Galaxy, Leo, Tigre & Thor sweep up praise across Belgium & Poland

Emma Gates

We had an amazing 2 days showing at the end of June, day one in Belgium and day 2 in Poland, with Galaxy finishing her Belgian championship and gaining title number 16, and getting another point towards her Polish championship.


Our Leo (SNOWALLEN THOR DE LUNARTICO SHCM, ASG17, TAN, WPD) also did really well with a 2nd place on day one, and winning the CAC and reserve best male in Poland, and also adding another point towards his polish championship.

Our new team member CWNHAPUS TIGERS EYE FOR SHAALI – Tigre the Siberian husky, owned by Samantha Toomer Shaali Kennels, had a fantastic time with us and received the top grading on both days, and best male puppy in Poland. We have a few more shows before Christmas, and lots of plans already in place for 2019.

Shane & Leo

NFCC Results 2017

We also had a lovely update from the Norwegian Forest Cat Club today on Thor, confirming him as number one male kitten and overall top kitten for 2017, and 3rd top male neuter for 2017 after only 5 shows as an adult. I am so proud of him. he is enjoying a break at the moment, and is currently busy chasing creepy crawlies lol.

Wonderful news about Lottie

By Rachel White

Well this little lady has had another massive come back. Here she is at the beach the other evening loving life.

She has perked up no end and has amazed us with her resilience where we thought she was at deaths door. Her weight is going between 23 – 24kgs but she isn’t exercising as she used to. Such a happy little girl and Thursday is her 1 year anniversary with us !

Lottie loves her holiday

By Rachel White

Well we have finally been through Lotti’s holiday photos and it was really difficult to choose which ones to send, so we hope you like the following photos.

Lotti had a wonderful first holiday.

She absolutely adored coming away with the family and was adamant that she wasn’t going to miss out on anything. We walked on the Millennium Coastal Path at Llanelli, that really blew our cobwebs away. Here’s Lottie keeping up with the family.

Lotti wanted to swim in the sea but we stopped her as it was so far away……. we made it up to her by finding a big lake.

We visited lots of parks and fun places and Lotti was thoroughly tired.  She would cuddle up with her cuddly toys and not move from her bed. In the photo above, you can see how Lottie’s brown eyes always work… She always get a tickle!


Lottie and her amazing flying ears!

Lotti is still loving Porky Pooch!

But her weight is staying the same.  She is currently at 23.5kg but looking so much fitter and the fat around her body especially her bottom is disappearing.  She is still quite the celebrity where we live and people are always shocked at how well she is looking, which is lovely to hear.
She is still having her No Ake!, which I am sure is giving her the extra boost.  She certainly doesn’t need her medication as much, which makes me so happy.

Here’s Lottie in her snuggly warm jumper after her swim.All wrapped up and nice and warm again. Looking so much younger x



No Christmas pudding!

By Rachel

Lottie has hung her stocking up and she doesn’t want to move away from it !!
She is going to be a very spoilt little girl.

She continues to do well, hasn’t lost anymore weight but we are not surprised
as she has to increase her exercise slowly. We are thrilled that she hasn’t put on
any weight.

Her body shape is changing dramatically and she is getting better movements
in her walking now and now looks more like a dog rather than a beached whale.lottie


Lotti & the ‘Slave’ a.k.a Rachel xxx

Lottie is back! The hydrotherapy is working

Posting by Rachel White

Lottie went to the vets today, and has been signed off regarding her cruciate ligament.  She does not need surgery, which we are thrilled about.


She absolutely loved her hydrotherapy sessions at Aqua Dogs Cardiff which has helped her so much during her recovery.


They could not get over how well behaved she was. We have been given exercises from Aqua Dogs Cardiff which we are doing and we are seeing great results, especially with her back which was so arthritic.


Lottie hasn’t lost much weight (only a few grams) as she has been resting, but now we are able to build up her exercise again and the weight will soon drop off again.  She hasn’t gained any which is fantastic.




Today’s weight is 23.4kg


She is looking so much better, and her body shape is changing so much, we know she is a lot slimmer than before as she can now fit into a harness we have at home and we have been using as a guide.


She is far happier and full of life, and will be so pleased that she can join us again on our family walks.

Look at the difference in Lottie!

Posting by Rachel White

Lottie is becoming quite well known where we live and with my CSJ customers. They always ask about her and she comes to greet them. Win – Win! I say.

Lottie continues to be amazing. We have seen a huge difference in her in the last 2 weeks. When we go out with all our dogs she is actually trying to run to keep up with them, and she wants to go off exploring with them.

She is getting more confident with leaving my side as I’m hoping she is realising that I’m always going to be here and not leaving her, so she is starting to relax a lot more. I can leave our back door open now and she is confident to potter outside and the door won’t ever be shut on her.

She is still loving her Porky Pooch! (thank goodness) and she has her next weigh a week on 30th Sept.. We have everything crossed for her, but you only need to look at her to see the difference.

We can’t get over how young she is looking in the face.