sponsorship of our show on 22 February 2020.

We had a fantastic day – an excellent entry and the atmosphere was very friendly. The show went well – it’s always well supported. This year we’re also celebrating 100 years of the breed so there were lots of extra things going on at each of our three shows this year, including cake, fizz, special rosettes/cards etc.

Here’s a link to our website with the full results and photos:

We made up some hampers up with a selection of the products to give to the main 4 prize winners – they went down really well.

We really do appreciate you support for our show and very much hope that we can get in touch again for next year’s show.

2020JedBIS, RBIS & BPIS with judge_2

2020JedBIS, RBIS & BPIS with judge_2

BIS & Best Dog Cedarhill Melt In The Mouth (Mrs C Dean)

Reserve BIS, BOS & Best Bitch Irton Sovay (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer)

Reserve Best Dog Tojamatt Rhythm N’blues at Raedwulf (Mr M & Mrs V L Atkinson)

Reserve Best Bitch Smurfski Seismic Bliss ( Mr J Yore)

BPIS & Best Puppy Dog Beaconpike Poseidon (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

BOSPIS & Best Puppy Bitch Pipruda Metling Moment (Mrs J Alpe)

Best Veteran Cedarhill Wish Upon a Star (Mrs C Dean)

Minor Puppy Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 1 

Junior Handling

Judge: Mr Pete Appleby

“I would like to thank the Border Terrier Club for inviting me to judge the Junior Handling in this centenary year of Border Terriers.
It was a pleasure and an honour to judge the three handlers today, this is the future of our hobby, not the most experienced handlers but they all did a great job, they made up for the lack of experience with enthusiasm. They where all very courteous when accepting their prizes.”

Class A 6 – 11 years 3 entries

1st and best Junior Handler: Mya Burnley

2nd: Bradley Burnley

3rd: Beue Bradley

Class B 12 -12 years – no entries

See the full results:

Best wishes and kind regards,

Judith Fawcett

Sponsorship Steward for The Border Terrier Club

Newark & District Championship Show

Newark & District Championship Show



BIS – Ms J Webb-Chifido Figgy Pudding (Shar Pei)

RBIS – Mr R Wheeler-Ranveli Killa vanilla (Whippet).

BPIS – Mr E Vorrias-Windgunn’s Matheos (German Shepherd).

RBPIS – Mrs C & Mr E Thompson-Morgans-Belleville Love Song (Portuguese Water Dog).

Best Veteran – Mr N & Mrs C Kimber-Kimstaff’s Harry Potter JW ShCM (Staffordshire Bull Terrier).

Reserve Best Veteran – Mr E Vorrias-CH Surfstone Coolio For Windgunn (German Shepherd).

Our thanks to Ian Sexton
Secretary: Newark and District Canine Society

Discover the winning world of Briards with Carol Foster at Fostebrie


“I feel that the CP range is a very good quality priced food which suits my Briards and as we all know – we are what we eat. We now only feed CSJ on all the Briards. I feed my Briards on CP21, CP24, and the younger ones on CP30. ” Carol Foster

Briards are good looking, large dogs with their striking, long, flowing coats.

Originally bred as working dogs, for herding and guarding flocks of sheep in France, they are highly valued for their alert, kind and loyal natures, often called ‘a heart wrapped in fur’. Once they have bonded to their family members they are protective of them. They are intelligent dogs and learn quickly.

Dogs can be black, fawn with variations in shade or slate grey.  Rugged, agile and supple they are able to turn very quickly making them ideal for herding. They have double dewclaws on their back legs as well as single ones on their front legs.

Carol and Fostebrie Briards

Carol Foster is based in South Yorkshire and believes in quality not quantity when breeding puppies. She focuses on breeding good natured and healthy, well-balanced Briards, ideal as family pets and suitable for showing or working.

Owning, showing and breeding Briards has been her passion for nearly 40 years. Carol’s dogs are treated as much-loved family members and she expects the same from any new puppy owners. They live in the house as part of the family and as Carol used to be a hairdresser, she spends hours grooming their flowing coats.

First and foremost to Carol is the health and well-being of the dogs and puppies she breeds. Her breeding dogs are carefully chosen for their health, temperament, character, structure and conformation.

Carol and her partner Phil have previously imported a dog from Europe and also brought in carefully chosen fresh bloodlines from USA, Australia and Belgium to broaden the Fostebrie gene pool.

For owners of her Briards, Carol offers ongoing support and advice whenever it is needed for the duration of the dog’s life.

It all started with Storm & Sergio, only 10 months apart in age,  They came from totally different lines and were the best of friends. They grew up, played, went to shows together and passed away within 2 weeks of each other after long and happy lives. Their memory lives on in the Fostebrie pups they both sired.

