UKDS Event at Bedingham, 10th-11th September 2022

By Wendy Beasley

What a lovely couple of days we have had watching some super dogs make history by bringing this sport to Norfolk. Although it was born here, there had not been an event here before, and I couldn’t have imagined it any better than it was.  This was in no small part down to Steve and Jo Felton for providing the fantastic venue. A large field with two thirds fenced with totally dog proof fencing, and the last third plenty big enough for parking, an exercise area, a toilet and a base. I heard at least one competitor describe it as a “a field to die for” and, as it was only at the bottom of my road, it could not have been any more convenient for us.

When I decided to put this on I was aware that getting sponsors could make the competition so much better.  I was amazed by the response that resulted in great prizes and something for every competitor. This was down to the generosity of CSJ Dog Food,  Crossways Country Store Ellingham. This was further enhanced by the beautiful rosettes supplied by In the Ribbons.

People were also very generous with their offers of help and I am especially grateful to Anita Bagge who judged Beginners and then went on to work her own dog in Novice.  Ann Handley also did Trojan service as Judge for Novice and steward for the other three levels, and then went on to stay behind at the end to help clear up. Another vote of thanks must go to Joan Snowden and Hilary Mercer who, between them, took some great photos. Finally I must thank Paul Beasley who as well as being by my side in the organising, setting up and clearing up, went on to judge both Intermediate and Advanced.

Although our entries were good, we did lose three of our Beginners before the event for various reasons, so only had two competitors at that level. The other levels were between four and five and we managed to fill both days without rushing, so everyone had plenty of time to get ready and to work without any panic. In hindsight, despite wondering if we should have done it all in one day, everyone seemed to agree it worked better having the extra time and everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

I see the judges have kindly done their own reports so I won’t go into the work other than to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching you all work your super dogs and you made UKDS everything I hoped it would be, so thank you.

<strong>Dream come true for dad and son at World Sheepdog Trials</strong>

Dream come true for dad and son at World Sheepdog Trials

Press release – 24.8.22

Arwyn Davies told sponsors CSJ that it was a dream come true that he will finally get to represent his country with dad Bryn … after 10 years of competing against each other!

Bryn (57) and Arwyn (28), of Bryneglwys, have both qualified to represent Wales at the 2023 World Sheepdog Trials at the Gill Hall Estate in Dromore, County Down, on September 23, 2023.

Bryn started competing in trials career in the mid-1990s and Arwyn grew up with it.

They were just two of many hopefuls who headed to Newtown recently hoping to qualify from the Welsh trials and Arwyn topped it off beautifully with himself and his dog Cynfal Gwen finishing second overall.

Both Bryn and Arwyn feed their dogs on CSJ’s specialist dog foods and naturally CSJ’s owner and founder Ceri Rundle understands well how tough it is to compete with so many top winning handlers and dogs … since amongst her own numerous successes she was the first lady to qualify for the Welsh National Team in 1996, and also competed in the World Trials in Ireland in 2005.

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By Captain Alan Rees

The inaugural Welsh Game Fair is to be held at the beautiful Vaynol Estate, in North Wales, on the weekend of the 9th to the 11th of September 2022. This year the International Competition will see the four home nations, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, competing in the International arena, over two days, with 4 Retrievers per International team.

The team selected to represent Wales is detailed below

Once again, a huge thank you to Ceri and Phil , of CSJ K9, whose continued support enables us to compete at this prestigious event.





 D.O.B. 19.07.17 ; SEX: LAB. RET. DOG






D.O.B. 30.12.16; SEX: LAB. RET. BITCH






 D.O.B. 22.09.14; SEX: LAB. RET. DOG






D.O.B. 03.06.15; SEX: LAB. RET. DOG



Thank you, Diolch yn Fawr

Alan Rees

<strong>CSJ Highland Agility Stakes Finals</strong>

CSJ Highland Agility Stakes Finals

3rd July 2022

By Sara Hawkswell

The 3rd of July 2022 saw the return of the GWCT Game Fair at Scone Palace.

In the morning the preliminary agility round was held which determined the running order for the afternoon’s final. Our Judge for the day was Yvonne Reid who set a fantastic course showing the ability of the dogs and handlers to the viewing spectators. 

After a break which enabled the competitors to have a wander round the stalls in an effort to ease any nerves it was time to set the course for the final. As the stalking ponies were in before us we needed to clear away mountains of pony poo, however it was quite special poo as they were ponies owned by the Queen!

Once again Yvonne set another fantastic, fast course.  The ring is big and Yvonne set  a course that meant dogs, and handlers, had to cover a long distance.  A large crowd gathered to watch dogs in all four height categories run.  The winners had to work hard for their places – in the medium competition only 0.6 seconds separated the winner and runner up!! 

Congratulations to the winners:

Large Winner: Lalapaws Born This Way handled by Dane Redford.

Runner Up: Combyeanaway By The Way Love handled by Alan Short

Intermediate Winner: Candlewind Spring Time handled by Emily Lewis.

