Arfon Working Gundog Group Open AV Retriever Trial

Arfon Working Gundog Group Open AV Retriever Trial

The Arfon Working Gundog Club held their Open AV Retriever Trial at Checkley Wood Shoot by kind permission of Mr Ivor Beavis. The judges were Mr John Yarwood, Mrs Lynn Mitchell, Mrs Victoria Stanley and Mr Phillip Smithies.

The weather started off a bit dull but, as the day went on, the clouds cleared and we finished in sunshine.

I would like to thank our hosts, the judges, the guns and the helpers who volunteered to carry the game etc. and the competitors. Finally thanks to our sponsors CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds for providing gifts for the award winners.


Winner – IntFTCH Skovagers Six Mile Woodcock a Lab Bitch Owner/Handler Miss Louise Munchaus Adsboel

Second – FTCH  Lowtrrey Klay of Ticefield a Lab Dog Owner/Handler Keith Broomfield

Third – Brocklebank Vital -a Lab Dog Owner/Handler Miss Amy Collier

Fourth – Brockahghs Forba a Lab Dog Owner/Handler Jim Collins




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Meon Valley Working Spaniel Club Trial,  10th November 2022

Meon Valley Working Spaniel Club Trial, 10th November 2022

By Chris Bridgewater

Open A/V (except Cocker) Spaniels

Judges Andy Robinson & Roger Shepherd

at Savernake by kind arrangement with Paul Howard

Thank you to Ceri and everyone at CSJ for their kind sponsorship. It was a great Trial, results below…

1st CHURAIL CHALLENGE  Owner Nicky Hunter  /  Handler Carl Colclough

2nd HALAZE ULTRA  Owner/Handler Chris Thurston-Woolnough also GUNS CHOICE

3rd SHALLSPOON SNAKE HIPS Owner/Handler Paddy Williams

4h DASHBROOK TYPHOON Owner/Handler Steve Bolton

CoM DRUMAGROVE CARMEL Owner/Handler Harley Thomson

CoM HAGGHOUSE PREDATOR Owner/Handler Grant Branton


CoM FUSELEA HARRIOTT Owner/Handler Julie Thatcher

CoM CHAMARET DANCER Owner/Handler Anna Holland

CoM DASHBROOK MIDSUMMER Owner/Handler Steve Bolton




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Arfon Working Gundog Club Novice Retriever Trial, 19th October 2022

By Arfon Working Gundog Club

The Arfon Working Gundog Club held a 14 dog Novice A.V.Retriever Stake at Bryn Y Pys, Overton on Dee, Wrexhan by kind permission of the Rosselli Family and Head Keeper Mr Tom Painter. I would like to thank the judges for giving up their time and also to the guns, our team of helpers, our hosts, the competitors and all who organised a very successful day.

Our judges were Mr Keith Bellamy, Mrs Victoria Stanley, Mr Gary Collier and Mr Gareth Lewis.

I would like to congratulate our winner who, on her way to victory, achieved a multi dog eye wipe, also congratulations to the other award winners.


Winner – Minstead Boa Vista Lab B owned and handled by Judith White

Second – Kynigos Majic Midnight Lab D  Owner Handler – Paul Edmunds

Third – Risbtbrow Bertie Lab D Owner Handler – Chris Kettle

Photo shows l-r – Paul Edmunds, Gary Collier, Judith White, Keith Bellamy, Chris Kettle, Gareth Lewis




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Cornwall Gundog Club Show, 18th September 2022

By Joy Baguley

Judge Mrs Jan Janes
VIS Clunie’s Golden Retriever Warrentor maple Moon
RBVIS Newman’s Hungarian Wire Haired Visla Lanokk Violeska

Judge Mrs Jan Janes
BPIS Leeming’s Golden Retriever Kadaka Kalypso at Iscadu.
RBPIS McCabe’s Spaniel (Cocker) Zheridons Zephranthos at Grandtully.
3rd BPIS Coleman, Irish Setter Camaling Rose Royal
4th BPIG Stone’s Kideoan Mark Time for Merrem

Judge Mrs Jan Janes
BIS Pike’s Irish Setter Redclyst Boris
RBIS Henderson’s Gordon Setter When I Was Your Man Black Lofty
3rd BIS Attwood’s Welsh Springer Spaniel IR SH CH Kylowen Drym ShCM ShCEx
4th BIS Osman’s Pointer Fleurfield Firethorn at Marissolo ShCEx




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Introducing UKDS (UK Dog Sport)

Introducing UKDS (UK Dog Sport)

By Wendy Beasley

For those of you looking at UK Dog Sport for the first time and wondering what it’s all about
here is a bit of an overview.