Some Fostebrie Successes 

Logan. Fostebrie Supremo Noir JW Sh Cm

1) Top Breeders 2018 in UK, Australia and Ireland.  

Carol believes that this success is due to hard work and consistent breeding.

2) Successes at 2019 Championship Shows:

Ch Fostebrie Precious Hope (ai) JW, ShCM, WW18, BW18

Bitch Challenge Certificate (CC) at;

  • Blackpool
  • ​​Windsor
  • Welsh KC

Bitch CC + Best of Breed  (BOB)  ​Richmond
Bitch CC + BOB + Pastoral Group 4 ​WPBS

Sel NL, IR Ch, Ch Fostebrie Magic Star

  •    Dog CC +  BOB at ​Manchester
  •    Reserve Dog CC  ​Blackpool
  •    IR Ch, Fostebrie Fantasy
  •    Bitch CC + Res. Best in Show at British Briard Club
  •    Reserve Bitch CC at​​   Birmingham
  •    Fostebrie Romantique of Kellbry
  •    Bitch CC + BOB + Pastoral Group 1 (Handled by 13 yr old Ilysia)
  •    Fostebrie Exotique Noir of Kellbry JW, ShCM
  •    Reserve Bitch CC at Blackpool
  •    Fostebrie Pure Creation
  •    Reserve Bitch CC at Welsh KC
  •   Fostebrie Supremo Noir JW, Sh CM
  •   Reserve Dog CC at ​WPBS
  •   Reserve Dog CC     ​British Briard Club

Ch Fostebrie Dream JW

  • Best Veteran at Windsor

Fostebrie Renaisance at Lavendale

  • Best Veteran at Welsh KC

3) Junior Warrant Competition: 

In 2019, Four Fostebrie Briards gained their Junior Warrants, (3 of them from the            same litter).  Three of these dogs qualified to go to London to take part in the semi-finals at Discover Dogs in October 2019. Out of 64 dogs 10 were chosen to go through to the final at Crufts in 2020.  One of the 10 finalists was Ch Fostebrie Precious Hope(ai) JW Sh Cm WW18 Benx18

4) World Dog Show (Amsterdam 2018):

Six Fostebrie Dogs travelled to the World Dog Show held over three days.  All six dogs were graded excellent on each day and placed in their respective classes.

Highlights of the World Dog Show were:

​13 yr old Ilysia competed in the Junior Handling semi-finals with Fostebrie ​​Romantique (Macey).

Ch & Ir Ch ​Fostebrie Magic Star (Oska): 1st in Championship Class and Reserve Best ​Dog at the Speciality Show.

Ir Ch ​Fostebrie Spartan (Troy): 1st in Championship Class and Reserve Best Dog at the Benelux Show.

Ch ​Fostebrie Precious Hope (ai) JW Sh Cm (Hope): Benelux Winner & World Winner

History of the Breed

Briards are one of the oldest French breeds that could date as far back as Emperor Charlemagne’s rule in 768 AD, when similar looking dogs appear in tapestries.

The breed is thought to be a descendant of Sir Aubry de Montdidier’s dog who took it upon himself to relentlessly pursue his master’s assassin. The King ordered that a duel should take place between the man and the dog in 1371 on the Isle de Notre Dame, and the dog won.  The dog might well have been known as the dog of Aubry (chien d’Aubry), and it could easily have become over time, to ‘chien de Brie’.

There is another story that the dogs came from the region of France known as Brie where they were developed for their wonderful guarding and herding skills.

Napoleon is believed to have had two Briards.

American President Thomas Jefferson was so impressed with the breed he took several back to the States where they worked with American farmers and became highly regarded.

The breed became popular after the Paris dog show of 1863, after being crossed with the Beauceron and the Barbet.

Briards in the War

The Briard was made the French army’s official dog. Due to their keen hearing and high intelligence they were used during World War I as red cross dogs, sentry dogs and ammunition carriers.  On the battlefield, Briards appeared to know which wounded soldiers needed help and which were beyond help. Sadly, as a result of the war, breed numbers were depleted almost to extinction at the end of the war.

Briards in the UK

The breed arrived in Britain in the late 1960’s. The first Briard to be exhibited in the UK was in 1967 with 2 dogs then qualifying for Crufts in 1969. The British Briard Club was established in 1973 and a year later the Kennel Club granted the breed full championship status.

As well as showing Briards compete in dog agility trials, obedience, flyball and herding events.  Briards are now used in service and therapy roles to help people with disabilities and comfort people in hospitals, schools, and retirement communities. They are excellent as autism and PTSD service dogs for adults and children. With keen intelligence and loyalty they can really help improve someone’s quality of life.

