Big comeback for Beth and Danny

Wonderful news from Beth and Danny Fitzgerald
By Bethan Fitzgerald
“Danny’s knee is so far better than ever and he’s out on his bike a lot strengthening it up.
We’ve been keeping busy with a litter of 10 puppies.They are three weeks old now and doing fine, mum is great but I’m sure she will be walking away in the next week leaving me with all the hard work!!!!
All the dogs are on CP30 and salmon oil at the moment and looking fab.We have been given our best dog, Charlie back from Keith Johnson so Danny is over the moon as he has been able to continue to compete. So far since Danny’s op in December,he has won the two BSSF races which makes him the British Champion in the Elite bike class.
The plan next season for me will be getting back on the scooter with Pepsi and Danny will be racing Charlie on the bike. As Danny is ranked number one in the U.K. he has qualified for the World Championships in Poland this November which he will be attending.
Out of the litter, we will be picking one boy to race in the future which means I get Charlie and Pepsi for a two dog team – so it looks like we are back in the sport!!!
We are planning to race at the British championships next year where I will also continue to be the Team Vet.”
Welcome back to the sport and to the CSJ team, Bethan and Danny.

Aviemore 2 dog champions for 2017

By Suzanne Spalding

This weekend we took part in the 34th running of the Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain Aviemore rally with over 1000 dogs competing and large crowds lining the course.

We were racing in the 2 dog class with Diamond and Granite our 4 year old girls and after the draw on the Friday, we were the team out last, but had a good clean run on the physically challenging 4 mile Glenmore trail. We passed 8 teams to finish 4th after the first run 10.6 secs behind 1st place in a very close competitive field.

1st place by 2.9 seconds!

On the Sunday the course was covered in a blanket of snow which completely changed the conditions. We had a storming 2nd run to move up to 1st place by 2.9 seconds and become Aviemore 2 dog champions for 2017.

We are so proud of our girls and all they have achieved and would like to say a huge thank you to CSJ specialist canine foods for their continued support.

If anybody would like further information in running their dogs please feel free to contact us on: 078777 39590 email:

Colin Spalding

BSSF British National Championships Race results from Colin Spalding

By Suzanne Moore


We attended races 3 & 4 of the BSSF British National Championships at Newborough Forest Angelsey North Wales at the weekend. The course was 3.2 miles long with the first mile on soft sand which made it all very challenging.


In the 2 dog scooter Diamond and Granite ran well over the 2 days to come away with the silver medal. In the elite open bikejor Dexter ran well on the Saturday on his first race on sand and ran 46 seconds quicker on the Sunday to come away with a great 4th place. Cupar running in the open scooter had 2 great runs to come away with a 4th position. He continues to put in amazing performances for a dog approaching 9 years old. The level of competition was extremely high with some great times being recorded.

We would like to thank our sponsors CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds for their continued support.

Our next race is the SDAS championship race at Rothes near Elgin on 21st & 22nd Jan with the SHCGB race at Aviemore the following weekend 28th & 29th Jan.


Sleddog & Bikejor Silver Success from Colin Spalding

Posting by Colin Spalding

We have been racing in our first race of the season this weekend at the IFFS world cup race and BSSF British chamionship race at Bowlands Trail…. On a very physical technical course and despite crashing 7 times in 6 races, we came home with 3 silver medals:

  • Dexter in the open elite bikejor
  • Cupar in the 1 dog open scooter
  • Diamond and Granite in the 2 dog Nordic scooter.

There were 30 teams with 600 dogs were at the event. Our next race is the European Championships at Thetford from 18th to 20th Nov, so some hard work from now until then for the dogs and myself.

A huge thanks to CSJ for supporting our teams.


December highs from Beth and Danny Fitzgerald

Posting from Beth and Danny Fitzgerald

Our last race of 2015 and we finish on a high! The trails were muddy, hilly and fun! Danny took home Gold with his 4 dog team, achieving the fastest time of the whole rally! And Beth was also won Gold with her two dogs too, Bryn and Gimli.

Half the trail was fast but the other half was a slow incline with so much mud so it was hard for the musher to get grip. It all came down to the dogs strength and fitness to get the Gold and they did us proud one more.

A little rest and back to full training for next month, the dogs are doing fantastic, getting CP30, Go On! herbs, Storm Canis® and Salmon Oil. Salmon oil is great in the winter to keep their coats and skin in top condition for fending off the mud and keeping them warm.

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Team Coldfeet have hit the ground running this season


By Pete Jones

Team Coldfeet have hit the ground running this season with my 6 dog getting 3 first placings at the first 3 races and Karen’s 4 dog getting 2 first placings. One did not finish due to an accident.

The teams are proving that the change to CP30 has really hit the spot on keeping the dogs healthy and building on their energy performance.

Team Coldfeet would like to give a big thank you to CSJ for their continuing support and hope the success continues throughout this seasons busy race calendar.

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By Tracy Thomas

On a weekend when the snow was probably at it’s deepest on every road to Moray, our dedicated mushers made their way to Culbin Forest for the SDAS CSJ Championship series day and night race.  Anyone traveling north on the A9 will agree they’d have been quicker parking up their vans and having their dogs take them to the venue on a sled! …oh, but for the legal implications…

Typically, the snow hadn’t settled in the forest, but some flooding gave the race organisers a nice, last minute, challenge to re-think the race route! Culbin is a large forest with loads of lovely twisty trails and as some last minute sign checks were completed, participants started to arrive.

The morning race got under way, it was enjoyable, very relaxed, with a lovely atmosphere, the newly chosen trail didn’t disappoint, twisty and windy sections to keep the dogs interested, with some long straights to build up a bit of speed. To live closer to this forest and train in it regularly would be fantastic, there are miles and miles of grassy trails.

The start & finish points were close to the parking area, keeping everyone close together, friends old & new chatted and shared stories of their experiences on the trails.

The snow fell throughout the day, adding to the atmosphere

 snow imageAlmost 50 teams raced at the event, with a number of entrants taking part in more than one class, some raced round the course as a bike-jor team, at phenomenal speed, to have a quick change of dog and equipment, and do it all again on a scooter!



Juniors included, completing the course on a rig before cani-crossing with their beloved pets, & not just once, but twice in the same day! These guys & girls follow in their parents footsteps, developing a passion for the sport from an early age.


rebecca After a short break to rest and eat, it was time to go again! Everyone helping out to get marshals in place and competitors to the start line, the trail was equally enjoyable in the dark & before long we were announcing the winners, who received some tasty treats for their dogs, CSJ 100% Salmon Fishcuits, CSJ Salmon Oil and CSJ herbs.

Thank you so much to CSJ for their continued sponsorship, it’s great to receive products we can use, I know my dogs love the Fish Cuits! Huge thanks to our members who travelled to attend this race, many we know had as much as 15 to 20 hour journeys home through the snow.

Race images taken by, and used with kind permission of  AGlew@Journey Beyond

Just 2 more race weekends left for this season, Ford Estate on 7 & 8 March and Bowland Estate, 3 stage event on 21 & 22 March, where the SDAS CSJ Championship Series winners will be revealed.

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ford poster  Bowlands poster