UKDS is a sport designed to cater for all breeds and all people. It is hoped that before too
long events will take place all over the country so people will not need to travel miles to
compete and, in addition to this, the levels are set so that whatever stage you and your dog are
at there should be a level to suit you.

Based loosely around working trials there are tests of nosework, control and agility with the obstacles within the capability of nearly all dogs. At its most basic levels exercises allow for dogs to be worked on the lead and encouraged with food or toys, and yet the top level is set at a standard equal to the highest level of competition. This sport is not KC affiliated and those running events are free to put on as
many or as few levels as they can accommodate and also set the entry number to their own

As competitors progress through the levels, they will become more challenging and give those
who want to continue to improve something to aim for, but there is no requirement to move
on and participants may remain working one level for as long as they wish.

UKDS is still very much in its early days and things may change as the sport moves on but,
for now at least, it’s “try it and see” while we continue to learn and tweak it where necessary.
So why not give it a go and hopefully enjoy a new sport that you and your dog should find
both challenging and rewarding.

For more information and further copies of the Regulations and Guidance Booklet

Contact: Wendy Beasley

On FB Messenger

Email –

01508 482378 / 07798918387

UKDS Event at Bedingham, 10th-11th September 2022

By Wendy Beasley

What a lovely couple of days we have had watching some super dogs make history by bringing this sport to Norfolk. Although it was born here, there had not been an event here before, and I couldn’t have imagined it any better than it was.  This was in no small part down to Steve and Jo Felton for providing the fantastic venue. A large field with two thirds fenced with totally dog proof fencing, and the last third plenty big enough for parking, an exercise area, a toilet and a base. I heard at least one competitor describe it as a “a field to die for” and, as it was only at the bottom of my road, it could not have been any more convenient for us.

When I decided to put this on I was aware that getting sponsors could make the competition so much better.  I was amazed by the response that resulted in great prizes and something for every competitor. This was down to the generosity of CSJ Dog Food,  Crossways Country Store Ellingham. This was further enhanced by the beautiful rosettes supplied by In the Ribbons.

People were also very generous with their offers of help and I am especially grateful to Anita Bagge who judged Beginners and then went on to work her own dog in Novice.  Ann Handley also did Trojan service as Judge for Novice and steward for the other three levels, and then went on to stay behind at the end to help clear up. Another vote of thanks must go to Joan Snowden and Hilary Mercer who, between them, took some great photos. Finally I must thank Paul Beasley who as well as being by my side in the organising, setting up and clearing up, went on to judge both Intermediate and Advanced.

Although our entries were good, we did lose three of our Beginners before the event for various reasons, so only had two competitors at that level. The other levels were between four and five and we managed to fill both days without rushing, so everyone had plenty of time to get ready and to work without any panic. In hindsight, despite wondering if we should have done it all in one day, everyone seemed to agree it worked better having the extra time and everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

I see the judges have kindly done their own reports so I won’t go into the work other than to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching you all work your super dogs and you made UKDS everything I hoped it would be, so thank you.



By Captain Alan Rees

The inaugural Welsh Game Fair is to be held at the beautiful Vaynol Estate, in North Wales, on the weekend of the 9th to the 11th of September 2022. This year the International Competition will see the four home nations, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, competing in the International arena, over two days, with 4 Retrievers per International team.

The team selected to represent Wales is detailed below

Once again, a huge thank you to Ceri and Phil , of CSJ K9, whose continued support enables us to compete at this prestigious event.





 D.O.B. 19.07.17 ; SEX: LAB. RET. DOG






D.O.B. 30.12.16; SEX: LAB. RET. BITCH






 D.O.B. 22.09.14; SEX: LAB. RET. DOG






D.O.B. 03.06.15; SEX: LAB. RET. DOG



Thank you, Diolch yn Fawr

Alan Rees

UK gundog team wins Kennel Club International 2022

UK gundog team wins Kennel Club International 2022

By Nigel Probert, Kieron Coey and David Logan

When I was asked by the Kennel Club to Captain the UK gundog team for 2022, it felt an honour and a privilege to be asked. My first task was to select a team, so I asked the captains of England, Ireland and Scotland to pick me a dog from their selection process. This was done slightly different in Wales where I asked two independent panel judges to set a course and to judge the selection as I had to take part in running in the selection myself. Fortunately, I was the highest scoring on that day so I was picked to represent Wales. 

The Team was picked as follows: 

Nigel Probert – Wales
David Logan – Scotland
Kieron Coey – Ireland
Adam Snare – England

Day One of the competition consisted of a walk up with water retrieves included then followed on to a drive scenario picking 4 retrieves at 200 yards plus over a steep bank / valley. This was pushing the dogs due to the extreme temperatures that we had over the two days, but with careful management, wetting the dogs and staying in the shade between retrieves as much as possible, we could keep their performance up. 

Anything could happen

End of day one we were in second position, a few points behind Netherlands but all to play for – anything could happen. 

Day two consisted of five double retrieves in a variety of woodland and open grassland scenes – memories and blinds. 

Our performance stayed consistent but we dribbled points here and there (which was similar to the other teams) but thankfully no zeros!! By the end, the consistent performance of all our dogs then pushed the UK gundog team into first position – it was tight with Ireland only 5 points behind but we did it!

I would like to thank CSJ for the dedicated help and sponsorship that they always provide for gun dog international events. Without sponsors such as CSJ we wouldn’t be able to take our dogs to these events so it is very much appreciated. 

Final scores were :- 

1st – Great Britain 1048 points 

2nd – Ireland 1043 points 

3rd – Italy 1027 points 

4th – Netherlands 1006 points 

Nigel Probert
Llangynidr gundogs

Kieron Coey

I want to personally thank you for CSJs support over the last few days, I hope we did you proud. It is refreshing to see a company still prepared to support working dogs of all varieties in these difficult times. I struggled for at least 18 months before finding a food that agreed with Ralph (Int. Ftch Crosstone Trickster) trying everything from the cheapest to very expensive before discovering  CSJ at the Moira gamefair and we have not looked back, feeding Fit n Fast! for the last 5 years.

Once again thank you very much.”

Kieron Coey

David Logan

“Morning Ceri, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to CSJ, Phil and yourself for everything you have done over the weekend for the team. It is greatly appreciated! It was great to catch up on the Wednesday evening and Thursday. Will see you soon at Scone!”

David Logan

Team Coldfeet are at Dalby Forest – Forestry England.

Team Coldfeet are at Dalby Forest – Forestry England.

By Kaz Jones

Here’s a little video from the weekend. We were away with Team Coldfeet enjoying training runs, keeping our dogs fit and active with maintenance training which helps keep their muscles toned during the summer months.

We train in the early mornings when the temperature are cool. The dogs really enjoy being away and having a change of scenery 😊🐾🐾 Once we’ve run, we head back to the camping field where the dogs have their breakfast and chill out. Lots of happy smiley huskies with wagging tails as they enjoy their CSJ CP30 which they are fuelled on!

Great food for all of our dogs young and old it keeps them in tip top condition 😊🐾🐾

WSCC Working Assessment Tests for Any Variety Spaniel

By Sharon Barkley

A fabulous day was had by all at The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club (WSSC) Spring Assessment Test for AV Spaniels held at Rickneys Training Ground in Hertfordshire on 17th April 2022.

28 dogs were entered: WSS, Clumbers. Lagotto Romagnolo and a Field in the 4 classes – Special Beginners, Puppy, Novice & Open and we were certainly blessed with the weather.

It was great to see some ‘old & bold’ again after Covid restricted events together with some ‘new’ people. The supportive atmosphere amongst everyone on the day was second to none so I hope that even those not in the places will have gained something to encourage them to continue.

Thanks must go to the judges – Julie & Paul Shawyer and Ann Moon together with volunteers to throw dummies and sell raffle tickets as events cannot run smoothly without help.

It was lovely to receive 2 visitors from America who have WSS at home and spotted on our FB page that the event was running so came to see us before flying back the next day.

Thank you CSJ, once again, for your kind & generous sponsorship.