Briard Characteristics


Loyal and devoted family pets and companions

  • Low shedding coats
  • Real ‘extroverts’ and very playful by nature
  • Good watchdogs because they are always on the alert
  • Good around children
  • Intelligent and in the right hands, easy to train


  • Mind of their own
  • Require regular grooming
  • Better suited to households with large, secure back gardens
  • Large dogs that don’t realise their own strength and size
  • Often not the best choice for first time dog owners
  • Low boredom threshold
  • Need to be very well socialised from a young age
  • Because they are a herding dog they like to chase

Latest news from Carol Foster at Fostebrie

“We have been away with the dogs showing with great results in Scotland. We have just booked to go off again before Christmas to the Netherland and taking Hope, she only needs one more win to become Dutch Champion…”


Borzoi success – not a coincidence

Julie Marvin doing the double

CSJ brand ambassador and Borzoi enthusiast Margaret Masterman has been delighted in the extent and variety of results her friends and fellow exhibitors have experienced since switching their food and says, “It can’t be coincidence can it?”

CSJ’s Fit’n’Fast did the trick for Moira Ellett’s 4 year old dog Gibbs who was never a good eater and after torsion and major surgery for a leak in his chylothorax it was really ‘touch and go’.  But he would eat Fit’n’Fast and after gaining 16kg is now a healthy 40kg with a full and shiny coat and looking the best he ever has.

Julie Marvin has been looking after Hana Kanoo’s homebred Borzoi for around 15 years and is currently first in the leader board in the Our Dogs Top Breeder competition… quite an achievement having only bred 2 litters in the past 11 years!

Julie and the Nibrass Borzoi have had a fabulous 2019 including doing the double twice – with 4 year old male male Harley (Nibrass Roger Fitzempress) winning the Dog CC and 5 year old Dotty (Nibrass Eleanore Reginae) winning the Bitch CC at Scottish Kennel Club in May and Darlington Championship shows… with both gaining their crowns at Darlington.

Julie started feeding CSJ products 2 years ago and feeds different rations to different dogs from 2 seniors on Lamb and Rice senior/light to Complete Tripe or CP21 (Salmon) to the others.

Tracy Page found the perfect food for her 2 very fussy Borzoi in CSJ’s Complete Tripe.  She says, “Ava (Lynx Christmas Belle) particularly is the fussiest eater I have ever met, she has refused pretty much every make of food and CSJ is the only food I have found which both of them will eat consistently.  On checking the ingredients I was delighted to see the high percentage of fresh meat with only herbs added – no nasties!”

Both Tracy’s Borzoi were bred by Elisabet Jonsson in Sweden and Ava has been shown little this year but won Limit Bitch at the Welsh Kennel Club Championship show whilst her other girl India (Lynx Autumn Mist) has had a run of firsts and won the Reserve CC at WKC.

Tracy said, “I can’t explain what a relief it is no longer having dogs on hunger strike!”

There will be more photos and information about Tracy, Julie and Moira and their handsome dogs shortly on the CSJ website in the popular handler profiles pages.

For more on CSJ products visit or call 01745710470

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Online sheepdog trials:

Ivan, Galaxy and new baby Devlin are stars all round the UK

By Emma Gates


We have had a fabulous few weeks showing so far.

Firstly, we attended Scottish Kennel Club Championship show on August 24 with Ivan, Galaxy and our new baby Devlin, who all did us proud yet again in the ring. Ivan – BIS/BPIS/RBPIS Russian Roulette de Lunartico ShCM took VHC in a lovely limit dog class, Galaxy – BIS/RBISS/RBIS Int/Mulit Ch Icewolf Strike a Pose de Lunartico ShCM/Esg16’17/Csg17/TAN/WPD took VHC in a superb open female class, and Dev’s took 1st in puppy dog and 2nd in junior dog. then just the following day Devlin wins Best in Show at Felinfach Show.

On September 7th we attended Richmond Championship show and again our kids did us proud. Devlin took 1st place in minor puppy dog and 1st in puppy dog and overall best male puppy. Galaxy won the biggest class of the day, open female, and went on to win the Reserve Challenge Certificate, gaining her KC Stud Book number and lifetime Crufts qualification. 

Then a week later we headed back up north, this time to Darlington Championship show, with Devlin again winning 1st place in minor puppy dog and 1st in puppy dog and overall best male puppy. Galaxy was flawless all day and gained a very respectable reserve in the biggest and strongest class of the day again, the open bitch class. It has been a tiring few weeks, but lovely to be back on the road, having fun and success with the team, and catching up with some old friends.

The next few months are also going to be busy for us with many shows already booked.

Thank you all at CSJ for your continued support, which means more than we could ever thank you enough for.