 Runner Up: Inverlochys Spooktacular. Handled by Cerys Miller

Medium Winner: Basileas More of a Chaser handled by Jennifer Kent

 Runner Up: Sanscott Midnight Mist handled by Elizabeth Graham

Small Winner: Blundas April handled by Emma Pullan

 Runner Up: Calderwood Cheeky Charmer handled by Derek Elms

Huge thanks go to our sponsor CSJ, with support from Showtime Online and Norton Rosettes. Without your support we could not run this showcase event. Also thanks to Hollycraig Photography and CSB Photography for the photographs and the ring party for giving up their day to make it such a memorable day for the competitors.



First place – Ireland with 903 points

Second place– England with 886 points

Third place – Wales with 854 points

Fourth place – Scotland with 850 points

A big thank you to the Game Fair, Barbara Kuen, Francesca Prentice, Lisa Harris and Mark Clifford, the four judges that did a great job over the two days, and not to forget the great arena crew who were perfect throughout the duration of the competition.

This year’s course, probably the best Game Fair course for a long time, was challenging. 

A huge thank you to Ceri and Phil of CSJ, our main sponsors. Without their continued support it would be impossible to compete at this level.

Wales consolidated their third place overall at International level after some fierce competition over the two days. 

Top spaniels were Scotland with 480 points, second England with 470 points, Third Wales with 458 points and Ireland with 451. The Welsh team, after numerous late changes did remarkably well. Roger Woolridge with 91, Dewi Williams with 88, were first timers on the team, taking on a very difficult Spaniel course. Rhys Carpenter, came in late, scoring a creditable 93, but is was a delight to see Steve Erasmus ( Raz) coming up with  a score of 99, he was a joy to watch. A huge thank you must go to Aled Jones, who leads and works so hard with the spaniels returning a score of 87. Thanks must go to Julie Thatcher, our reserve, for her great support over the weekend.Well done all.

Top Retrievers were Ireland with 452 points, after a fantastic performance, second England with 416 points, third were Wales with 396 points and then Scotland with 370 points. There was a change in the format of this year’s Retriever competition with all Retrievers running on both days, having a total of 10 retrieves per Retriever. The course for the Retrievers clearly showed how difficult it was with 12 failures over the course of the two days, this was tough going. Nigel Probert with Angus returning a score of 90, Alan Rees with Magnum on 89, Nigel again, with Tom on 85, Mike Jones with Buzz on 67 and David Christmas Thomas with Martha, new on the team, scoring 65. There was a tie for top Retriever between Steve Richardson of England and John Dawson of Ireland , both on a score of 98.

A big thank you to our reserve Wendy Glue for her contribution over the weekend.

In closing I would like to thank all 16 spaniels that tried out for the team this year plus the 20 Retrievers that also tried out. Thank you to all the helpers, dummy throwers and the team members that have travelled so far to practice and compete. 

Once again a huge thank you to Ceri & Phil and all at CSJ. Your 15 years of loyal support is well appreciated.

Diolch yn Fawr

Alan Rees

Captain of the Wales Team

England win the HPR Home International Competition at The Game Fair 2022

England win the HPR Home International Competition at The Game Fair 2022

Results of the HPRHome International at The Game Fair 2022

What a day! Team England had a fantastic day at The Home International HPR competition at The Game Fair 2022 and won for the 2nd consecutive year! Well done to team Captain Suzi and Maus who scored maximum score of 120 and won the Best Retrieving Dog and to Alan and Senza who scored 118/120 and took not only Gun’s Choice but also Top Hunting Dog!

“The kit was amazing – a lot of oohs and aahs when I handed them out. England Won again! Thanks again for the great kit.” Team Captain Suzi Burton.

Four Nations Challenge 2022, Scone Palace, Perth, Scotland

Four Nations Challenge 2022, Scone Palace, Perth, Scotland

By Alan Rees

What an event – this was the fourth Four Nations Challenge Gundog International Working Test, and unbelievably it gets better and better every year.

A huge congratulations to Sam Drysdale and her team who work so hard to put on this event, undoubtedly one of,  if not, the best event on the calendar – and that’s saying something. I’m sure all the handlers and spectators would confirm that statement, and as the commentator Adrian Slater stated many times – the grand stand was rocking.

Wales were delighted again to be part of the event and that is only achievable through the financial help and sponsorship of CSJ, Ceri and Phil Rundle. We, as a Team were delighted to have both of them with us over the weekend. A big personal thank you to you both from me and the Team.

We were delighted to welcome back Simon Hagain as a Retriever member of the Team this year, he ran very well, we were also delighted to welcome the newbee, Dewi Williams, although his name caused a few problems for the commentators, Dewi put in a sterling performance with his E.S.S. dog Bryn, well done!!

There were three spectacular runs over a very difficult course for Retrievers, Declan Boyle (Ireland), David Latham (England) tied with 113 out of a possible 120 points, with Declan winning the run off for Top Dog, Nigel Probert of Wales returned a magnificent 112, a point short – these three were outstanding over the course of the International test.

Now onto the spoils – 

Top Retrievers   Ireland    283           Top SpanielsEngland 312     Team Placings   First         England  590

Second               England  278            Second           Ireland    305                                Second      Ireland  588   

 Third                   Wales     273            Third               Wales      272                                Third          Wales   545

 Fourth             Scotland    244             Fourth            Scotland  247                                Fourth    Scotland   491

One thing this International competition proved is that everything is decided on very small margins. We now look forward to The Game Fair at Ragley Hall, towards the end of July.

Alan Rees

Team Captain

CSJ feeds Champions in all canine sports

CSJ feeds Champions in all canine sports

Press Release

In the 24 years since Ceri Rundle and her father were struggling to find good food at an affordable price for their working Border Collies the word has spread about their CSJ products throughout all canine activities.

Ceri says, “As dyed in the wool owners, breeders and competitors we truly understand the varying needs of dogs within the now huge variety of dog sports from flyball to gundogs and even dancing with dogs.”

She goes on, “We feed the most Champions in the most sports as well as pets which themselves have particular needs such as defence from fleas and lice (Billy No Mates! herbs), or Calm Down! (our herb supplement aimed at dogs in stressful situations such as thunder or fireworks).”

It makes all the years of commitment worthwhile when we hear from happy owners about their successes, typical of which are …

Canisports competitor Chelsea-Anne Lee who won the 2021 / 2022 Championship at Newnham in two categories – Champion 4 Dog Rig (Tony with Ted, Wally, Kai and Nero) and Champion Male Bikejor (Tony racing Nala). Chelsea-Anne told us, ‘Our team as you know is made up of 6 rescue sheepdogs and a staffy x husky. As the interest in canisports grows there will always be a desire for purpose bred dogs for the sport (that’s what makes it such a spectacle to watch) however we are keen to show that rescue dogs can compete just as well and ultimately provide plenty of fun whilst doing so.’

Debra Harker with her beautiful Gordon Setter, Hector – Sh Ch Hernwood Achilles at Ettrick JW – who sent us this photo and comments, ‘Hector gained his 6th CC at Birmingham National on Saturday, as ever fed on CSJ CP21 and Salmon oil. Lots of lovely comments about how good he looks and I know what you put in counts so much.’ 

Ceri concludes, “People’s dogs mean so much to them and, as grass roots owners ourselves, we understand why, so will consistently strive to offer the very best in nutrition at the best possible price to help give their dogs full, healthy and happy lives.”

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UK Gundog Team wins KC International Team Test!

UK Gundog Team wins KC International Team Test!

Press release – 22.6.22

Nigel Probert of Llangynidr Gundogs contacted Ceri Rundle of CSJ with this exciting news about the Kennel Club International Team Test held at Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire on 16th and 17th June.

“When I was asked by the Kennel Club to Captain the UK gundog team for 2022 it felt an honour and a privilege to be asked.  My first task was to select a team so I asked the captains of England, Ireland and Scotland to pick me a dog from their selection process. 

This was done slightly different in Wales and I asked two independent panel judges to set a course and to judge the selection as I had to take part in running in the selection myself.  Fortunately, I was the highest scoring on that day so I was picked to represent Wales.

The Team was picked as follows Nigel Probert . David Logan . Kieron Coey . Adam Snare

Day one of the competition consisted of a walk up with water retrieves included then followed on to a drive scenario picking 4 retrieves at 200yrds plus over a steep bank valley. This was pushing the dogs due to the extreme temperatures that we had over the two days, but with careful management of wetting the dogs and staying in the shade between retrieves as much as possible, we could keep their performance up.

End of day one we were in second position, a few points behind Netherlands but all to play for – anything could happen…

Day two consisted of five double retrieves in a variety of woodland and open grassland scenes – memories and blinds.

Our performance stayed consistent but we dribbled points here and there (which was similar to the other teams) but thankfully no zeros!! By the end, the consistent performance of all our dogs then pushed the UK Gundog Team into first position – it was tight with Ireland only 5 points behind but we did it!

I would like to thank CSJ for the dedicated help and sponsorship that they always provide for Gun dog International Events.  Without sponsors such as CSJ we wouldn’t be able to take our dogs to these events so it is very much appreciated.”

Final scores were :-

1st – Great Britain 1048 points

2nd – Ireland 1043 points

3rd – Italy 1027 points

4th – Netherlands 1006 points

Kieron Coey also sent this

“Ceri, I want to personally thank you for CSJs support over the last few days, I hope we did you proud. It is refreshing to see a company still prepared to support working dogs of all varieties in these difficult times. I struggled for at least 18 months before finding a food that agreed with Ralph (Int. Ftch Crosstone Trickster) trying everything from the cheapest to very expensive before discovering CSJ at the Moira Game Fair and we have not looked back, feeding fit and fast for the last 5 years. Once again thank you very much.

David Logan also messaged

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to CSJ, Phil and yourself for everything you have done over the weekend for the team. It is greatly appreciated!”

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