CSJ’s founder ‘leads’ the way

pet trade SOLUTIONS tel: 07946 743784


Press release – 17.7.19

As one of 4 finalists in the Leadership in the Private Sector category of the prestigious 2019 Leading Wales Awards® Ceri Rundle was invited to attend a judging panel on Friday July 12th at the Hilton Cardiff.

The Leading Wales Awards® were developed by a consortium of professional institutes, voluntary and public sector bodies as well as private companies. The Awards seek to identify, recognise and celebrate personal achievement in outstanding leadership in Wales.

This final stage – having been selected from shortlisted candidates from businesses as diverse as engineering and data – saw Ceri interviewed by a panel of 4 including 2 previous winners.

With a theme in this year of “Daring to Lead®” the judging criteria had sought individuals in Wales whose leadership is courageous, inspirational and transformational.
Ceri whose background took her from breeding, working and trialling her Border Collies to developing her own brand of natural food, treats and herbs for working and active dogs says, “My husband Phil and I are looking forward to attending the awards ceremony on September the 26th…in such strong competition who knows the final outcome, but it has been an honour to have progressed to the final 4!”

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Matlock & District Canine Society Results


By Andrew Dale

The committee of Matlock & District Canine Society wish to thank CSJ for generously sponsoring our show once again .Prizes were awarded to Group and Group Puppy winners ,Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show, Best  Puppy in Show and Reserve Best Puppy in Show also Best Veteran in Show.


Matlock & District Canine Society Unbenched 299 class Open Show was held at Newark Showground on Sunday 17th Feb 2019. 568 dogs entered and were judged on the group system .The Best in Show Judge was  Vanessa Cox.


Gundog Group 

Winner Spaniel (English Springer)

Puppy Retriever (Flat coated)


Terrier Group

Winner Border Terrier

Puppy Norfolk Terrier


Pastoral group

Winner Briard

Puppy White Swiss Shepherd Dog


Working group

Winner Newfoundland

Puppy Newfoundland


Toy Group

Winner Pomeranian

Puppy Miniature Pinscher


Utility Group

Winner Lhasa Apso

Puppy Keeshond


Hound Group

Winner Rhodesian Ridgeback

Puppy Saluki


Best in Show Lhasa  Apso

Reserve Best in Show Spaniel(English Springer)


Best Puppy in Show Saluki

Reserve Best Puppy in Show Norfolk Terrier


Best Veteran in Show  Papillon  (8 years old)


Photos by Lewis Baucutt which are also in ‘Our Dogs’ magazine.


Results from The Border Terrier Club Open Show on Feb 23rd 2019

005By Judith Fawcett

Just to advise that we had a fantastic day on Saturday at the show – it was really well attended and I believe everyone had a lovely day.

Feb 23rd 2019 – The Border Terrier Club Open Show

Venue: The Town Hall, Abbey Place, Jedburgh. TD8 6BE

Judge: Ms Tina Jones (Otterholme)

Entries: 115 making 141, 3 NFC


Best In Show: Ridgebow Pendle Witch

Reserve Best In Show: Thornheswin Thats My Girl

Best Opposite Sex: Howthwaite in Voice

Best Dog: Howthwaite in Voice

Reserve Best Dog: Drigothe Barbarian

Best Puppy – Dog: Peaky Blinder Spiced

Best Bitch: Ridgebow Pendle Witch

Reserve Best Bitch: Thornheswin Thats My Girl

Best Puppy – Bitch: Otterbobs Georgia Blue

Best Puppy: Otterbobs Georgia Blue

Best Veteran: Drigothe Barbarian

Reserve Best Bitch: Thornheswin Thats My Girl

Best Puppy – Bitch: Otterbobs Georgia Blue

Best Puppy: Otterbobs Georgia Blue

Follow the  link to see the full results from the show:

Here’s a picture of the main winners. Your sponsorship dog food etc., went down really well – our sincere thanks and appreciation once again.

I do hope that we will be able to come back to you again for next year’s show.

Judith Fawcett

Sponsorship Steward for The Border Terrier Club

Hector – Hernwood Achilles gains his first CC and BOB at only 20 months at Manchester Championship Show

Manchester 2019 DCC & BOBDebra Harker has just told us that Hector – Hernwood Achilles not only finished 2018 as Our Dogs – Top Pup and gained his JW at 14 months: Top Junior in the breed as well as gaining a RCC at only 12 months….

He has just started 2019 with a bang by gaining his first CC and then topped it by gaining BOB at only 20 months at Manchester Championship Show.

“Blown away with my youngster and as ever exclusively fed on CSJ!!” says Debra. Find out more about Debra and Ettrick Gordon Setters at: